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Need help with my living and dining room combination

Coby SmitJanuary 2, 2013
My wife and i are at a loss. We don't know how to arrange the furniture. The couch seems too big...There is not enough room to have our small dining area. The walls are also empty and we do not know what will work. Please help...
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I like your fun mix of color and pattern. It's hard to suggest arrangement ideas with these photos. What is across from the chairs and the sofa? Can you take more pictures? Do you have pets? Your style looks like custom pop art would be a good fit.
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I think you're right. As comfy as your couch looks, it's too big for your space. The chairs are gorgeous. I'd find a love seat with similar lines, especially the smaller arm rests. A small ottoman can be used to put your feet up or additional seating as needed. This would give you more options for furniture arrangements and room for end tables. I'd replace the coffee table with a round one in clear acrylic or glass top.
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Coby Smit
I will take more pics...Across the sofa is a tv...Yeah we have 2 dogs! I like the idea of custom pop art....
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Coby Smit
Thank you for the idea on the round tables...that makes so much sense...That makes so much sense...we have a 9-month inquisitive baby and that would mean that he does not walk into corners.
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Welcome Home designs
Yes... The problem with comfy sofas is that they always take up a lot of room. Do you need all that seating? Can you use those chairs elsewhere and bring them in when you have guests?
I would suggest flipping your sofa to where your chairs are so that the person sitting on the chaise lounge faces the TV.
In respect to your dining area my first observation is that the drapery is taking over the space. Try taking them out completely or at least just using them as side panels. This will visually open up the space.
The photo I've attached has a few inspirations- small ottomans that serve as a coffee table and extra seating - bookshelves flanking the TV - large colourful area rug.
Good luck!
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Coby Smit
Here are two more pics...apology for the moving away of furniture...my boy happened...crawling all over the place. I need the chairs in the living room. We do a lot of entertaining and taking out the chairs every time we have pple over will just not work...Noted on the drapery...What do you guys think about a round dinner table? Would that work in that space. The chairs and the sofa are dark colours...baby-proof and all that...but can the round coffee table be a shade lighter?
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I had to see the room together so here is the LR. You have a cute little fireplace?
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Could you move the sofa to the other end of the room, placing the tv on the main wall (maybe mount the telly on the wall). you could then have the chairs flanking either side of the tv allowing extra room for the table to be moved out of the corner? Custom pop art is a fantasic idea.
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Coby Smit
thank you...it is a rather old house...No open spaces...I would also like to get some ideas on my kitchen...but that is for later...The fire place came with the house. We are trying to work with what we have...Thank you for the comments....
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Is it possible to separate the lounge from the sofa? If it is, I would put the lounge where the two chairs are, and then flank each side of the sofa with the two chairs. You would need to remove the table with the red vase and slide the sofa over a bit. I would also remove the green curtains altogether, they seem to be taking up a lot of visual space. Try removing all the decorative elements on the floor leaving only the major pieces of furniture, then fill in with an edited amount of accessories.
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Welcome Home designs
Here's an idea for your fireplace. It would help make it your focal point in your living room.
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Kim D
Hi There,
in the dinning room consider square or rectangular table, you could combine a few arm chairs with bench seating so when it just the family it pushes close to the window, when you are entertaining you can pull it out and the bench is there , a round table will take up precious floor space that you don't have to spare. Also I love the colors if only the couch didn't have the chaise piece it would be perfect. Do you use the fireplace, if not place the large sofa in front of it with console tables on either side behind the sofa with large lamps on each table. Then place tv on wall were sofa was and chairs in complementing position. If that totally only works in my head then what about trying large sofa kiddie/catty corner either facing into room (toward eating area) or facing out out of room (back to eating area). If again that sounds crazy can you switch the tv area to the eating area and vice versa?
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Coby Smit
thank you guys...great ideas...No more procrastinating....will made changes and post new pics soon...
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