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Need help on choosing a grout color for my glass tile backsplash
January 2, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Would like a suggestion on a grout color for this glass tile color (light grey). [Optimus Reflections 1 Glass tile: Rain] Kitchen cabinets are white, countertops Glacier White, Lower Cabs a dark gray. Thank you.
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Shawn Lagemann
There is a grout that is acrylic that is made from glass too. It is very durable, but it can be a challenge to apply and costs more than regular grout, but the look is seamless. Your local tile distributer should be able to help you locate the product and show you samples.
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
This is kind of a tricky question! First of all, grout manufacturers have different names for their grout colours, just like paint manufacturers do. If I tell you a name from one company, it's not going to help if you can't get that product. Secondly, you're asking us to choose a colour from a picture on our monitors which can be quite "off" the real thing.

However, I have located my TEC sample card and looked at colours and I can explain to you the process I used to narrow down the choices. I would not choose white because you have a bright white in the kitchen already and the tile is not bright white. Bright white grout would make the tile look dingy and people prefer a slightly darker tone from the tile usually.

If I look at the greys, I have to take into consideration the expanse of dark grey you have in your cabinetry. You don't want to match it exactly, but step up into a lighter "zone" of this colour. Your choices of a light grey that bridges the tile colour and the cabinetry colour are quite limited. In TEC's products, I'm looking at 949 SILVERADO as probably the best option. I do stress that this is only an educated guess, without having samples of either your tile or your cabinet paint colour.

I've found a copy of the TEC colour chart online and will attach it below. Keep in mind that the colours on your computer look different from my chart which is closer to the actual product colour.

First of all you need to determine what brand and type of grout you need for your project, and then look at the choices in the context of your kitchen. Hope that I've given you a pathway to make your own selection. Best of luck in finishing this very lovely kitchen. You've done a great job on it.
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Thank you Cynthia. The Silverado is very nice...will try to find a grout chart here. I am also looking at Laticrete Silver Shadow. I greatly appreciate your time. Adele
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Our rule of thumb for choosing a grout color here is to choose a color that matches your tile as closely as possible. You want your tile to be the focal point, NOT the grout. The grout should blend into the tile as seamlessly as possible.
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
I agree, Stoneshop, and that's why I recommend going slightly darker than the tile. You're never going to match it exactly, and it can look quite nice if the grout looks like a light shadow of the tile colour. But the darker it is, the more noticeable it will be, and I prefer the grout not to be noticeable.
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Interiors International, Inc.
They are so correct that you should look no further for advise on this.
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Hi Adele. I would pick a color present in the counter top. Like antique white or pearl. There may be too much blue in the silverado. The stores that sell grout have boxes with little samples of grout; take it home and see it in your kitchen. If you have spare tiles you can try it out first. Mistakes are not nice.
Also they usually recommend non sanded grout for back splashes, but I prefer sanded grout. They will tell you that it will scratch the glass during installation - so you may have to test that too. I just installed a mosaic glass wall with sanded grout and the tiles are fine. Some sealer added to the grout will help keep it clean - I do not know the ratio of this.
The darker the grout the more pronounced your tiles will be; I would choose a light color, but darker than the tile, like Cynthia mentioned. The images I am sending are intended to show you the difference in grout tones. Grout makes or brakes :) the tile.
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
Great points, rwagenaar! And great pictures! Just a note to say that the Silverado isn't blue at all... You really need to see the sample rather than the representation online...
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Susan Jablon Mosaics
Hi adeleroy8!
I would also go with AccuTec Silverado if you want subtle grout lines, but light tiles with darker grout can be a really cool look, too. The 3x6 subway tile in white or light gray with dark grout is especially popular these days. Since your kitchen is cool and modern, I think you could get away with it. For that kind of look, I would go with Delorean Gray, which would match your lower cabinets and granite, too. Additionally, I recommend sanded grout over unsanded. I love all the choices you've made so far!
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Thank you all....I picked up a "WARM GRAY" from Lowe's yesterday. Will pick up a few more samples today. I appreciate all the help...not an area I want to make a mistake
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I want to reiterate Cynthia's excellent advice. Find a grout that almost matches the tiles but is just a hint darker. This is what we did with our "bone" colored subway tile (using a grout called "alabaster"), and I think it is a much more subtle effect than using a grout with more contrast.
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