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Hi, my design dilemma stems from the fact that while I have been drawing and adapting floorplans since middle
December 31, 2012
I can see past the the awful blinds and furniture but if they are going to make a room so standard why couldn't they have given me white walls to work with which I adore as a design element. My style is very fickle as I see design as a art form and as something to admire so I find myself with a ton different favorite things from each style. But I do have some ideas for my dorm but I need help hashing them out. The wall above my bed is where I want to do a gallery wall with maps of where I've been, photos of my trips to Europe, botanical prints and abstract art. I also want to keep the color scheme of the room light and airy with neutrals, mainly my favorite color grey. My accent colors I'm unsure on as I like yellow but I am drawn to cooler colors like mint too. I want the room to feel sophisticated but still cozy and comfortable enough for a dorm room. Any help and ideas are appreciated as I am the first in my immediate family to live in a dorm.
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My question cut off but the gist of what I was saying is I need ideas for my future dorm.
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Mary Koczwara
College dorm living is rough for those who have a keen visual sense. I assume your roomie gets the other half of the room? Is there any possibility you could get him/her to purchase the same bedding as yours? (See pic. 1.) That would go a long way toward helping with the visual chatter.

Are you allowed to put nails/screws in the wall? How will you hang things?

Believe it or not, houzz even has some photos in the photo archives which address your situation. Do a search ("dorm room") in the photos and you'll find some usable results. (See pic. 2.)

My advice would be to keep clutter to a minimum. Put away everything you can and try to enjoy the 'sparseness' of the space. Keep your background palette neutral with gray/white or black/white and rotate different, interesting design elements in and out every couple of months to keep things "fresh" and avoid boredom. The organization and spartan look may help your dorm room feel like a peaceful oasis but with a few beautiful, visual elements you can enjoy.

Check out these photos.

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Nancy Hehmann
Of course, wall space is at a minimum in a dorm. But, you want to stay organized. I would make sure I had a bulletin board. If you want to make it look special get a nice picture frame to put around it in a color you like. You can also find them on Etsy.com already made up. Sounds like you want a collage of pics and they do make some already made. You can find them at Michaels. Always look on Michaels website for coupons because they always have them. But carefully read the date and time limitations on each coupon because they each usuallly have a different time. But, they can save you a lot of money.

Dont know your situation; but, having assisted 4 through dorm life. I would not spend a lot of money. Most students try to get out of the dorm as soon as they can. My oldest could not stand dorm life b/c he could not get any sleep. I called the office in charge and they had an on campus aptment available for not much more shortly after the semester started for not much more. After 2 yrs, he actually drove home everday which was about an 11/2 each way b/c he liked it better. You need most of all to be very disciplined with your studying and refuse to go out to play during the week. That is what is the downfall of about 1/2 of college students. Good luck!
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Thanks for the help my roommate is actually going to be my best friend, and since we live only and hour from Pitt we can commute back and forth for stuff to limit clutter.We both share a love for the color grey but we differ in everything else as I prefer a whimsical eclectic look to practically white and spartan. On another note I wanted to know if anyone has a solution for how to hang a gallery wall. I'm not sure if the picture shows it but when I took the picture last summer during a stay I noticed a corkboard track running horizontally above my bed.
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Mary Koczwara
If you plan to use the cork strip to display your art, you are actually aiming for a "suspended gallery wall". I found a couple of photos for you. You will want to find some kind of string or wire possibly with some attractive clips. (Try to find these at Ikea.)

The configurations for a gallery wall are as numerous as the day is long. Some art is tied together by color, some by style, some by frames, some by subject matter and some by seemingly nothing at all. I recommend that you lay all your art out on the floor and move it around until you arrive at something you like. You can find many examples of gallery walls in the houzz photo archive. (Search "photo wall" or "gallery wall".)

An easier route might be to find a large flat panel of some type - a couple of rust painted doors, a LARGE sheet of styrofoam from a home improvement store covered with fabric, etc. This could be your "blank canvas" to which you affix pictures, maps, etc. if you place it between your wall and the bed. You can affix photos and pictures to this instead of worrying about strings, clips, etc. Just be sure your gallery wall is SECURE.

There are even a couple of articles on houzz explaining how to create a gallery wall which may be of help to you. Without seeing all the items you plan to hang, it is difficult to advise you on exactly how to arrange your treasures. You are talented - I am sure - and will come up with something hip.

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