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Need help arranging furniture in great room
Micki Samson
January 1, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I can't seem to find just the right arrangement. I feel like I have everything up against all the walls and too much open space in the middle, but not enough room in the middle to do anything differently...this is the main room that we use all the time.
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Micki Samson
Photos didn't all load, here's the rest
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What a warm and friendly home. What if you put the couch perpendicular or at an angle to the wall where the chairs are? Then could you relocate the tv next to then fireplace where the couch is now? Then put the chairs where the tv is. That way at least everyone sitting on furniture could see the tv.
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Micki Samson
I could put the tv on any wall, we put extra outlets and cable plugs on all the walls when we built the house, problem is the only wall the couch fits on is the one it's on right now. The two chairs are recliners and can't sit up against a wall and won't fit where the tv us right now. I have had the love seat backing up to the kitchen, but that didn't seem quite right either...it's just my husband and myself (and three large dogs -who are not allowed on the furniture) at home now, so the couch and love seat rarely get used as we each have our "own" recliner and of course as much as I would like the fireplace to be the focal point, in reality, the television is.

I really appreciate your help!!
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Micki, your home looks cozy. The coffee table may be small, but you could go with a couple round ottomans. My only quibble would be with the love seat right in front of the front door. If you really need that there, then perhaps the side table could be removed, so the loveseat can be moved away from the door.
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Micki Samson
Thanks so much for your thoughts! We live in the country and don't use the front door much... Maybe once or twice a year someone actually comes in the front door. The room to the left of the fireplace is a breezeway and all the traffic comes thru there. In the summer I have the front door open and it lets in lots of light with either a full glass or screen storm door...depends on how cold it is! Lol

I want to have more tables, and you will notice that the end tables are mismatched...I can't decide what to buy, seems like it might be too much matchy-matchy if I got the same end tables for everything ...when we have company, seems like there is never enough places to set drinks down.

So in my indecision, I have done nothing....
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Dar Eckert
The trend now is to get a rug and arrange the furniture so at least the front legs are on the rug. This does two things 1. it gets the furniture off the wall and 2. focal point for room. It is ok to put a rug over a carpet. So I would suggest a good size rug. Try exchanging the love seat and TV. Look for a larger ottoman or coffee table.
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Micki Samson
Is it okay to put furniture in front of windows? The love seat would be in front of the window if I switched with tv...
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Dar Eckert
Oh, thought you would have enough room. Your love seat is too tall to be in front of the window. If you have graph paper draw out your room and furniture and arrange it until you are happy with the arrangement. Another option might be to use a large rug in front of the fireplace. Then float the sofa facing the fireplace and move the TV to the fireplace wall. The chairs could be on the edge of the rug on the door side or the dining room side and the love seat on the opposite. You've got a tough area to work with.
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Micki Samson
:) Love the graph paper idea, actually have done that in every house that we have moved into (we've moved 10 times in 27 years) so that I knew where to put the furniture when we were actually hauling stuff in. We designed this house and I thought I had what I really wanted, but it's almost like this room is too big and too small at the same time! I know, nobody is ever happy with what they have!! LOL
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Sue Ann Stevens
Lovely home! It does look cozy. Great warm colors!

Would it work to put the TV to the right of the fireplace and create a whole wall focal point?
I would pull the couch in front of it, anchored with a rug. I would put the loveseat at a right angle on the right of the couch sort of where the TV is but away from the wall. I would put the two recliners on the left of the couch.
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Sue Ann Stevens
If it were my home, I would put the TV right next to the fireplace and I would angle the couch and loveseat at right angles where the corners would meet at the current TV spot sort of. I would then place the two recliners also at 90 degree angles to the couch but still angled in the room. Keep the greenery in the corners and behind the couch which is at an angle in front of the front door. Since you don't use that door, it could sort of "creep" into that "foyer" space without feeling cramped. This has worked well for us in several homes.
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Sue Ann Stevens
Here's the concept I'm talking about:

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Micki Samson
Oh that looks neat! I will try that this weekend!
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