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Need help with my living room! Desperate!

noniehabibJanuary 2, 2013
So I am ready to give up! Came across this site on a random search of living room set up and am hoping this will solve it for me. My living room has a sectional sofa (kinda big size) which doesn't leave much room on either side or in the back. The fireplace in the center of the room and tv on the opposite wall of the couch. I don't like mounted tvs so we have a cabinet. My problem with the room:
1. Not enough space on the left and right side of the couch to put a side table and lamps. I could probably put a floor lamp on one side but it would hide most of its bottom part since the couch is so big.
2. empty space on left side of the tv. Don't know what to put there.
3. need a space for frames and decorative items but can't figure out what to use and where to put it.
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here is the pic of empty space next to tv - opposite couch wall
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and here is the fire place-
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fireplace full wall
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Replace the three pictures over the sofa with a larger canvas (no glass). Install sconces. A mirrored coffee table will brighten up the sofa space.

Is the end section a chaise or a chair/ottoman?
Would you consider another paint color and different window treatments?

Presidio heights apartment · More Info

Moe's Home Collection Raw City I Canvas Art · More Info

Fine Mod Imports Round End Table · More Info
Tag Urban C-End Table · More Info
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You could also just replace the middle picture over the sofa with one that has similar content and framing as the other two. I would also be tempted to use a coffee table instead of the matching ottoman because there is too much matching. Also clock aboe fireplace seems to dwarf fireplace because of it's large size. E tv is too close to the edge of th wall on the right.
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THANKS! no can't change paint nor curtains at this point. so gotta work around that. my husband doesnt like scones. i havethought about a single larger canvas but had problems finding one. what colors should i look for in the canvas? couch has chaise end not chair if i understood ur question.

also thinking of a table in center as u suggest. what to do with ottoman then?
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There are a lot of narrow tables you can use for side tables if you look beyond the "furniture" section in stores. I just picked up some narrow tables in the garden department to use as side tables around our large furniture. I'm going to paint them white with spray paint.

I'd also consider centering the TV along with putting in a larger cabinet to scale it to your large furniture.

If they aren't connected I'd replace both ottomans with something less visually overpowering like the coffee table in the above picture.
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here is a mirror i really liked and am thinking either to put this over the couch or replace the clock on the fireplace and put it there. its 36 by 48 which would cover more of the fireplace wall than what the clock covers.
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I think the pictures over the couch are fine but I think they need to be re-positioned and more added. I would also agree that you should get rid of the ottoman or even recover it in a splashy new print which I would tie in with the pictures. What about plantation blinds on the windows to eliminate some weight to the room. I would do a cabinet wall where the tv is to give you some unique storage space with maybe some baskets or other textiles. Maybe remove most of the red and opt for the blue of the picture instead. You appear to have the basics just need that little oomph to push it into awesome. Don't be afraid to group all your pictures together for one big design. Your light issue is a problem. Maybe an updated chandelier in place of the ceiling fan. Something with sparkle to lighten up the room when sunlight hits it.
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I like the clock better than the mirror. I think the mirror will not work with the brick on the fireplace. But I am always one to say bring it home give it a try and it can always go back.
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hmph ok good ideas. mirror cant be returned so i gotta be sure plus its kinda pricey! clock does look small for that wall i know that am not too happy with that. good idea to reaplce fan with some sort of a chandelier. Yup oomph is missing and i can;t seem to get it! :(
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Wanted to add that putting in some lighter pillows on the couch would also improve things. While I like the pictures, I'd replace them with something that blends with your curtains since you can't replace the curtains.
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I agree with previous posters to remove the floral art. Your large sectional and ottoman have a more contemporary look, so I would not purchase the ornate mirror. Here's an inspiration photo to give you some ideas for throw pillows.
Brookline Private Residence · More Info
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I would remove the pictures over the couch. Get one big picture. They don't work together and then I would remove the pictures over the fireplace and next to the fireplace too. They are taking away from your beautiful stone work. Center the tv on the wall. Get a tray for the coffee table and throw for the back of the couch and some pillows.
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Definitely center the TV and stand on its wall. Love michigammemom's photo above - what makes it so much "brighter" than your current setup is not just lighting, but the use of color. I think your floral pic would look fine in the same place but in a larger frame, with the two side pics spread out a little from it. Then add pillows that use the colors from the floral pic. Not sure the clock adds much to the room...try a mirror. That glitzy one might just work if you keep the things around it simple, that is, take down the small art pieces on either side of the fireplace and leave just one thing on the floor next to the hearth.
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the blue in your floral print and other framed pieces would be a nice color to put in drapery and sofa pillows to make the room warmer and more cozy.
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The mismatched frames in a row is distracting, and not in a good way. Either opt for 3 identical frames or 1 large piece. The colors of your wall art should compliment those on the curtains, throw pillows and accessories. I like the soft blue in the painting as it adds a cool water element to your mostly earthy space. May I suggest a framed wall art with a dominant cool blue, with complimentary specks in dark brown, magenta and beige. Add in a few throw pillows in similar blue hues. You will see a definite improvement. Alternatively repaint your wall to a bright cool hue such as turquoise.

Modern floor lamps take up little floor space. Some may have base plates which could slide right underneath your sofa. Find a pair of these to flank the wall art.

Would you consider re-arranging your sofa? I find it uncomfortable to watch TV with light streaming from that open doorway. I'd much rather have the backs of the sofa facing the open doorway and watch perhaps a flatscreen TV on the wall where your current art pieces are.
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like the large canvas idea with warm earth tones and some different shades of red accents....I'll see if I can find any to post. large tray on the ottoman-maybe with a soft throw beneath it in reds, and textured or fluffy throw pillows on sectional. standing light and pedestal table on left side, and side table with lamp on right side. maybe an area rug in front of the fireplace and part of the sectional to pull the sitting area together. I would think about a corner tv cabinet with a back next to the fireplace on left with a big plant behind it to block off the back from the dining room.....it seems like a more natural angle to view from the sectional. and move the chair over to the right side of the sectional on the other side of the side table......with a book case or display shelves on the wall where the tv is now. could you put a mantle over the fireplace?
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thanks guys so much. good ideas here. i can certainly consider changing the red drapes to something similar to the pic above it would be much warmer. good idea on spacing the frames on the wall or even replacing it. we have thought about changing the tv to the opposite wall but there were some connection issues there which did not make it happen. will re consider that. keep it coming this is very helpful :)
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Sue Ann Stevens
What about replacing the three pictures over the couch with the large clock? Put the center picture over the fireplace and find a throw with the colors from that picture for the ottoman. Use the two side pictures someplace else, perhaps stacked I stead of side by side.
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Sue Ann Stevens
If you center the tv, you can put he two pictures (from the couch area) side by side over the tv.

I would also remove the three framed pics from on top of the fireplace insert and leave it empty. It will look better without those in there.
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I agree with many of the comments made already, as the owner of a reputable furniture store, I might have some insights that my designers gave me:
1) Go with a large canvas over the sectional (pictured below from Crate and Barrel).
2) Remove the smaller picture frames around the fireplace and on the fire screen (for a more streamlined look) - this will also emphasize the accessories you already have, such as the vases with the willow.
3) Remove the pillows that came with the couch and replace with a few trendy chevron pillows from West Elm (see image) - note that you only need a few pillows for an effect (see pillows on brown leather couch).
4) This reclaimed wood-topped coffee table from West Elm would give some texture to the space while also allowing it more visual space to breath (see photo below) - remove ottoman that came with the sectional - it looks heavy.
5) Paint out the gold fireplace surround with high-heat black paint. This will bring your fireplace more up to date.
6) Center your Television on the opposing wall.

Some of these ideas have already been mentioned, but I hope this helps!
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very nice! thanks a lot. What kind of pillows would you recommend? the kind in the pic? similar to that? Also someone above mentoned a glass top table- is that a better idea or something like what you suggest?
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1) A glass table would also provide a nice airiness, however this looks like a space that would benefit from more structure, which I think a wood-table top would provide. Plus it has that nice texture that is also reflective of the Creamcicle canvas. Also, you may want to keep in mine that glass table tops can be hazardous around young children, so to be friendly to the young ones you might have visiting and playing in your family room, glass is a not very friendly (however, I do love glass table tops with wrought-iron bases, myself). - Plus, reclaimed wood is VERY hot right now and is the "in" thing to do!
2) As for the pillows, I could only attach 4 images before, here are bigger images of the types of pillows I would recommend: (see image below). This way you can start to lighten up and break up the sections of your sofa into functional pieces. While adding a touch of the new/modern style.
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The Creamcicle canvas piece from Crate and Barrel is a little more of an investment piece, however since it is light and neutral, it can be use in any space for years to come: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/creamsicles-print/s182675
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