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Indoor flooring re-do

suepapinsearsJanuary 3, 2013
Our house has stained & scored concrete floors throughout the main areas of the house. The guestrooms have carpet. The master had part carpet, part scored stained concrete. The house was built 10 years ago, and I don't think anyone has re-sealed the floors. There are stains all over the kitchen and cracks here and there. The carpet in the master was ruined by a guest-dog, so we ripped it up to see what was underneath. As you can see from the pictures, there are holes where the carpet was nailed in, and there was bare concrete underneath.

We want to pull up the carpets in the guest rooms as well. We've talked about re-surfacing/scoring where needed, the entire house. We've also toyed around with wood floors for the master. How successful are concrete re-do's? Let me know what you think!
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A Kitchen That Works LLC
So sorry to hear of the damage to your floors. As for refinishing the concrete yes that is doable if you hire the right people, not so sure about "rescoring". I have a concrete countertop in my masterbath that I am able to maintain myself but a large expanse such as a floor needs professional attention. Try contacting Bob Harris at the Decorative Concrete Institute http://www.decorativeconcreteinstitute.com.
As for wood in the master bedroom given that there is no way to nail the wood down, you will need to consider engineered wood flooring that floats. Remember to factor in your threshold heights when you transition from the wood to back to the concrete.
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Thank you - I'll get in touch with Mr. Harris. I should have said to "continue" the scoring where the original contractor left off under the carpeted areas
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Very disappointing... Contacted the Decorative Concrete Institute twice in the last two weeks, and no one has bothered to respond...
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Twisted Minds Custom Designs
If the concrete is structurally sound you certainly could continue the scoring pattern to other rooms, or do a different pattern, the floors would likely need to be ground and cleaned to remove any residues, oils, etc. and the holes patched, then stained. You will be hard pressed to get exact match of course, but a qualified contractor should be able to blend closely. If the floors are rough and cracked, another option would be to do a concrete overlay. Same process with cleaning and grinding to allow overlay to adhere, the overlays can be as thin as a credit card, or placed up to 3/8" thick to allow for stamping or stenciling. Your best option is to find a local contractor specializing in the process and have them come take a look and give their opinion, and if possible get quotes from multiple contractors with good reputations. Hope this helps.
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Thank you Twisted Minds!
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Engrav's Decorating
Have you heard of Konecto flooring? It's looks like wood and floats over the top of your concrete. Very realistic and easy to install yourself.
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Thank you ~ No I've not heard of Konecto, but will take a look!
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Walter Frazier
The area of concrete in your master that was not carpeted looks good, correct? Why not just replace the carpet you removed with a carpet that works well with your usable concrete area? I love concrete everywhere but under the bed it can be nice. http://www.houzz.com/sisal-carpet
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Montgomery Communications
it would be easier, on just about every front, to replace carpet or put down tremendous rug.

Oh - Take money you would sink into re-doing concrete
(not cheap, plus time and frustration in moving all furniture, cleaning up, yada yadda) into a drop dead persian, an investment that will increase in value and will make your heart sing every time your toes touch it in the morning.

There are modern styles, tibetian, rugs. Or tribal rugs.
geographic designs are available as well as traditional,

and keep the dogs away lol :)
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Ironwood Builders
There are a number of wood floors that can be laid over concrete. Moisture testing is imperative. Best one is a European product called Junckers. It is a solid hardwood secured by a hardware clip system and glued together. Many engineered floors can be glued down to prevent that awful tapping hollow sound. The wood look alike tile is an option as well...pretty much bomb proof over concrete. The cost of grinding out defects and restaining, repairing and cutting new joints is going to be pretty costly. And if you are unhappy with the results...that is, you still have a stained concrete floor that isn't quite up to your standards....good money after bad. The best looking concrete floor I ever saw was stained a deep coffee brown. It was striking. You couldn't wear shoes on it. The dog scratched it. I worked for days installing cabinets in my stocking feet before dragging my slippers from home. My legs hurt for a week. Look at all your options, get them priced out with local pros and go for the look you want to live with...for a long time!
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A Kitchen That Works LLC
Dear Sue,
So sorry, I meant to send this to you weeks ago. Contact Tommy T. Cook - Tommy is amazing and will have a good answer for you. http://gnomeadicarts.com/.
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While I don't mind rugs, I deeply loath carpeting. There is just no way to keep it clean. One wrong move and you have to replace a whole room. The flooring problem isn't just in the master, it's through out the house for the most part. Thank you Ironwood for your input as well. I don't want a floor I have to be precious with. I know concrete staining can go all wrong.
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I suggest you put the same thing through the whole house. Me, I like wood (real stuff, not "real" stuff), with Persian rugs. Others, the wrong of the world, like other stuff.
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Dark painted cork is another option.
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Cancork Floor Inc.
A cork floating floor would do all the stuff a carpet would do...without being carpet. It would keep the temperature even, the feet/back/legs/joints happy, reduce echo and leave a STUNNING impression on anyone who walks through the door.

A floating cork floor can go down right over top concrete (moisture testing is a must...no matter what you do in this space...you must test for moisture...that will be step one). With some companies having ranges of colours from deepest black to purest white, deepest blue to heavenly yellows and dramatic reds you can do ANYTHING you want with a cork floor.

If you want a permanent floor (glue down) you will need to do all the patching, resurfacing, etc (read heavy expense) you would need to do for an etched cement. A floating floor needs only a moisture free, flat, even surface. You click it together and begin living again.

Icork Floor/Cancork Floor both carry 40+ different floors, including a brand new "Stone-Cork" floating floor. You can click together the stone floor without the tremendous expense of laying stone in your home! It is pretty cool stuff.
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Looks interesting. Will look in to it ~ Thanks!
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