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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

How you would do your patio doors for this home?

designer88January 3, 2013
This is the back of my house, I am replacing four builder's grade sliding glass doors, but undecided whether to have French Sliding Doors, In Swing, or simply replace what I have now slimline sliding doors and replace the windows!

I have enclosed a pictures that got from one of the contractors who done the doors. One iis the Andersen french door that inswings from the middle and other 4 panels is another idea with those that where I have my windows on side of the doors as seen in picture! I was going to replace the windows anyway! I would like to make it look grand and classic!

So what do you think? How you would put it together? Get boxy grilles or straight lines or nothing between glass?

Thank You!
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Another picture I forgot to add.
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I don't like fakey grills in doors--they seem kind of cheap to me. And don't look all that grand close up. I'd go with the wide open plan, the Frenchwood gliding door minus the grills. Unless of course you're talking real wood doors with real wood grills (which are a pain to maintain).
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french doors would look great....less detail the better in my opinion
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I guess what comes to mind is the climate you live in. Do you have lots of sun?
Too much glass can make a house freeze. My last place had a large conservatory leading to the kitchen. In winter it sometimes felt as if i needed a scarf and gloves to make the trip to the kitchen for a cup of tea. There again I do live in London.... and weather is a source of frustration to us all!
Anyway back to your home:- have you thought of a beautiful awning right across the back... the Victorians were very fond of them and they look beautiful and very grand!
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Interiors International, Inc.
Your home looks contemporary from a distance but on closer inspection it has many traditional details. The windows all have divided-lite panes. So I guess as much as I don't like blocking views. I would continue with that look. French doors look great but take space to use. That is really the only negative about them.
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French sliders plus pergolas over all those patios!
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If you live in a climate where screens are necessary, French doors are hard to screen elegantly. Phantom screens or pocket screens, but those are expensive installations.
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I disagree with Interiors Intl in that the windows all have divided lites, so the doors should be left plain and simply upgraded with better quality doors.
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The four high 9 pane windows overshadow the looks of the rest of the house. Remove the grid affect.
Also I would choose which areas to renew. Two entrances are as much as a mind can satisfy,without thinking that's a lot of doors.
Use the higher roofed section and the covered entry to inject new designs. That would give some proportion to the structure and make it more interesting. Leave the other two triple glass areas anchored as they are now. Spend where it will give you the most style.
It will turnout great,
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Design Mode
I would put in the latest trend of bringing nature in, with folding doors.
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I like the Frenchwood sliding doors, without dividers, the best.
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I liked what maryellachastain said because It was one of the dilemma I was facing how to configurate the doors and windows to proportionate to the home without making it look busy or lopsided.Since this was brought up, what do you suggest for the covered entry and the 9 pane window?

I have thought about having large single opening casement window for covered patio, next to the doors. With that said, Perhaps simply have some type of transome window on top to blend in with the higher roof section.. (See picture to get idea)

As for the higher roof section, See picture, but on a smaller scale, notice all doors are outswing frenchdoors. This is where I am thinking for 4 panels gliding doors giving it a formal look out to yard?

Do we really need any windows at all? Have plently doors to air out on nice day... I am aware that the casement windows will be the in way when opened. I will be okay with double hung windows as shown originally with home if suggested.

Thanks again!
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Take a look at NanaWall online.
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What is your preference of manufacturer or brands of windows/doors? I have looked at Andersen, Kolbe, and Pella, Any other suggestions why you like them?
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Neuma makes beautiful patio doors as well. Don't know where you live but they also make hurricane proof ones. You may want to check out their website.
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French doors are truely classic. if you don't have room for them to swing in you can get doors that swing out,I did that with a major remodel for kitchen & dining in my former home. I have French doors on all three floors of my home now and would never have any sliding door again.
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when choosing patio doors you have 2 major considerations: one is aesthetic, wood vs. metal or vinyl, divided lights, etc. etc.; the second and most important in my opnion is a comfort one. here are the things to consider:
- weather. in milder weather you can have a french door open all the way all year long, but if your temperatures are more temperate, then in in between seasons you have an all or nothing, where the sliding allow you to open them a sliver. if you have pets going in and put it is a good thing.
-rain: if you have outward swinging french doors you cannot have them opened if it is even misting, or your doors will soon not close.

I have had both and although I love the look of the French but recognize the practicality of the sliding door. It all depends on your particular lifestyle and climate.
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Nothing between the glass is my preference and I also like the ones without dividers.
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rod handler
The fake mullions are always tacky. Get nice uninterrupted wood-framed glass doors, and try and use the same kind all across the back of the house. Put in store doors where the tall windows are. Use good quality hardware rather than shiny brass.
Resist any silly arched windows. Go for consistency, continuity, and clean lines.
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Main Line Kitchen Design
Doors that fold, or French doors opening out can't have screens on the outside. Screens on the inside look terrible.

French doors opening in or any door opening in must work with the layout of the furniture in the room.

Don't make the mistake of not considering what type of door works best for the interior space inside your home. And then remember to consider which side slides for a slider and which way the door is hinged for a swinging door.

You live on the inside of your home and the selections you make will determine whether you have a well designed or poorly designed interior space, Just having 4 sliding doors on the back of your house to begin with means the builder put doors in with little regard to bettering the function of the rooms. Even if you put in all sliders again reconsider at least which side slides. I guarantee the builder didn't even give it a thought. They almost never do.
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Bravehart Design Build
What's going on inside your house? What is your preferred style? You can always find windows and doors to work with your style. The screens for doors are another story!
If you go with French doors, I like to have a screen door made with wood frame and all screen (good quality screen)

It can be put in place in Spring and removed in late Fall (if you live in a Wintery climate).
There is nothing like the slam of a screen door in a traditional house, in my mind.
However, if you are going Modern, I would have large sliding glass doors and they can come with screens. My preference is to use them like 'walls of glass' and often with transoms above.

I am not a fan of the Phantom screens. Clients often have us remove them when they buy a new house.

So, sorry to be so black and white, but 1) Are you a Traditionalist/Transitional or are you 2) Contemporary/Modern?

Once you answer that question, the window/door decisions become easier.

PS - I am a big fan of Pella for the former and of Fiberglass products for Modern (thinner frame profiles).
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Hi, The home inside is Modern and Contemporary, Whites, Greys, Black granites, Can lights throughout, the trimworks and doors is painted semi gloss white, as picking up the white cabinets. So As you predicted, The doors will be white both inside and outside. I have posted another question here on Houzz after being stuck what to do with the blinds for the inside, depending what types of doors. I prefer to have it matched as the windows, (same openings of how blinds will do) I am thinking of sticking with all sliding glass doors, (slimline as one said will maximize the sunlight inside from outside) I started looking at types of company that makes doors, after getting brochures and catalog requested mailed to me. I prefer to have no wood (rots and other issues) The choice is limited with certian things on my list, phantom screens. As Pella has Casements that I love for 2 reasons: 1 has pleated blinds opening up and down and hidden screens! (less likely of replacing them and rust on frames! Just nice and sleek! Same applies to the sliding doors. with 3 panels of glass to keep warm! (BUT its wood) :( I am thinking about it..
Thanks for the replies I am enjoying of all of your insights and input.
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No boxy grilles, stay with modern lines that are simple and sleek.
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Continue the grilles. Get true divided glass. Somewhat expensive, but it will compliment the windows you have now.
double French doors · More Info
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Retractable Screens, LLC
Retractable screens are a great solution as they blend in perfectly with your door frame when not in use and when needed, pull out of their housing and secure in place to provide insect/solar protection.
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They (the tractable door) look an interesting solution. I'm asumming that there is mesh too for those pesky insects... or do you have super flying bugs in the US!!! ;-)
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How about a sliding wall? [houzz=
Johnson Residence · More Info
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Retractable Screens, LLC
Retractable screens have PVC coated insect mesh to keep those pesky bugs out and even have an option for a polyester "pet mesh" which is great for anyone who has pets.

If the opening is larger such as oversized sliding and folding door systems, you can use a motorized screen. When needed, it operates at the touch up a button to screen the area in and retracts into a cavity or housing (depending on the application) when you do not need it.
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Blinds Direct Canada
Shutters would look great from inside and outside . Its a classic look and will last a long time.

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Bravehart Design Build
Pella does have feature with blinds in-between glass. Great for minimizing dust collection!
When I work on a client home, I do everything possible to minimize dust collection.
So, if you are modern, I would consider fiberglass windows with either very dark outside (black, grey, commercial brown) and white inside (if you like white).
I would also consider the rollers in cassettes above the doors. Mine are on a remote and I love them. They black out sun and cold to a degree (when it is very, very cold).
If your walls are white, the white cassettes work, but if they are painted a colour, I believe you can either have them colour-matched or do it yourself!
To be clear, I love the cassettes with auto rollers as they inhibit dust, hide blinds when you don't want them and have a sun-block capability for energy management in the summer!
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