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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Help me finish my house before 2014...............

designideas4meJanuary 1, 2013
Ok so many of you know I have posted before but I am going to try again and ask for help and advice . Maybe this time I will come to a decision. Here is the dilemma. 18,000 budget. Need to :
1..choose and install flooring in a 2000 sq foot house.
2. choose and install or change cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms
3. choose and install counter top in kitchen
4. save some money to paint walls and labor costs

options include:
1.concrete overlay ( floor needs overlay not just polish) epoxy maybe (but dont know much about this option)
aprox. estimates are 10,000-12,000

2. wood (floating or glue down) (bamboo, engineered,cork,laminate) tile would have to go in the bathrooms if I use wood.
aprox estimates vary from 8,000-20,000 based on product and instillation

3.cabinets choices ( all new or custom)
aprox estimates range from 10,000 to 16,000

4.cabinets .painted not replaced. aprox estimate $500 to $2000 depending on if its done by hand with a roller or by a painter with a sprayer. Issue: they are not full overlay which is what I desire. They are oak which will show through paint. Ideally I want modern smooth full overlay ultra contemporary.

5. counter top options. quartz granite or tile.
aprox size to cover 45-55 sq feet. Based on the current configuration or if I add more cabinets where the pantry ends and go down to the window.
price $2,500 tile(12 x12)

price for granite or man made quartz product about the same as granite maybe a bit more.. $3,500 based on 45 sq ft - $5500 based on 55 sq feet.

6. painting the interior. aprox. $2,500

Ok so these are the specs and prices and my preference on style. Please make your suggestions based on my budget my desire for very contemporary,the fact that I NEED a floor and I NEED a counter the most since I dont have one. Please no negative comments. And I will just say now that I wish I could pay a designer but I have very little money as is and so if you wish to offer free advice that would be great but I cant afford $125 an hour. I know you are all very talented but I have to put what little I have into the product and labor. If you wish to present a total package and can save me money in purchasing the product or supplying me with a lower labor cost than I can find on my own I am willing to consider paying you a fee for this but chances are I am not worth your time unless you are kind enough to help me out here for free. Thanks to all the creative bright knowledgeable houzz members I hope to hear from. I am going to post several pictures. I need suggestions on color and material not just type of product. I am seeking to unify my house with existing furniture and appliances. Please take that into consideration in choosing the product and color you suggest. Thanks so much
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Here are more pictures. The kitchen cabinets were stained brown and now have all been sanded back to oak with no honey finish and no brown finish. They are ready to be painted or replaced. This is to show you what the kitchen looks like.
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More pictures. again the cabinets were also sanded back to oak. the reason for this is that I want the cabinets throughout the house to match and felt the dark brown was too dark for the kitchen with the dark appliances.
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The prior picture shows my sons room ( light furniture, beige tones, soft rug). These will be kept. Another picture of the long hallway(no floor). Its 4 feet wide to 5 feet and 3 feet in one section. The outside couch( gray and silver table). The gazebo and pool ( visible from the kitchen and really from most windows. Again I would like the color scheme and flooring to flow. Below are more pics of the kitchen ( with no doors) and another bedroom( same beige color scheme) and the outside( which to me is part of the house since I spend a lot of time outside.
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Hi---A medium colored porcelain wood looking tile througout. Red accent wall(s). Warm white painted cabs and Silestone for counters. Hope this is helpful. I'm sure you'll get much more advice. Keep us posted and Good Luck!
Modern · More Info
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Lastly keep in mind that all the furniture is dark to medium dark brown wenge except the dining table which is reddish brown and the coffee table(walnut veneer) . This can be refinished if necessary. Some of the budget should be spent on the fireplace and a lighting(pendents for kitchen and over dining table) . I plan to get a glass table for dinette area. Any and all comments appreciated. But I need specifics at this point to decide. Color for walls as well is needed. What colors on what walls( ex. light gray throughout or different colors in each room) ? If this was your house what exact color scheme would you choose assuming you are keeping the furnishings? The picture below shows the only wall that still has color( its a metallic silver). I love the metallic colors but they seem to also absorb light and since I have track lighting it just seem to look too dark with all walls done in metalic. I prefer a light open airy feeling.
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Natalie.. thats my mothers name. Do you think the wall behind the dining table should be red? You think the whole house should be tile? Your other pictures show wood. Do you think a dark to medium brown color is best for the floor? I do love the look in the first pic but its over 10 bux a sq foot to get tile that large and I have seem houses with the small plant wood look tile and I wasnt thrilled. I think I need a long wide plank to get the look I want. The color scheme you chose is very nice. why is it when I put samples of dark wood in the hall I seem to feel is dreary? Is it because I need to paint the walls a light color and have a rug and art to take away from my focus? Based on what I have now do you feel dark on the floor is the way to go? Here is the table below, It does have red tones in the wood. How would you choose the right red color for that wall? what color cabinets if I do a dark floor.?
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Hi--yes a medium/dark floor is a good choice---as your rug(s) and furniture is light and the walls should be neutral, you'll need the deeper color on the floor for interest. Warm white cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom. Navajo white by Ben Moore-check it. The red pictured above is: Duron AC119R Sizzling Haute and yes I think the dining wall painted that color would look Stunning!
As for the floor-the porcelain wood comes in different sizes, finishes, hues, etc. and costs can vary. That's what I'm suggesting for you. Second choice-concrete with a warm undertone so the place doesn't look and feel cold.
Do refer to the pics I posted---there's plenty more to that project-just click on one and you can view several. I chose red because it seems like a color you favor-it's in a few of your pics. :)
Good Luck!
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I do like that reddish pink color. I know red is my sons favorite color. I was noticing that they painted the baseboards in that room red instead of white. That was different. You know I keep wanting to go with a cool color scheme but I always seem to end up back with the warm tones instead. If I do that wall red than I assume I need to put red in other places in the room to make it tie in or is that not the case?What if I did some red paintings for that wall than what color should I make the wall behind them?
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No other suggestions? Just tell me if this was your house and money was no object what color scheme would you choose and what color and type of floor ..cabinets ..and counter would you choose that goes with the pre-existing furniture and style of the house. Thank you.
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Rio Brewster
If it were my house I would do hardwood or laminate throughout and tile the bathrooms, replace the cabinets and get granite counters. BUT it's not my house and that would be double or triple your budget.

If YOU could have anything you want, what would you pick? You don't say anything about your lifestyle. Do you have kids and/or pets? How much time are you willing to spend on maintenance? How old are you? As you get older, standing on concrete or tile gets harder on the joints.

Concrete or tile floors are the easiest maintenance-wise. Medium tones are least likely to show soil. I just did my bathroom in wood-look tile from Lowes that cost about $2.30/sf ($1.99/pc). We love it and are considering doing the whole house.

If I were you, I would get nice-looking laminate counters and spend the money on the floor and cabinets. I say this because if you decide later to get new cabinets, you will have to throw away any kind of hard surface counter you put in now.

You should look into refacing the cabinets if you like the kitchen layout. Then you could get the full overlay doors you want.
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Barbara Griffith Designs
I like comments from Rio. I would keep my walls in mid tone neutrals, warm grays, taupes. Be sure to paint your ceilings as well..it is the largest "wall" in the room, maybe a lighter shade or a completely different color. Choose some colors YOU like, always buy samples or qts. and paint large 2'x3' poster boards two coats. Tape these on walls and move them to different walls and rooms, look at them at night and during the day. Color is all about light, you will see how it changes. A color that may look good in someone else's home may not look anything like it in YOUR home. Take your time, this is a big decision. Add your favorite colors and patterns with rugs, pillows, window treatments, artwork, bedding, etc.. These can all be easily and inexpensively changed as your life changes.
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Rio Brewster... thank you. I figured by posting pics you could see my style is very contemporary. As far as pets.. one small dog. One 15 yr old child. One elderly mother. I am getting older and have back problems and as you see currently have concrete floors. I realize the floated floor may be a tiny bit more cushion but its hard to know if it will make a difference. I have lots of issues with joints and pain. As far as mid tones do you mean ..brown? gray? what color mid tone? I was hoping to get specific ideas that go with the black in the kitchen and white in living room. I did look into refacing and its not possible to get a full overlay door on a framed cabinet. The cabinet must be frame-less to do this so no point changing the doors. I agree not spending money on the counter til I like the cabinets is best.What else can I use temporarily besides a few porcelain tiles to work on?

Barbara... why must the ceiling be repainted if its white now and the walls will be gray. Do you think the ceiling should be other than white? Do you carry the color of the house into every room?If I choose gray than how will that look in the bedrooms that are beige( bedding and curtains and sectional)?
Thank you. Trust me I have been looking at samples and lighting and all you mentioned. what color wood floor would you choose and what would you choose for the cabinet color? Thank you
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Barbara Griffith Designs
I always like to paint the ceiling a color, not white. Sometimes it is the same color as the walls, and other times it is a lighter shade of the walls, and on occasion it is a different color entirely. Your house and furnishings seem to be all solid colors and very neutral. Rooms that are open to each other I would paint the same color. Your cabinets I would paint a white. A creamier white such as Navajo White as suggested by Natalie would look great, I would then paint all the trim that same color, or maybe a shade similar to your sofa. For the cabinets use handles rather than knobs in a simple, but large, brushed nickel. I am suggesting 3 wall shades, Ben Moore Colors, Sea Froth 2107-60, Abalone 2108-60, and Portland Gray 2109-60. If I used one of these I would paint the ceilings the same color. If later you add crown molding, it would be smashing. Next bring in some color & pattern. Multi color rugs that pop, pillows with pattern, large artwork with color, a pattern on your dining chairs. Look at Ikat's, bold stripes, other patterns. Flooring, I personally would choose a mid to light wood or bamboo (actual or lookalike) but not oak. This brings in a warmth. These are just thoughts, it is your home and you must choose what YOU like.
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Rio Brewster
Style and lifestyle are two different things. ;^) Lifestyle is more about how you live day-to-day and how much maintenance you are willing to do on the materials you choose. Those are the first things a designer should ask you about.

After I posted I saw your dog - we have two 70lb dogs and I always worried about them scratching the hardwood. Your cute little guy shouldn't be an issue.

Let me tell you wood/laminate vs tile/concrete makes a noticeable difference. Get wood or laminate - even in the kitchen. Float the floors and insist on quality underlayment. Pergo used to make a bright seafoam green, spongy underlayment that worked really well.

My 85 year-old mother complained about the tile floors in her house - but she complained about everything so I didn't take it all that seriously. Now that we moved from hardwood/carpet to all tile I can really feel the difference. Love the easy maintenance, but I don't go barefoot much anymore.

Medium tones to me are natural cherry, carbonized bamboo, natural red oak.

The only way you can really tell if a color works is to get samples and bring them into the room you plan to use them in. That goes for paint, tile, wood, fabric - anything.

I never heard that you couldn't get full overlay doors on framed cabinets. No more difficult than on frameless and I would think even easier. But I like your cabinets as they are. Go for a light colored counter to brighten the space and look into replacing bulbs with warm LEDs. Brighter lights make a huge difference.

Anyway - I would get laminate counters. Some of the new laminates really look like stone and are a fraction of the cost. Tile counters? blech. Hard to keep clean and a nightmare to get rid of.

But definitely do your remodel in stages - especially if your budget is tight. Spend your money on high quality floors and then save up for upgrades to the cabinets and then the counters.
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Interiors International, Inc.
You have a lot of great suggestions to use. Good luck.
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Rio Brewster
one more thing. worry about paint colors for the walls last. why? because you can literally have any color you want to match anything else you pick along the way, You don't have that luxury with the floors and counters.

If your samples look dreary in a room, they will still look dreary no matter what color you paint your walls. If the dark tiles look dreary, try something totally different.

At home depot and lowes you can buy a single tile then return it. Just grab as many different color tones as you can - gold, tan, taupe, grey, terra cotta, walnut - lay them down on the floor and see which ones "pop". (I hate that term, but "sing" is even worse.) You don't have to use that material necessarily but it will tell you what direction to go. I do the same with paint colors.

Check Living Social, Google Offers, Groupon, Moolala, yelp etc for vouchers. You might find color consultants and deals on painting. I got a guest bedroom painted for $50 and they did a great job. Occasionally you'll find a paint guy can give you good color advice.
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Nancy Hehmann
If you have the money in the budget, I think granite counters are the way to go. They really have the wow factor. But, I would make sure of the color you are going to have for the cabinet wood first. Take a cabinet drawer with you to the granite store so that you can make sure the granite you choose will blend with the color. Sometimes you might want to get a granite that actually has some veining in it that is the cabinet color. Then I would take a sample back to my home and look at it in the room it will be in because lighting can change the way things look.

I found when replacing my bathroom countertops that some granite stores will somewhat discount the granite left over from a large job and is frequently large enough for a bathroom. You may have to call or go to more than one granite store to find what you like. Also, more than one granite store locally did not want to "bother" with a smaller job as just a bathroom.

Good luck. Oh and if you choose hardwoods, you do not want anyone to trip and as we get older balance is not as good and bones break easier. Particularly if you have an older adult. If they walked in their stocking feet they might fall. Wall to wall carpet gives better traction and less danger of tripping over the edge of an area rug. I was reluctant for a lot of years not to have hardwoods because I remembered as a child going to someones house with throw rugs and hardwoods and having my feet fly out from under me every single time. They were highly polished - ouch.
Even some tile in bathrooms can be very slick.
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