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Need urgent help with kitchen

petrusuysDecember 31, 2012
We have a small apartment with a Very small Kitchen. What can we do to our kitchen to make it work better and feel bigger without redesigning the whole kitchen
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Chap De Laine's Interiors
The wood on the cabinets/door fronts is way too busy. You could reface and use something cleaner and get rid of all the glass doors. Just TOO much stuff to look at. If you can change the flooring, a one piece floor wouldn't be bad in here to make it look less broken up. Cleaner lines will make it feel better, but also cleaning up the counter top. You don't need all that stuff there all the time. You do have lots more space in those uppers than you think. I don't know how much privacy you need, but just a topper with maybe a cell shade or roller shade behind would look better on the window.
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I would add organizers to the shelves so you can stack your stuff more efficiently and add a rail system to the wall so you can hang some of the stuff. Then i would put window film or curtains on the glass doors to block the view.

Do you even use the dryer by the fridge? Doesn't look like you can even open the door. If hot, I would move it someplace else and put the recycling or something useful there. And I would consider putting the more decorative items in the open shelving and the spices etc... in the closed--better a little away from the stove anyway.

A bit of crown molding above the cabinets would close that awkward gap. And a shelf or cabinet over the fridge might come in handy. A plate rack fitted into the window and over the sink can be very convenient and actually look quite nice-- maybe with hooks on the bottom for cups, and a smaller section for bowls or glasses. Then the dish drainer is just for the pots. Some hooks to hang frying pans on the wall might come in handy.

Unless you are extreme minimalist, a tiny kitchen like this will never look spacious. As suggested before, changing the cabinetry could help, perhaps just on the top or bottom.
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AFC inc
You can check online Lois and Company , National Building Hardware and etc .
They have good selection of different devices , pictures descriptions , prices and etc.
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IKEA has lots of kitchen organizers too. I'm pretty sure this is an European kitchen. That sink, faucet and even dish soap looks a lot like what I had in Germany. Do you own the kitchen and how much are you willing to do?
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Interiors International, Inc.
Some good ideas above. You need to keep it completely uncluttered. Put everything out of sight it is the easiest way to start.
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Thank you all very much
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We are renting the place at the moment and therefore we do not really want to spend too much money on new units
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Susan Jablon Mosaics
Hi petrusuys!
I actually really like your cabinets and the color of the wood! Your backsplash is a bit sad, though. I would suggest a smaller tile that extends all the way to the bottom of the upper cabinets. Also, using a tile that has an iridescent or metallic finish will help to catch and reflect all the natural light to help make the space feel bigger. A light color would be best, but it doesn't have to be white or beige. The tiles below are subway tiles in different sizes, both with an iridescent finish. Installing this type of tile vertically rather than the traditional horizontal will also make the room feel taller. Hope this helps!
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Well, what I meant was, will you take your kitchen with you when you move, or leave it behind? I do like the wood, and there isn't much more you could do as far as layout. I think a few shelves and some organizers, and a way of hiding the cabinet contents would help.
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Hi Victorian,
What website would show me ideas of shelves and organizers as you suggest? I have got rid of the clutter! Will send new photo today. What do you think of painting the wood white?
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Oh sorry....kitchen stays if we leave
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I would ask the landlord about painting. You would need a good scrub and primer first. I do like the wood, but white or grey would be calmer. Curtains, stretched fabric or film I think is a must for the upper cabinets, that will help a lot. The cream wall color and grey tile don't really match, so maybe a pop of color there would be nice.

IKEA has lots of good organisers, small shelves and things like that, even a mini recycliing system for under the sink. A friend with a tiny kitchen used their narrow plastic wall mounted shoe cabinets for that (not sure if still in store). Unfortunately,most of these things can't be ordered.

Container Store, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and such have good organizers too. Even Aldi has them sometimes. Measure very carefully! Maybe you can even squeeze in something next to the washer! Saw a folding kitchen cart once that might come in handy, or a bottle holder, or a place for cookie sheets.
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Since this is a rental, options should be evaluated in the context of budget, how long you plan to stay and your landlord's willingness to support permanent changes. Your request was for organization advice so first the cabinets. . . Based on the color variation, they may be cherry or hickory and your landlord would be right to forbid you to paint them. And painting them does not affect the organization. However, they overwhelm the small space due to the busyness of the grain and the glass doors with a bright white interior. Calm them by putting an opaque window film on them (Artscape available at Home Depot has loads of designs and is easy to install) to mask the bright white interiors and your contents. Within the cabinets, add organization tools that allow you to double the items you can store. For example, a wire stand that allows you to put salad plates over the dinner plates so you don't have to remove one set to get to the others. Depending on what you have for staples, canisters and internal racks can help you organize items so you can get to them easily. It looks like you have good drawer space. Use drawer inserts to organize spices and silverware. Knife inserts are great for getting knives off the counter if you have the drawer space to accommodate them. The two larger drawers off to the left of the stove can be used to store bulky items (cartons, tall bottles, etc). The open narrow area immediately to the left of the stove could have a shelf added so that you could store cutting boards/cooking sheets on top and shallow pans/serving dishes on the bottom. Or if you could get a matching cabinet face, you could install a narrow rollout organizer to hold oils and spices there. Add rollouts for lower cabinets, including under sink, to provide easy access to the back of the cabinets. Lots of options exist on line, both standard and custom sizes in plastic, wood or metal, so you'll need to do some research as to the best option for your needs and budget. The next issue is the wall color, which doesn't work with the tile, counter or floor. They all appear to be in the same color family, so if the landlord will allow you to paint, try to match the tile color (check the undertone carefully) as close as possible to make the backsplash disappear into the walls. If you can find a grout paint to match the backsplash tile, I'd paint over the grout so it also disappears and try to find outlet covers in a closer match than the black covers which are distracting. Then, if allowed, consider adding the Ikea Grundal wall rack line under the cabinets above the backsplash. You can store all sorts of items (spices, paper towels, canisters, even dish drainers, etc.) up off the counter, and it looks like they would slot in nicely along the wall just above the tile and below the cabinets. The line is very sleek/modern/neutral and would make the space feel very organized. (You can take with you but will need to repair any holes in the walls made during installation, so be sure to identify studs and install into them.) Beyond that, if you get a microwave, throw it up on the refrigerator. You might ask to have open shelving installed above the fridge or you could just stack large baskets/interesting boxes to hold seldom used items. Agree with others that a nice piece of simple trim installed around the top of of the cabinet would finish it off. You might check if there is a ready made trim piece in a close color match in the flooring section (either prefinished wood or even Pergo) that is the right width and could be tacked in place with small finish nails or even hot glue. You could cut the corners with a simple miter box. If the landlord objected they could be popped off before you leave. But they would finish off the cabinets at a modes cost (and the same trim might be used to finish off any additional shelving added over the fridge. And look for kitchen tools that are multipurpose or that stack easily so they take up less space. And keep to the minimum needed. We all end up with items we never use so why store them. Above all, do your research and take your time.
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