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Need help with kitchen

diamante158January 3, 2013
As you can see in my kitchen..its very "empty" looking. I haven't put curtains in the small window because i love the light that comes in so i placed plants in there but feel that they are too much for that small space. Also in the second pic, its very hard for me to know what to decorate on top of cabinets as the space has a triangular space. Right now i have dried hydrangeas put you can't barely see them as they are too small.. I love the wall color so I would not like to change that...I just don't know what to do to the kitchen. My only decor is the wallie posted behind the stove! Help!
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A Kitchen That Works LLC
As for the plants on the window sill, would you consider having a small culinary herb tray?
Above the wall cabinets you could have pottery, baskets or collectibles. Do you have any serving platters or serving bowls that are decorative that you could place in a plate stand above. This could free up cabinet space while providing a punch of color to the room.
A piece of art or a dried flower swag over the window might look nice too.
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Get a fabric valance to give the illusion that the window is as tall as the cabinets. This won't block too much light either.

Eliminate the flowers above the cabinets. There are too many and all the same size. Get some larger, varied height and shape accessories/baskets/vases/etc. to put on top of some cabinets. Less is more.
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Dar Eckert
Your kitchen look very neat and tidy but seems to be missing any strong focal points except for the counter. Perhaps you should consider adding a tile backsplash and new cabinet pulls. It is the style now to paint honey oak cabinets now which is also a thought.
La Costa · More Info

Schwartz and Architecture · More Info
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Great ideas.... :)
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I think the color of the walls and the countertops are clashing. There are some countertop refinishing kits available at home depot that would be perfect and update them.


I don't think I would go with the charcoal it was just and example of the kit and it comes in several colors.

I would also add some under the counter lighting and a valance above the window. Some artwork above the window would be very pretty maybe like this:

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By Design EK
If you could add a tile backsplash that would give it a lot of interest, no more green pick something with a bit of contrast. Maybe just a small decorative tile with a neutral field tile if you are more conservative in your color tastes. Also I would agree with putting a valance above the window, it does not have to come into the window but can end just below the trim. For the tops of cabinets I also suggest taller pieces, chargers on stands work great to add color. A large hurricane with a candle, Vases, go crazy with color, pattern, or texture here as you can always change easily if you get tired of it. Also add a bit of lighting at the top of cabinets to show off the items, inexpensive puck lighting can do the trick, hopefully you have a plug in a cabinet above or maybe you could run a cord up behind the refrigerator and drill a hole through that cabinet to plug them in.
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any ideas for the valance? we are planning in changing our countertop..i think we NEED to...
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Interiors International, Inc.
Span a colorful patterned valance just slightly below the top of the window. Have this go from cabinet to cabinet. This will create a stopping place for the new back splash you desperately need. Use something that will reflect light and add color. Glass tiles is your best bet. Please do not disregard this suggestion it is really the most important thing you need to do! As far as shelfscaping above the cabinets forget any fake plants. Use colorful pots, dishes, vases or just objects that you like. Do not just place them around the room. create small vignettes of varying sizes. Groups of three different materials work best.
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I'm getting so inspired by all your comments...I'm def going to overstock.com and amazon for vases and other objects.... Yay!
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Rustica Hardware
A standing butcher block would look great in any kitchen. See: http://chopbloccuttingboards.com/butcher-blocks/
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Sue Ann Stevens
New countertops will add wonders. I would go dark. When you do consider ordering without the raised backsplash and add a glass tile/stone backsplash from the counter on up. Those counter material backsplashes will date your kitchen. I love,love,love the idea of the valance from the height of the cabinets just to the top of the window. YES! I wish I had thought of that! And put those window sill plants with their friends on the right. They are a little too big to go there unless you want them on the counter.
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Lots of great suggestions from others and to add to it, A valance above the window would look great,another suggestion is a patterned, colorful fabric cornice board (easy to make) with an arched bottom to mimic the shape of the "wallie" above the stove so the top of the arch comes just a couple inches below the top of the window and extends to the width and height of cabinets. I agree with new countertops, backsplash and would suggest a porcelain tile floor for kitchen which can withstand a lot of traffic. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the "wallie" above the stove looks Meditteranean, so you can group a set of 3 objects such as a colorful tall vase, platter & and wicker basket (varying heights) in the corner of upper cabinet where the height is tallest and rather than decorate all along the top of the cabinets with what I call "dust collectors", maybe a vinyl stencil with wording in Italian "Buon Appetito!" (checkout uppercaseliving.com) centered between the top of the cabinet and ceiling. Lighting looks like it could be improved with undercabinet fixtures. I would also place an open cookbook on an iron stand to the left of the stove and add colorful, pottery cannisters to the countertops rather than the hurricane candles that you currently have. And, yes...ditch the plants on the windowsill. I like the suggestion of herb tray instead :0) Good luck!
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Just a thought.
When I add to the top of shelves etc like your cabinets I like to place invisible blocks of wood or decorate with contrasting or soft colors that lift the items out of the "hple they seem to sonk into an may cabints. If your cabinets are flush on top and do not have a drop in on top that is all the better. IKEA also has strip lights you can put up there Seems you like light, also inexpensive fabric in sheers and beautiful sheer curtains.
have you thought of placing a shelf in the upper middle of the window for plants and leaving the bottom for viewing?
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Window shelf
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This type of open shelf ,one in middle of window with the counters and other suggestions of tile colors would be beautiful erasing need for matching curtains and all. seems you like a fresh and airy feel. I love this for that feel. it seems dark out the window? Is this photo at night.
NonProfit Energy and Community Resources
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City Cabinet Center, San Diego
Remove anything from above the cabinetry. I strongly dislike putting anything decorative on top of cabinets in most cases. How about replacing your window with a bay window. Your bay window could have 1 or 2 shelves. This would allow light to come in and leave room more small plants...Maybe a collection of small succulents in small 3-4 inch handmade pots
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City Cabinet Center: Can I ask the purpose for no decorative items on top of shelves? Is it structure related or aesthetic?/ Apologize for lack of spell checking on last post? I am curious as I do this quite often.
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The Bay window with shelves sounds really nice any Pics?
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By Design EK
Here are a variety of fabrics I liked, not sure if you would want something fun or simple. If you go with a theme like the chicken print don't overdo, maybe a chicken plate above cabinets but not much more than that. And make sure people know that just because you have a theme print on the window they do not need to buy you matching salt and pepper shakers or other items as gifts! otherwise a fun theme in the kitchen really livens it up! i found all of these fabrics at fabric.com, I have ordered from them before, great prices.
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Sue Ann Stevens
I have rarely seen items on top of cabinets that are tastefully done. Some people have a gift for it though. Those items are tedious to clean also. I think lighting above the cabinets would be awesome. I want to do that myself as a former "cabinet top junk displayer". Lol.
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