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Need help for my living room

Violet ZhangJanuary 3, 2013
We really don't know what to do about this living room since it is too long with 2 openings. Please help us about arrange to change things around, really really appreciate.
1. what lay out should we place the furniture?
2. what color should we paint the wall?
3. we brought a sofa table, is that going to match?

Thanks and Happy New Year.
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Violet Zhang
We tried different layout as attached pics. None of them seems work.
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Violet Zhang
We brought a sofa table as attached, maybe put on the opposite wall from sofa.
Does that looks right?
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I'd try putting the sofa in front of the window (centered with wall between the windows). Then, put the art above the sofa in between the windows (remove all other art from that wall). Put the chair sort of caddy corner off the wall opposite the sofa but put a lamp and side table beside it. The extra space on that wall would be great to stand your knight on the wall next to the end table/lamp.
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Violet Zhang
Thanks so much, Darzy. Will give a try tomorrow.
Do you think I need to repaint the wall?
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1. Angle the chair in the wide space by the windows and pull the sofa to the chair's position facing the FP. Try your sofa table on the wall where the sofa is now and lower the art so it visually attaches to the table. Might want to turn the rug so it extends toward that wall. Bring the other chair from the FP to beside the sofa table and let the knight stand in its place by the FP.
2. Sherwin Williams 764 Steely Gray (especially if you're keeping the carpet, but notice the difference due to light and surroundings below.) Golden Fleece 6388 or Brandywine 7710 would all look good with your sofas and rug.
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McCumber Lane, Lewis Center · More Info

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3. Matching casegoods is not very important anymore. May I suggest fabric roman blinds to soften, give privacy when needed and they won't impede heat from the baseboard. Sheers, especially on their own, are not the current style.
Historic Victorian Family Room · More Info

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Interiors International, Inc.
The arrangement you have just needs balance on the window wall. Put a large round 32"- 36" end table with a great lamp between the windows with the wider wall space. Put 2 round back club chairs 1 on either side. Have these upholstered in a colorful patterned fabric. Here are two ideas of chairs that could work.
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Violet Zhang
Thanks so much, decoenthusiaste. It is so professional. Will definitely give a try of everything you mentioned.
Thanks again.
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Violet Zhang
Thanks very much, interiors-international-inc. The club chairs are a great idea, they really look nice.
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I agree, add club chairs to your current layout to balance. OR, I like the option of the sofa facing the fireplace as long as you add your new sofa table behind it. I'd put the club chair in the corner when you take your pretty tree down.
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Beth Markley
what dimensions is the room?
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Mary Burbary_Champion
You know what? Overall, I think it is a very pretty room just the way it is.
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Lisa Lalumiere
To start White wash the room colour pure cotton paint the wall of the fireplace black as an accent wall .
Get rid of armour suit and corner chair in brown. Place large wooden framed mirror over the fireplace
Place sofa facing the fireplace centered on the room other leather chair place in right hand corner get a standing lamp to put beside it
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What are you wanting this space to be for your family? A TV room? A sitting room? A formal living room? A flexible space for entertaining and game nights?

The current chairs are too large/bulky. Like previous comments suggested try looking at a set of chairs that are more like club-chairs:not king-sized chairs. When things match too much like sofa sets it begins to look like a big-box furniture store. Make it feel like things are collected. Throw in some contemporary, unexpected pieces - like a faceted mirror side table from West Elm that's not too heavy on a tighter budget.

I agree that the wall color fights with the existing caramel color of the couch (if those pieces must stay). Thinkin complementary-wise the greys/blues will do best to compliment your floors as well. Another thing to look into (depending on your ceiling height) is to look into coffering the ceiling to provide a visual separation to the large canvas of a ceiling. You might think it will make the room look smaller, but it will provide visual cues away from the landing-strip layout of the recessed lighting.

Is that the front entry next to this room? Becuase it will be essential to tie in design cues from this larger space into the entry. Perhaps a statement could be made with an unexpected chandelier (don't use a traditional chandelier).

Also as a tip for furniture arrangement- don't have the furniture sit on the edge of the carpet. Overlap the front legs or even the whole piece of furniture if the carpet/area rug is large enough. Don't be afraid to have the furniture not against the wall. The couch would do better to be centered with the Fireplace, but depending on the size of the sofa it looks a bit large compared to the scale of the sofa table. ideally it should be over 3/4 the length of the couch. Perhaps looking at 2 of these tables to act as a landing place with some lights and a few other minimal pieces to anchor the couch in the center more.

Don't place a coffee table in the center of a furniture arrangement either. Generally you would want it to be closer to the couch ~18-24" give or take centered on the couch. A club chair is meant to be more of an accessory to the couch being that it can be more easily moved around the space: depending on certain functions/parties, etc. That being said give it a nice side table (like I previously mentioned something unecpexted like the faceted mirror sidetable) so that one can have a place to put a lamp (if the table is large enough or a standing lamp nearby if too small so it can serve as a proper place to read a book, etc.
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McCall's Real Estate
Something I don't get a feel for here is the purpose of the room. What do you use it for? Do you entertain? Group your furniture close together so everyone can chat. Do you read? How about adding a bookshelf, lamp, an ottoman and a colorful throw? Those bright windows would be a glory to some potted trees and plants. You have some attractive art, buy some pillows for a color pop. It's a great room. It's large enough to have a conversation pit at one end and a reading nook at the other. Think about what you'll use it for. I always let purpose lead the way. Have fun!
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Beth Schweitz
Consider placing both chairs a few feet in front of the fireplace, facing away from the fireplace and place a small end table between them (sans footstool for the one chair). Place the couch across from the chairs for an inviting, cozy feel. If you need to keep the coffee table in front of the couch, move the couch far enough away that it isn't too cramped. Place the sofa table behind the sofa and add at least one lamp or two smaller matching ones on it. I would place the footstool for the dark colored chair back in the corner behind it and get two large plants to place in front of each window. For paint color, I like Azalea Leaf (It's a beautiful warm blue made by Olympia) . I would use Blue Bayberry, which is a shade darker, on the wall with the fireplace to make the room feel less large. Oh, also, I'd place the rug under the furniture configuration to add interest and depth. Good luck!
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Linda Chiappetti
I would try an angle layout. Put the large sofa angled from the wall with the over- sized chair against the wall forming an L shape. An end table with a lamp between the 2 pieces. Your coffee table in the center and a sofa table behind the sofa adding lamps and accessories to add softness and elegance to the arrangement.
The area rug will pull it all together.
On the opposite wall between the windows another sofa table or console with a lamp and art work above will finish the room.
For wall color possibly a grey, playing off the colors of your area rug.
Good luck!
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Paulette Pinheiro
Hi Violet! It seems to me that the sofa should go against the 3-window wall, with chairs in front of it, that is against the opposite (2-door) wall. A coffee table in the middle of them seems very nice to me. On both sides of the fireplace I would put 2 smaller chairs. I would have put the Christmas tree in the opposite corner, at the right hand just beside the entrance of the space. The color scheme should fit the atmosphere you intend for the space. You might as well look for the fabrics that you feel is right and then choose the wall color that would match them. Good luck!
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J. Scott Interiors and The Well Dressed Window
I think most of this has already been said, but here are some of my thoughts. I like the idea of the roman shades on the windows. If there are no heating units on the fireplace wall, I would suggest matching drapes there. I think the sofa should face the fireplace with the sofa table behind it and two lamps on it. If it would be in your budget, I would place two matching fabric chairs facing each other on either side of the fireplace and ottoman in-between. Maybe floor lamps with the chairs. One chair will be partially in the opening to the next room, but I don't think would interfere with traffic flow. Pull the coffee table up close to the sofa. Good luck and let us know how it turns out1 :)
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I agree with Eileen B., I like the sofa facing the fireplace and your new sofa table behind it, with chairs on either side of the fireplace framing it. The rug would be centered in the room with your coffee table, you could probably get a bigger coffee table...you'd have plenty of room, and maybe have a chandelier or hanging candelabra over the coffee table. You could take a color from the rug that would contrast with your chairs, for your wall paint. Use colors from your rug for throw pillows on your couch and/or chairs.
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Anette Smith
I suggest painting the walls a deeper color for more contrast with a darker rug and heavier weight curtains. I agree that the chair doesn't work; could you put it into another room? Sofa table is okay behind the sofa which could be across from the fireplace that needs a luxe looking surround. Your floors are beautiful and can play a great role in the overall look. Look for a smaller rug in deeper tones to go under the sofa and coffee table.
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Heather Wallace
The picture of the sofa going opposite the fireplace is close! I would scoot it in some add the sofa table behind it for a powerful view in. Then add the one chair and another angled in front of the fireplace. I love St Francis Fawn from Val-spar! I think that would make the fireplace the focal point and balance the existing furniture. Then you have to 'long' walk ways on the outside of the sitting area. I would have all the seating touching the rug.
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Peg Silverwood
Boy I am a late comer to the party! But I have to say I love your space!!!... and you furnishings are something to work with in this space! I would move the sofa so it is facing the Fireplace. I would put a great credenza/or sofa table behind the sofa and add some decorative items on the credenza/or sofa table such as large ceramic and woven bowls. and Candles or lighting if you have a way to plug in without having cords dangling across the floor. If the area rug is short enough to change the length to be positioned to the width of the room I would do that as well. If you can't turn the rug. Anchor the furniture onto the area rug even to the point that the credenza sits on it and the Chair is on it as well. Your tree I am sure will be down by end of January so move the club chair to the right side of the fire place floating out from the wall. It is winter so make your area a great gathering area. The other chair can stay is its current spot but pull it out from the wall as well. Place a nice throw on the back of it and perhaps a pillow. The way windows break up the wall gives you opportunity to do some great repetitive art . What do you like art wise. Do 2 prints in each space between the windows on each end and then 4 in the center one. They can be anything but keep the frames the same. Take out the small picture that is in the entry and replace with a nice mirror.
I love the light walls. color is wonderful but this room looks like it is in a craftsman style home and the light cream walls are perfect for the style. You could paint your large trim a warmer color in the deeper cream/ brown tones. Bring the two large pictures, the one from the fire place and the one that is on the left wall and place them on that left wall displayed so that positioned one top one bottom of wall. Make sure that they are not to high on the wall. Currently your picture seems a little high. The space over the fireplace add a great mirror a round style would be soothing. Leave the bookcase and paint the back of it the same color as the wood trim This will add interest.

Note... you asked about furniture arrangement and paint. This is what I have based my suggestions on. I love you room. I would bet that you have a great home! ;D
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A black & cream with brushed gold/bronze accents color scheme would work in your space. If you want to keep the knight in shining armor, I think you need to raise him up to eye-level somehow, otherwise "he" reads as a child. It would be very glam to paint one wall black or, more sophisticated, black roller shades. Check out the roller shades at The Shade Store. Those long lacy drapes next to the fireplace make me nervous! (if you actually use the fireplace).

Kingsway Home · More Info
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I would break up the right angles with some other shapes, like a small round nesting table and small round rug at an angle in front of the fireplace with small chairs on either side of the table facing the couch that you place at an angle. You could knot your curtains at the bottom for some diversity in angles and shapes. Some dramatic splashes of color would be a nice catch for the eye (maybe in a throw over the couch), and I would minimize the art on your walls to your special pieces. Everyone has had such great comments, I hope you have fun trying some of our ideas out.
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Violet Zhang
Hi, guys, you are so wonderful and far more than I expected. Thanks again for everyone and I will definitely try all your great ideas. Here is the answers about the room details.
1. function: social occasionally when family gather together or one moment when kid is not around. Not a TV room since we moved to basement. Not really an entertain place since they normally sit around the kitchen or dinning room.
2. dimension: 27x14x8'8" feet (lengthX widthX height) in living room, 6 feet in the entry.
3. fire place: we did use that a lot since we lost power for 12 days with snow during SANDY
4. rug's color: blue purple tone with a light beige (attached pic)
5. coffee table: we do like glass one which shows the rug, but it is too dangerous for our small kid.
6. throw: pic attached

We will try everything you mentioned, even might return the new furniture which we got last Saturday. :( Please wait for us post more pictures after we change it.

Thanks a lot.
Have a great weekend.
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Ruth Felice
put the sofa table behind the sofa facing the fire place just a bit closer .2 bookcases under the windows on either side (glass doors possibly) nice tall lamps on either side of the sofa table. get another chair.also I would reverse your curtains and put panels on all sides of the windows to finish the room.I would also ADD color to throw pillows lamp shades art vases ect.Iwould also paint out your crown to frame your roomand paint your ceiling the lighter shade of your wall paint.a chair or chaise would also be nice at the inside corner of the living rm by the entrance.you also need side tables try black or espresso brown
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Rococo Homes Inc
How about this. This is our show home and we quite like it. Stone wall surrounding the Fireplace, Maple Cabinets, Grey Paint General Paint "Turbo", Hand Scraped Maple floors. Bam!
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Wendy Finch
The door/wall opening on the left by the fireplace - dining room ? Could that opening be closed? Very simple. I think it would give the area a more intimate or dedicated feel. Also, I would lighten the fireplace insert. Perhaps even restyle to it stone. Stone veneer is easy & inexpensive.
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Debbie Givens
I was going to suggest the same thing as Rococo Homes Inc. did with the picture of white couches except I would pull the couch and chairs in a bit onto the rug to anchor the room. I would also place your big statue over by the wall where the little picture is beside him. Maybe a small round table in between the two chairs or at least a mirror on that wall. A round mirror would look nice. Add a few modern pillows ! I would love to see pictures!!!!
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The room is long, you are trying to spread one rooms worth of furniture into a space that could hold two. Couch facing fireplace will work but move it up closer almost to center of the room. Carpet turn around and put in front of couch. Feature the fireplace wall using Ball & Fallows Saxon green with supersized mercury glass candlesticks. If you hate the idea of tv over the fireplace (I do), Build a box over it on a hinge, so it can open to reveal tv and close it when not in use. You can even hang artwork on it so you have the best of both worlds. Saxon green will work well with your armored guard who I think is very cool by the way. Try Ball & Farrows vert de terre on the other walls. Crisp winborne white on all molding and ceiling. Behind the sofa, a sofa table with a tall centerpiece, lamp, sculpture to delineate the two separate spaces. A very nice, cozy, seating area can be put together on the other side. Think book shelves, comfortable seating, throw pillows, soft lights. Show us what you come up with and have fun doing it!
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