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Need help choosing colors for an open floor plan, with high ceiling
Janie Attaway
December 31, 2012
I'm renting a cabin from my daughter. I would like to do a makeover, starting with painting the living room. I want to eventually paint all the rooms with colors that flow through out. MY main color is my kitchen which is tropical nut and i want the rest of the house to flow with this color. The house is sparsely decorated so there is plenty room for improvement. :) The house is not completed as far as trim work, and what trim there is cannot be painted. The color I'm looking at for the living room are Valspar Greek Amber. My Dilemma is what color to paint the opposite wall which is now blue. I have picked out a nice green, SW 7734 Olive Grove, or should i go with the same Greek Amber or a lighter verson of this. (I will carry these colors upstairs). I don't have an imagination, so it's difficult for me to see it in completion. I would appreciate any suggestions. This is going to be a long time project so
I'll need all the help i can get.
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Janie Attaway
I meant to add another pict. of living rm. so you could see ceiling. the colors will have to go with this, i think its pine. The floor is red oak(i think). I can add more picts if you have questions.
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karen paul interiors
I looked at the two colors you have mentioned and I found the Tropical Nut (kitchen) and Greek Olive (proposed for living room) to be of the same value. So you might want to consider pulling back on the pigment just a bit for your living room green and try a little of the Sheraton Sage (SW) for that area. For the stair wall you can always come back to the Tropical Nut, which will create a balance in your downstairs. For the upstairs area you might want to consider your Valspar Amber or have a color mixed from your Tropical Nut that takes only 2/3rds of the formulae if you feel it needs to be a lighter value such as your Valspar Amber. I suggest the portion of the Tropical Nut formula only because your individual pigments will be exact in going with the original formula, only it will be a lighter value. Good luck.
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Janie Attaway
Let me see if i understand what you are saying. Are you suggesting green for the living Rm. (Sheraton Sage) Tropical nut for the stair wall and Greek amber for the upstairs? I will send a pict of upstairs with moore detail later.
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Lively colors in this cabin. Do you have an "inspiration piece" such as a bowl, sofa throw, wall hanging or artwork that shows the Valspar Tropical Nut color and some other colors?
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Janie Attaway
No it's almost like a clean slate, I love the cabin, but its in serious need of decorating such as throws, drapes, wall decor. and so on.The Tropical Nut kitchen is the only thing i like as is. (could use a dishwasher, lol )
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karen paul interiors
If you are very OK with lots of color on the walls (and you seem to be), then yes, I would lighten your proposed green such as you find in the Sheraton Sage. For balance, the stair wall in same hue as kitchen. Once you get upstairs you either continue your Tropical Nut or if you need more light, then do a lighter version. Photos are always great.
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Janie Attaway
I didn't want the Tropical Nut anywhere else. I wanted the colors i use for the rest of the house to flow from room to room and not look choppy or out of balance with the kitchen. I'm not sure if the colors i choose will look good with the kitchen. i'm drawn to these warm colors and would like to use them if they do. My main dilemma is would it look better if i did the blue wall the same color as the living rm. or a different color ( my daughter calls it an accent wall ) i"m thinking the Greek Amber in the living rm. and a green or something different? on the stair wall. however i'm not opposed to soft browns. I just want a warm comfortable atmosphere thats balanced from room to room, :) I need to get batteries for my camera to upload more picts so you can see the rest of the house. What are some colors you might use to complement the Tropical Nut? I'm open for suggestions. i do like the Sheraton Sage (SW) that was suggested in karen-paul-interiors
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I think if you want several colors that coordinate with Tropical Nut and Sheraton Sage you can get ideas from a search for "orange green pillow" on overstock.com. Tropical Nut is in the terracotta/orange/rust color family. One of the blues in the pillows would probably be another good accent color. I think, though, that you need to decide if Tropical Nut is going to be in each room with an accent color on one wall per room, or if you want to use an off white as a neutral with accents of Tropical Nut, Sheraton Sage and blue. The advantage of picking an idea piece or inspiration piece is that it gives you all the tie-in colors directly to work with, without your having to be an artist or paint color expert.

It is much easier to pick paint colors to go with fabric such as curtains or rugs than vice versa.
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Janie Attaway
I just had dinner with a friend and she said basically the same thing. Thank you, This will give me a starting place. :)
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