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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Color expert opinion needed.

OksanaDecember 29, 2012
Please help me find a color for my kitchen. We are building a new house with an open-floor concept. When you are standing in my kitchen to the left you will see the great room and to the right the dinning room. Dinning room wall color is BM Solver Fox (it will have dark stained wood floors). The great room wall color is BM Collingwood (this room will also have dark stained wood floors). The kitchen itself has travertine tile (grayish, pic included) and white kitchen cabinets with white marble tops. I cannot decide if I should bring another color into this room or just go with the Collingwood (same as great room)? Or would it make it too cold?

I have attached the pictures of the kitchen floor and pictures of the kitchen from different angles.

Please help! Thanks in advance!
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I believe that you will need color in the kitchen SOMEWHERE but you may want the wall to be grayish and bring color in elsewhere such as backsplash or chairs. It is your choice where you put the color but you are right that you need color or it will be cold.
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Looks like a beautiful home. I would not do a different color in the kitchen if everything is open. I would bring color in with accents and decorations. It's okay to have a clean white kitchen as a resting place for the eye. Plus when you add all the colors of food and dishes there will be plenty of color. I've got two pictures and a rug in my neutral kitchen and it warms the whole thing up just right.
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I will definitely bring the color in with the chairs. Also the beams will have a dark stained casing on them. I just want to make sure the gray color I pick will go with the other two colors of adjacent rooms.
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Thank you Romona. White is definitely the option but there are so many!
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How about
James River Gray AC-23 · More Info
Hale Navy HC-154 Paint · More Info
Templeton Gray 161 by Benjamin Moore · More Info

I think you do have a range of colors that would look good in the kitchen and go with the two grays you picked for the dining room (
Silver Fox 2108-50 by Benjamin Moore · More Info
) and the great room (
Collingwood OC-28 Paint · More Info
.) If there is a logical area to paint a different color, I would. But then I love color.
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Lisa Lucas Design
Go with your Collingwood neutral which is a beautiful gray but with a slight purple undertone. I suggest repeating the Silver Fox color in your furnishings in the kitchen for a cohesive look that flows between the spaces.
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I took anohter look at the colors you selected for the great room and the dining room. How about Taos Taupe for the dining room? It is a color that Benjamin Moore recommends to go with Collingwood. Then in the kitchen, use Pewter, another color that is recommended to coordinate with Collingwood.
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Thank you Lisa, that sounds prefect but how would I find furnishings that are Silver Fox color? Not sure how I would pull that off?
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Thanks Houssaon but the dinning is already painted (I didn't have the latest photo) also it would be too dark. Love the suggestion though, and also love pewter and thinking maybe will use it for the powder room next to the kitchen. The great room color is not painted yet so that could possibly be changed.
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Jo Cook Interior Design
I agree with houssaon regarding the color choices. I love the Collingwood neutral for the family room, and the Taos Taupe for the dining room. The Silver Fox does not work as well with the Collingwood.
Now for the kitchen in the center, a couple of thoughts. First of all, what is the cabinet color, I'm thinking a "white" color or glaze close to trim/wood work color. If so, one idea is to carry the Collingwood color into the kitchen, then add a glaze over that in a slightly darker color (maybe the Taos TAupe.
Or bring in a 3rd color, a blue gray (like the pewter above) It would work nicely with the floor and the counters and bring color into kitchen while working with the family room and dining room colors.
You do have an open floor plan, but at the same time you have breaks (wood work) between each room, so this allows you to change colors in each room(as long as the colors work together) Good luck, the house looks amazing already!
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If the most daylight is coming from the north, you should use warm colors if the light comes from the south you can use cold colors. Warm colors are reds, orange, yellows, cold colors are the blues and greens. I've used this principle in my house and it works well, and it makes the choice a little easier.
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Lisa Lucas Design
Take your paint samples to the furniture store with you and you can find fabrics that are similar in color and undertone. I have to disagree with this string and feel the undertones in both the Silver Fox and the Collingswood work well together. This is why it is so difficult to truly do good interior design well online. You need all your finishes selected and in the space to see how they relate and how the colors work with the lighting conditions in the house. My favorite line of all time I got from Maria Killiams site' "If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur!" You are spending a lot of money on this house so having a professional consultation in the house would be a worthwhile investment to avoid costly mistakes and second guessing that you are already doing.
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Sine you have committed to the Silver Fox, you could look at colors in that group from Benjamin Moore.
Abalone 2108-60 by Benjamin Moore · More Info
is a lighter shade of Silver Fox. Use this color instead of Collingwood. Abalone goes with the colors below. How about a red for the kitchen? It would be a warm contrast with the white cabinets and the cool travertine tile.
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Interiors International, Inc.
WOW, great house. I agree with the blue/silver combination. It is both inviting and impressive looking. What a wonderful room you will have when it's done.
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Lisa Lucas Design
Red kitchens are considered quite dated now.
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Thank you for the post Lisa, that made me feel so much better as I painted them both on same wall and thought they worked well together. Also, I did try to work with two designers but both times it didn't work out. Now I am trying to work with a color specialist but haven't been able to get in touch with her for a while and need to make decisions. I know that it is better to chose finishes first but it is not an option since the walls have to be painted soon and I like to pick furniture over time as I live in the space. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

I agree as well about the red kitchen, it will not work with our style.
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Barbara Griffith Designs
Whatever you choose for the kitchen, don't forget to paint the ceiling. Personally, I like the Silver Fox for the walls and the Collingwood for the ceiling. Add colors & patterns of your choice for fabrics & accessories. Hope to see the finished product. Good Luck to you.
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Lisa Lucas Design
Remember, paint is only a small portion of the whole picture. Quite fretting over one or two similar shades that you truly won't notice once it all begins to come together -- just make sure your neutral undertones are the same to get visual flow. You have great neutrals that are designer favorites to start with so just quit second guessing yourself. Seeing color painted in an empty space never tells even a portion of the final story. All the builders I work with make the mistake of wanting their homes to look fantastic empty so they pick finishes and colors that all have a lot of drama and then when the furnishings are installed it just looks too overdone. Make a statement with furnishings and go timeless and classic in your hard finishes and you can't miss. Look to the past and notice the more timeless designs that are still loved in homes are those that are the simplest. The best designers out there create interiors that are smoothing and simple envelopes for furnishings. There can only be one star of the show and your floor appears to be very busy so let it be the star and build around that. Your walls colors work well with it so you are oft to a good start. Wall colors are meant to be background so when you see it painted know that it is just a part of the picture.
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Great advice. Thank you!
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Lisa Lucas Design
The ceiling will naturally appear a shade lighter than the wall color even when painted in the same color so don't go to the expense of painting a half shade lighter.
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