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Need curtain advice

herberbJanuary 3, 2013
Our cathedral family room gets a ton of natural light so in order to make the room feel smaller and cozier, we painted the walls a darker brown, installed shades and crown molding to bring everything down. These photos were taken at night. Want curtain panels to break up the dark on the wall, solely for decoration and will never be closed but little room on each side for curtains. 112" top of window to floor...don't know if we should go with sheer or if a heavier weight is needed for color (even if off-white). Solid or print? We have a Ballard rug on floor with a large pattern. Any suggestions?
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Are there windows above the double hungs that are covered with natural woven shades? If so, are the shades long enough to cover the double hungs?
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yes, each window is 3 windows tall and 2 windows wide. The shades cover the windows completely when lowered. So the side panels are only needed for decoration.
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I think a print that picks up the colors in your rug would be nice. Might change them out with cool and warm seasons. For warm season, Country Curtains will do customs in a pattern called Medallion Print (spa is the color.) Can't hurt to shop them - they'll send you ten free fabric swatches if you see anything you like. You will need custom for the length though, so look for their note saying "Custom Available" is on select styles.
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thanks. I wasn't sure if another print would be OK or too much with the rug. Funny...I went in to Country Curtains yesterday and she told me they don't do custom and the longest they had was 96"...? The Medallion online looks like 96 is the longest. Colors are good though.
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You don't seem to have a lot of room for draperies particularly near the fireplace. I think if you do do draperies, you should put them up high and use a soft cream colored linen or minimal geometric print choosing a color or two from the rug. I would also use a hefty rod with a large diameter and rings. Check out Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. If you have enough light, I would lower you shades to cover one or two of the window panes below with or without draperies. Perhaps others will chime in on the draperies -maybe you only put one panel on each window.
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Thanks. Never thought of one panel instead of two...that might work well but will it look funny if they aren't technically wide enough to cover both windows since there's not much room on the sides? Also, not going for a formal look. Will only one panel make it look too formal?
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I think a solid to match your rug. Check out these from JCPenney in silver sage, they can do custom lengths. I agree with the hefty rod and large rings idea.

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Julie Thome Draperies, Inc.
I would be doing pairs of panels on all of the windows. I know you do not have much stacking space near the fireplace, so you will have to accept that the drapes will sit over some of the glass. I would avoid just doing 1 width panels as they are wide windows. If you could do 1 1/2 widths of fabric per panel that will give you 7 pleats and take up approx 7 to 8" on the rod when stacked. Agree that you should pick a larger diameter rod such as a 2" diameter to be in scale with the size of the windows, and I would mount the rods midway between the top of the shade and the crown molding.
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House of Holland - TX
Without a better daytime perspective, I'd say forego the drapes. I'm assuming that the windows look over your back yard and with existing paned glass and shades anything else you add will detract from the view. Also, I don't see a way to make them symmetrical because of the limited space between the windows and the fireplace and the far side of the windows and the adjacent wall. I would consider putting an oversize mirror on the large blank wall. Just a thought.
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I'm not sure I like one panel at all. I've seen it done - I don't think it would be too formal. I think the formality of the drapery depends on it's style and the rod you use. Hopefully others will chime in on the one panel idea.
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Chroma Design
I agree with everything Julie T. said. One and half cut per panel, 2" rod, etc.
So the remaining points are... No, don't use sheers. I don't like them as an overlayer with dark wall color and blind behind them. Use a light cotton or linen with an easy hand.
And yes, do a pattern. Not a solid. Your room could benefit from some visual texture and movement. A small pattern, tone on tone to give it interest. I hope this example inspires you. I also choose this example because you may need to do a rod like this that returns into the wall. It is hard to tell if you have enough room on the sides adjacent to the walls for a typical rod with finials. Even if you do, the finials should not be bulky.
And add some art, show your personality.
Hilltop Retreat · More Info
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Susan Chandlee
I'd put white Plantation Shutters up on the lower half of the window
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Thank you so much everyone. I was thinking sheers would be too light for the dark walls and woven blinds and I really do feel like I need something on that wall to lighten the space. I'm sooo glad you mentioned the rods and using ones with no finials due to the wall...that photo of the Hilltop Retreat helps a lot! Was wanting to do a pattern if I could since so much in there is solid, and having a guideline for pattern (small, tone on tone, not sheer) is what I was looking for. Will do heavier rods halfway b/w window and moulding. Appreciate the width guide...I had no clue. And yes, I realize we need something on the wall...any suggestions for artwork would be great...center over couch versus wall? This room was changed in color and arrangement from this when we bought it...
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Chroma Design
Well you have improved that room by leaps and bounds!!! Excellent job.
Glad to be of help.
Art is such a personal preference that it is hard to advise. Just keep the color of the art harmonious to the room. Something that possesses an accent color for added pop. Go large scale, the room needs it and one or two large pieces will make a statement.
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Tricia Elkinton
Massive Improvement!!!! Way to go. I would be lost in this room. The ceilings are massive!!! Well done!! Have you considered a photo and mirror combo on the empty wall? Consider a couple of large mirrors and large framed photos to make a collage. I like this idea, but I think you can incorporate the mirrors and go larger : http://pinterest.com/pin/94786767128363022/
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Thanks. I do like the mirror idea, esp. to easily add something large with some style but with wanting to make the room feel smaller and cozier, wasn't sure if mirrors would do the opposite, given that people use them to make a space feel larger. Did get pendant lights we haven't yet installed to hang from 2 recessed lights in front of windows in an effort to bring attention downwards (added photo to idea book for Family Room). Also need some side tables and some more artwork...baby steps!
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JMittman Designs
You've made great improvements to this room! I agree with the panels, --your windows are wide enough that you won't lose much daylight with some of it covered. Here are some fabric ideas.
adding this--I forgot to mention--whatever curtains you choose--make sure they are LINED, and even interlined for body and fabric protection.
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Ask to be sent a catalog from CC - 800 456-0321. I have the Autumn 2012 book and Medallion Print is "Custom Available." That is probably offered only through their home store in Stockbridge, MA. I don't think local stores elsewhere do custom and they probably want to sell you their in stock items. Custom order number is 800 937-1237. Call and discuss with them. As to the wall decor, unless a mirror is going to reflect an awesome view or something beautiful, I'd prefer art or something like this.
Art Wall Decals Wall Stickers Tree Decal Winter Trees by Nou Wall · More Info
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Thank you all! I'm glad you think the room is an improvement. It is a challenging space...think the curtains will help to pull it all together a bit more and ass some softness to the room. Appreciate the ideas and links!!
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Maison Pompeii Antiques and Interiors
Very nice improvement in your room. I like the 1.5 widths on each side. i would use a solid color with a trim on the leading edge like a greek key tape etc. that harmonizes with your rug.Since there apears to be alot of light during the day, be sure to use blackout lining so tht the drapes dont look darker in areas where the light does not penetrate. It will give you a better finished look no matter what fabric you chose. I do think that the pillows are a little bedroomy rather than family room but they do have a pretty color.
Before art work I would concentrate on endtables and lamp light table or floor. Then see how the room looks and that may help guide you as to size and style of wall decor.
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I have a similar issue. 2 French doors & not enough room on either side for panels. I suggest taking the woven shades down & adding a molding on top of the windows turning them into an architectural feature. From what I can 'see' by your pictures, the windows look nice. Not a fan of the TV above the fireplace, it's screaming for some ART.
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We installed the blinds because we need to block out the light at certain times in the day and we looked into multiple options, this is the option we liked best. Taking them down is not an option. As far as the TV, it may not be ideal to have it above the fireplace but we had many functional things to consider and it was the best spot for us in that room. TV above the fireplace I know is a very personal decision. Again, since we just did it, and it was a major job wiring all the cables through the walls, it's not an option to take it down. I posted this looking for suggestions for other things we could do in the room, rather than criticisms of what we've already done. I do appreciate all the helpful suggestions guiding me from here. I am looking forward to looking for new curtains, end tables and artwork based on many of your suggestions. Thank you!
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Tri R Construction
Looks like the windows need some trim around them. I would trim around the windows and put a larger piece of trim at the top of the windows and run it to the next set of windows. this will help frame the TV. I would also consider adding crown to the top piece of trim. By putting trim around the windows it will help anchor the fireplace and the windows together. The way your wall is now, the eye is drawn to the shades and the TV, not a good focal point. The room is pretty, just needs to be pulled together.
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