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Help livening up my bedroom

MAlpsDecember 29, 2012
Im renting for now , my bedroom is very narrow and has a armoir at the other end of the room. What can i do to make this room a bit more fun? Remember its a tiiiiny room!
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Buy 2pillow slopes in one of the green colors , maybe a small black table between the beds? Something green for on the wall?
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Nancy Hehmann
Look for photography to put on the wall. Either 1 big piece or 3 or 4 pieces ( 8 x10). You can choose to awaken to Hawai everyday or a destination of your choice that way. Very uplifting, eh. I have a photography shop on Etsy.com which is nancyhehmann. You might want to look at what I have or others have photography or paintings. Just input what you want in their search engine. Etsy is an internet site with a collection of virtual shops. And you can contact the shop owners easily. Have fun! I have posted a link below. Just click on it.

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Aja Mazin
Do you need 2 twin beds?

How about a loft bed?
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The nice thing about tiny spaces is that anything you do makes a big impact. For the blank wall space I like hanging antique textiles (kimonos, Indian wedding shawls, quilts, etc.). They are light-weight, available at many price points on Etsy and Ebay, and easy to pack and take with you. Plus, they add warmth and character to a room. Buy one that you really love and you are likely to keep it for years. A couple of small nails and a bamboo pole is the least expensive method of hanging, though there are nice alternatives out there too.

Another cool statement piece is a vintage or antique folding screen. There have been beautiful ones on Ebay and I guessing they come up on Craig's list from time to time. They make dramatic headboards - one could be slid behind the existing headboards, or hung on the wall, etc. Again, it is something easy to take with you and folding screens have many practical applications.

I too, have an armoire in my bedroom. If the armoire is your main "view" from the bed perhaps you have room to leave the door open and makes a pretty arrangement of the contents? Or arrange a strip of those "starry" lights they sell at Restoration Hardware to follow the curve of the top? Matching throws at the foot of the beds in the brighter of the shades of green would be pretty too.
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We just saw someone suggest taking a bit of lumber, or I would suggest birch plywood because it paints so well, and making a faux wall to hide outlets and cords. Might be an idea for you. Paint it and the entire wall above the beds one of the greens from your spread.- maybe Sherwin Williams 6710 Melange Green.
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Leah Witmond
I'd go for new bed linen in a vibrant colour. Orange or red, perhaps? By adding colour you'll make the room much more interesting.
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All previous suggestions are great. You can use all of them and more even in a very small space. This room calls for TEXTURE. following is a link to some solid colors of a textured fabric for a nice big roman shade to replace drapes over the headboards

Then some different texture on the right and left wall beside each bed. I suggest some very soft but heavily textured small rugs as shown in the following link:

They could be hung on the bamboo poles as suggested earlier.
The rugs could be slit horizontally and fitted with pockets here and there to hold a book/magazine or other comfort items .Or the rugs could be a background to attach to some of the previously mentioned photos or other art. Some interesting runner could be draped over the top of the armoir. I have a table runner hanging over the center door of an antique armoir. Approx. 16 inches and tassel show on the out side covering the top of an antique spotted mirror. It just softens up all the wood and glass. Nicer feeling for a bedroom.

A very sleek small led table lamp on the previously mentioned table between the beds. Or a folding screen as mentioned that has built in shelves like the one in this link:


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Interiors International, Inc.
Those bed spreads are great. Pull the green ot on all the walls. What are all those cords for they look dangerous.
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I like the idea of the wood between the beds to hide all the wires. You can even mount a shelf and a couple of wall mounted swing arm lamps to save space. Paint that the bright green from the bedding and the rest of the walls a lighter shade of gray. I think painting all the walls green would be too much for that small space.
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It looks like you have a window over the beds and I am going to assume you just bought the beds and want to keep the bedding as it is.
You can add fun by pulling a solid colour from the bedding for the walls and go for a bold stripe on the drapes; let the drapes go to the floor so that they become a background for the headboards. Place a tall mirrored cabinet between the beds and place a lamp on it.
Or you can select sheer type fabric for the floor length drapes - again with a tall table to hide the outlets and a lamp on top. This time I would propose a wall paper for the walls - available at big box building supply stores. This gives a softer look.
If you could provide more info ie colour of floor, picture of armoire, rest of decor in apartment,
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This last one is grass cloth and works nicely with silk fabrics, parquet floors and gilded items - it all depends in which direction you like to take this room; bedding and headboards are neutral enough to do what ever you like. I would then finish it off with some more colour co-ordinated cushions on the beds and 2 smaller pictures on one wall and a larger one over the other wall. Do keep in mind that they have to hang high enough to not be disturbed by the person in the bed.
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could you do bunk, loft or trundle beds here? lofting the beds would give you space to put things underneath (small shelving/dresser/desk) and give the illusion of more walking space.

something like these?

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@ Interiors intl. the wires are plugs to my phone and internet;) Not dangerous, just ugly. I leave them on my windowsill.
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These beds actually pull up and store things underneath! Theyre greAt!
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Hi---I think floor to ceiling and wall to wall fabric behind the headboards would conceal the plugs and be a great way to bring in a bit more texture, pattern, and color. A small mirrored table/pedestal between the beds with fresh flowers and a lamp (maybe a hanging light) would be a nice touch. Good Luck!
naples condo · More Info
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Just a quick sketch of what I meant. Hard to tell if the cool color on the bedding is grey or a light purple color, so i assumed grey. Pick that color up for the walls, or even a shade lighter since the room is so small. Keep a very contemporary look, which works much better in small spaces. If there are panels on the windows, replace them with shades. I attached a photo of a lamp from Ikea. They have lots for a good price.
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Is there one window on the back wall of your room or 2? Since you are renting you probably can't change the wall colors, hang wallpaper or hang anything that makes many holes. Some very light weight things can be hung on heavy straight pins. You have to hold the pin tight between your fingers as you gently tap it as straight as possible into the sheetrock. They leave such small holes you can hardly find them after careful removal with pliers. I am interested to see what you decide to do please update with a new picture when you make a change. The fabric of the bedding you have already chosen is so pleasant and refreshing. You will find the next thing soon. Enjoy the hunt and keep going. It is a very rewarding activity.
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Where does this come in to interior design, guys??
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Thank you, MAlps. I agree. It is unrelated and I do appreciate how close to topic these comments stay. I did feel concerned that an inappropriate post had been made. . Thanks again
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@andrealicata- I like the photo you drew . It gives me a personal idea of how it will look!
@ Natalie, I LOOOVE that photo!
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Gabberts Design Studio
I love your bedding! I would suggest adding art and shelving to the walls and bring out the greens, and add another color or two. Something fun, yellow, orange, peacock. I love that your beds also have storage underneath! I would specifically mount a box shelf on the wall between the two beds, to act as a nightstand. What you have there now isn't helping much.
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I would also add either a few mirrors on the wall, in funky and eclectic picture frames, perhaps, that could work as an art arrangement, reflect light from the windows and add some sparkle in the room.
Love the bedsheets! Great pick!
Include the picture of the finished room, when you're done?
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Advanced Space Concepts
Have you considered putting the beds against the left wall instead of the length of the room ? It may give you more space.
I would still add the full width of drapes on the window side ( of course) that Natalie suggested and I would greatly advise a hanging lamp which would allow you more space on the very narrow table added between the beds.
Mirrors always give you the larger look and can be used later on in your next abode. I would put one above each bed. Ross or T.J Max always have them and they are lovely and inexpensive.
While the bunk beds are a good idea for this space it may not work in the next one and yet you will have absorbed a decent expense.
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Add a sleeping loft and give yourself some study space below. OR do some narrow bunks... ship style. Be sure to add shelf space and reading lights for each b-bed.... Cupboard beds would be cute too. Close 'em up with doors or curtains for non sleep time.
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la bella terra`
Love, love the soft, soothing & fresh bedding, great beds. That said b-4 I put in my 2cents what does your armoir look likem it's basic measurements & it's position in rm., plezzz???
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I had a similar layout problem in a small bedroom in my house. I needed the twin beds. I was able to put the beds into an L shape which gave more floor space in the room.
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Debbie Lustig
would like the dimensions of the room, why do you have two beds are you a couple, sisters etc where is the window then maybe we could get a better idea like push the beds together in the opposite direction
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You could use fabric on the wall to hide the cords and add color. A long curtain rod ( the expandable ones so you don't have to screw anything into the wall. It can also cover the window and be pulled back if you need light ( it would be like hanging curtain all the way across the wall) You can sew it your self and find fabric on clearance ( I have found it for less than one dollar a yard) and you can take it with you when you go You can also make matching accessories ( pillows, cover a trash can or laundry hamper) with the same material.
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Paint can be your best friend - even as a renter.
Stenciling the wall and or some plain curtains with patterns to match the bedding could create a little jewel box - whichever way you go with color. I believe I've seen a pattern of 'Wallies' similar to your bedding. 'Wallies' are easy peel off wallpaper stencils. Fun fun fun. For renters they can change everything - and you can move them around to your heart's desire - and take them with you when you go. They come in endless motifs and sizes. Like really big elephant ears leaves, or calligraphy signs, or big sunflowers, or scrollwork, or life size celebrities .
Another idea - it looks like your room might be narrow enough to hang a bamboo shade behind the beds - wall to wall- to hide your cords and give the wall some major texture. You can paint the bamboo shade any color too - spray. Or buy a larger shade and cut it down to fit your wall width. Not too expensive for a whole new look.
A variation of this is flat sheets hung on the wall - floor to ceiling with velcro.Behind the bed you could use a satin sheet and really add bling. A small hanging crystal chandelier between the beds would set the crown.
You need to take advantage of your verticular opportunities. You could add some small shelves at different heights and a few small mirrors on the big walls over the beds. A few large rice paper ball lights ofvarying colors hung at different heights closer to the ceiling would lighten up the squareness of the space and add alot of interest. On dimmers, they could make for a very relaxing hideaway.
I'm afraid small rooms are such a challenge I get carried away. The best thing about them is they are small and any mistakes are easy to fix or change altogether. Good luck - think drama!
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I am assuming that both of these beds are against walls and the only space to walk in the room is between the beds as we see... I would put heavy textured covers on the beds, something like a matelasse to hold the puffy comforters flatter. Then I would add long pillows, like body pillows, in a matching cover, or contrasting cover, to the bed covers. This will make the room look like a casual sitting room instead of a room with beds jammed together.

If you aren't allowed to paint (renter) you can easily tack fabric onto the wall to add texture, make an accent wall, and you can either put a shade on the window above the beds that lets light in but provides privacy that is plain, or add to the room with a texture or pattern element in a drape. You have lots of good guidance above so I won' t detail patterns etc.

You do need a solution for those power cords. If you hide them behind a wall you will lose an inch or two of space and I don't think that room can handle that. You will also have an access issue and will not be able to maintain outlets for fire safety so, since this is a sleeping space, I advise against that.

A framed mirror above each bed will enlarge the space and give the impression of increased and softly indirect light. Some folks don't like to hang things on the wall above a bed, much less a heavy mirror. You can purchase one of those really inexpensive back of the door mirrors, those are really light weight. You can cover the frame with fabric to match a curtain or bed cover (or both) or pain as well. These mirrors aren't as treacherous over a bed as they are very light.

Good luck and good dreams!
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1. A loft bed would create more space.
2. Your room needs texture! Use different materials other than the basics.
3. Photography on walls looks beautiful.
4. Stick with the green nature theme.
5. Go to antique shops and see if you can find any "refurbishable" items.
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