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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

help for the fireplace, room lighting and kitchen hardware

Sarah JorgensenDecember 31, 2012
We are mid renovations on our new home and haven't moved in yet, however inam struggling with a few things. One I need new light fixtures above the fire place and just can't find some nice ones that will look nice next to the tv that will go above the fireplace.

Secondly, when they put the floor in a few days ago, they messed up and instead of putting the trim to the outside of the mantel they put it on the inside. Anyone have thoughts as to if this will look funny/weird and if I should make them fix it?

Lastly, we are putting in white cabinets in the kitchen, any suggestions on hardware? All the appliances will be stainless...

Thanks for help and suggestions!
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Noz As A Service
Hi there -- happy new year! For light fixtures / sconces next to the TV, I've honestly never seen sconces around a TV. I'd imagine the light source would distract from what you were watching. Maybe other folks have thoughts on fixtures that would look nice there?

As for the floor trim, I don't mind it, but I do think it would look better to have the trim to the outside of the mantle as you'd originally envisioned.

For hardware on white cabinets with steel appliances, I think brushed nickel would be a nice warm color -- but the style of hardware depends on the style of your kitchen!
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Interiors International, Inc.
If you are thinking of sconces flanking the TV make sure the light only goes up and down. You do not want lights going out the sides or out into the room. These would mess up the viewing of your TV.
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Yes, have them move it. You will not be satisfied with it the way it is. Sconces will only look good when the TV is off,
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Sarah Jorgensen
Thanks for the comments, right now there are no other lights in that room, what would you do for lighting if not have the sconces?
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
Regarding the floor, the way they did it may in fact be in violation of building code. There's usually a minimum distance away that wood must be from the source of fire. But regardless, it needs to be done right!

For the fireplace sconces, you have a problem in that most TVs have silver metal on them somewhere which conflicts with the brass on your fireplace. I would have the fireplace trim changed to black, even if it's just with paint. Then you could use one of the sconces shown below. Your sconces would be off when the TV is on. I hope you have floor outlets in the middle of the room so that you can plug in lamps. But even if you don't have floor outlets, you'll be able to have lamps somewhere in the room.
Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
"Tuxedo" Sconce · More Info
Liata Collection Silver Leaf 9" High Wall Sconce · More Info
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Definitely have them fix it, both for safety and aesthetics.
We have sconces flanking our fireplace and absolutely never use them. No TV in the room, and they are the only built in lighting. But I just don't like the light they shed compared to the softer light of floor and table lamps, so we have lots of floor and table lamps in the room and light it entirely that way. So don't feel you have to put in sconces just because you don't have any other built in light fixtures, especially given that you are mounting a TV over the fireplace.
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There was a nice ideabook about hardware on (mostly white) shaker cabinets. This might give you some ideas about how different styles produce different effects:
Ideabook: 8 Top Hardware Styles for Shaker Kitchen Cabinets · See Ideabook
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Ellsworth-Hallett Home Professionals
What color is the stone or tile you are using? If it is dark or similar to the floor color, then the hearth being the width of the surround is ok, if it is light I think it needs to be widened to the width of the mantle as you envisioned.

Sconces. So pretty, never will get used. I guess you need something very narrow so it doesn't get in the way of the TV visually, and as others mentioned, mainly gives light up and down. Table lamps will be your friend.
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Sarah Jorgensen
The surrounding will be granite that matches our kitchen granite. It's venetian gold like the countertop in the picture I attached. I was planning on using sconces that are cylindrical but can't find ones I like. I was thinking of using hardware that is bronze....
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I installed sconces next to a TV in a very small living room (11'x15'). I have very little room for table lamps or floor lamps (just one). I replaced the single overhead light with 4 small LED cans that I use when I need lots of light, but the floor lamp and sconces provide my everyday lighting. I use them all the time.
They don't interfere with the TV as they sit behind the TV that is on an adjustable mount. I usually have the floor lamp on when I watch TV, but sometimes I watch with the sconces on too, and it isn't a problem (but I don't have a glossy TV screen).
It looks like your sconce electrical boxes are high and tight to the window trim/treatment. I would make sure you get narrow sconces or something that hangs down. I've attached 2 photos, not suggesting these specifically, but showing as examples.
I agree with Carolyn about the brass on the fireplace glass/screen. I think Rustoleum makes a paint that can be used on high heat areas. Paint the brass black.
You can see that my TV doesn't have metallic trim. It was one of the reasons I chose it; I don't like the trim becoming a design element.
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Sarah Jorgensen
Thanks caitiekay, can you tell me who makes the cylindrical sconce on the right? Love the idea of painting the fireplace brass, I'm not a fan of the doors anyway so the paint is a good temporary fix!
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Hi Sarah,
I saw that on Lampsplus, it says it's a bath light - Roxberg French Iron Provence Glass. Don't know why it couldn't be used elsewhere. It's 26" tall.
How much room do you have from the center of your electrical boxes to the ceiling? Is it possible to have the electrician move them down?
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Wow you have a great home. The floors are beautiful and the fireplace is perfect. If contractors made a mistake - I would have them fix it. For light fixtures, if the tv is going in between be aware that if they are on it will cause glare. I can't tell what your style is from the photos but by the photos I would choose two sconces that are chandelier types with some pretty crystals. You can add shades to change the look. I had white cabinets in my home and chose oversized round wooden knobs. It gave it a less fussy and more relaxed look than the typical stainless/bronze handles.
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Sarah Jorgensen
Thoughts on this wall sconce? I realize the electrical outlets are too high but we just closed up that wall and it would cost again to have the dry wall guy out again as well as the electrician... hoping you all have some great suggestions for wall sconces that hang down but work in this space...
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Use brushed nickel for the cabinets and have them fix the trim. It looks great so far
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Don't know what it would cost to have installed, but we have pot lights /recessed lighting in our living room and love it. We still have table lamps and will be getting floor lamps, I love lighting and having many options and combinations to suit different moods, uses, and times of day.
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Please reconsider placing the TV above the fireplace. Although many people seem to be doing this, your neck will be strained to view at that height, unless you usually stand while watching TV!!!
:) Elise
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Sarah Jorgensen
So we had the floor guys fix the fireplace mantel... I think it looks MUCH better, now here's to me still finding sconces I like!
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Yes, that looks MUCH better!
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I m glad you had the fireplace mantel fixed especially if you are going to use it. It could have been a fire hazard. Made a major error with having my fireplace with a glass front. It heats so hot both children and adults can get burns if touched accidentally. Now I never use it. Very expensive lesson.
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