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Need help with my bedroom!

Gina EdwardsJanuary 3, 2013
Hello I hope some of you can help me :)
I have been half-heartedly trying to revamp my room for a while but I lost heart a while ago.
The only thing I really love is my quilt from anthropologie. I want that to be my main focus in the room.
I am stuck with the wall of white cupboards, ok they aren't pretty but they are VERY functional. I don't want to change the carpet either and I don't think a rug would suit as it is quite a textured carpet.
I thought about repainting the walls a lighter colour but am afraid of making my room a white box.
I also wondered about making everything in the room monochrome apart from the throw - but that would be boring? I could just include black and white images in the frames.
My bedside lamp and clock are awful too - but need an overall scheme for them to match.
I have too much blank wall but don't know what to do with them. I did wonder about putting a mannequin or easel in the corner near the window, but that still leaves the biggest blank wall (which has the birdcage stickers on, they have to go I hate them, they do not link!!) completely bare.
As you can see I have lots of half baked ideas and no inspiration!
One final thing - I love chevrons - but not sure how I could include them? Maybe put curtains up or some cushions?
Please help with some ideas on decor themes and wall colours etc to make the most of my beautiful quilt! Thanks...
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Love the room! I think that painting it white would be stunning! And soo sharp
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Nice room! I'd leave those birdcages there! How about taking all the picture frames from above the bed and group them on the blank wall. You could paint the frames all white...except ONE of your favorite photo/frame a bold orange (or teal) color? Then, soften the window with pretty white sheer panels (floor to ceiling). A crystal chandelier in the ceiling and side table lamp and you're done. : ) Great quilt!
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Actually I think you are off to a good start. The room is not huge so pale carpet and white cupboards enlarges the room. I love your plain blue blind, it pops. I would clear the accessories off your bedhead and would take down all those little picture frames above your bedhead. Yes, those birdcage decals need to go'. A new bedside lamp would be good, and it could have a colored shade, perhaps orange to pop and pick up in the orange in your bedspread. I see you have a lot of ornate picture frames in front of your mirror, I would cull these down, perhaps to one with a fairly plain frame.
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ps your bedspread is very colorful and busy, and a focal point, so I think you need to be careful to keep other furnishings simple.e.g. maybe one largish simple artwork or mirror above your bed head and one large simple artwork on the major wall
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What about a nice tall plant in the corner of your room on the window wall. Would give the room some color, height and softening? or perhaps a standard ( tall) lamp with an orange shade in that corner
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Interiors International, Inc.
OK, I like the cabinets I prefer them to closets. The blind is a great color and does look good with your comforter. A chevron painted wall detail would be a good compliment to the pattern in the comforter. You need to use this sparingly. It could make your bedroom a headache. Move the bed to the long wall so the head is against it. Paint a head board on the wall using the chevron pattern. Sell the bed and the nightstand you have now. The pattern should be the color of the shade and white repeating. Make it the width of the bed.. Get 2 new nightstands and 2 lamps preferably made of mercury glass or chrome. Do this and send me the picks we will go from there.
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House of Holland - TX
Move the head of the bed to the big wall and pick up one of the colors in the bedspread to paint as a focus wall behind the bed. The gold or the orange would be incredible! Most people will tell you to make your bedroom your peaceful sanctuary, and usually I would agree, but in this case I say don't be afraid - go for it! You already have the awesome wall of cabinets to play off of and from the arrangement of frames and such above your bed right now anyone can tell you are lots of fun and enjoy being eclectic. Find a great (red?) full length mirror to put on the short wall where your bed is now and a a funky table or two for beside your bed. Top it off with a great colorful lamp and you're good to go. Have fun!!!!
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Design Mode
I like your cover, and I think you need some pillows and bedding to complete the look.
I envy your wall of closets. I think the mirror in the closet area could become a focal point, with some pictures, scarves, etc. hung from the edge to become an artful arrangement.
If you hate the birdcages, get rid of them.
I would rearrange and add some larger frames to your picture collection. More of the corners should line up, and spaces between frames should be consistent. It is worth the time to research it and do this right. Or you could get narrow shelves to line up the pictures.
I would also pull the bed out from the wall a little so everything isn't crammed into the corner. A reading lamp would be a good addition to the bedside area. It can attach to the wall, with the shade bottom at shoulder height.
What about a chair or small corner desk in the room?
If you like chevrons, you could try tone-on-tone strips on the long wall.
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Regarding a table lamp, you could pull the bed from the wall and put the end table in the corner. Then, get a crystal swag lamp and hang it above the end table in the corner.
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I like the room. I would try the bed on the big wall closest to the window or if it is too tight, I would center the bed in the room and use it as a day bed with big pillows behind it and then get a desk/makeup table/console table (even at a Thrift store) and put that next to the head of the bed on the right if the bed is centered and paint it a yellow or turquiose from the bed quilt and a comfortable chair to sit on in the corner. Take down those small frames and birdcages. They are distracting me from a nice room.
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I am envisioning a monochromatic white-on-white scheme except for the quilt and the blind. The quilt has a diamond lattice print in the white portion. You could paint your walls white, and then with another color of white, paint a large diamond lattice on the empty wall (the wall without the window or door).

Next, buy a double size bed with a simple white headboard, such as a padded fabric headboard, and no footboard. Add a white-on-white bedskirt and put your quilt over the bed. The larger sized bed will allow more of the quilt to show. Move the head of the bed to the wall with the lattice stenciling.

In the space left over, figure out what will fit into the space without crowding it up too much. You may only have space for two bedside tables with lamps. You could also consider some wall mounted lamps above the bedside tables. Add additional pillows to the bed to make it really cozy. Now you can lay in bed and see the door and the window - much more emotionally calming.

Add the art last. You really need to have the rest of the space finished first to envision what might look good.
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I like the room. Love bedspread, blind color. I might consider moving the bed headboard on the wall opposite cabinet vanity, parallel with the window and furnace. I think a large painting of some of the subjects in your quilt either directly on the wall or a painting canvas. You can go online and print it and blow it up on the wall.
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Gina Edwards
Hello everyone, thanks for your ideas!
It's not actually possible to put the bed parallel to the window, my room is too small :(
Design Mode - I had wondered about adding some larger frames to my collection and spreading them out more.
If I was to repaint (the current colour doesn't actually match the quilt, it matched my old bedding) what colour would everyone go for?
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For your walls, how about orange from your beautiful bedding? It will look very nice with your curtain too. If that orange is too much for you, try it on one wall and a lighter shade of the same color on the other 2 walls. Leave the cabinets white.
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oh my stars!!! everyone has great ideas!! and I agree that you're off to a GREAT start! the pix you have framed above the bed should be moved to the large blank wall and an art piece tied to the whole room of fabulous colors of yours maybe from your child hood should be largely framed then hung above the bed... all the pix should be reframed in oversized frames with mats, .. I would try to match the frames in color or style somewhat but not really....match them to your colors of the quilt... you have a wonderful room and the colors you've chosen are the ones I love.... you are an artist, I would think from looking at your room.. Thank you for showing it...I've been finding old frames and painting and distressing them since college, when I had zero funds...back before it was chic to be shabby chic..1970... I have them hanging in my home today!! my daughter and granddaughter aren't in to that type of style AT ALL!!! but they appreciate MY STYLE and and I think my daughter actually complimented me on Christmas day this year about it....I about dropped my teeth, as my Mother would say! Yes, you'll find your style ... and when you do, you'll know...there will be a happy little feeling you'll get and won't ever forget.... HAVE FUN!!!
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Design Mode
I agree with Darzy that you should take away the teal curtain, and add a chandelier. I agree with orangecamera that orange is an option, and I would suggest an orange-red similar to your hanging purse and clutch purse. You have red, orange, gold, pink and beige in the cover - so I would choose a colour in that range.
I think you need a chair rail, and I would choose a dark gray (BM gray (2121-10) for a lower chair rail area, only 2 feet high to give an illusion of height. Then I would choose the warm colour above - BM current red, or cinnabar.
If you want to get creative, another option is to create a Wall Tattoo along the long wall, and the rest of the walls in Sedona Clay. Benjamin Moore gives this Portico example in Sedona Clay with Hale Navy. Then the whole room makes a statement, rather than just your bedcover.
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Gina Edwards
OK so this is what I am now thinking. Paint the wall behind my bedhead with large chevrons in two shades of white. Move the frames to the wall where the birdcages are (and get rid of decals), spread them out at about eye height above my bed and make them more uniform (put monochrome pictures in them and paint some of them more neutral colours). Paint that wall a slightly lighter colour than it is now - maybe a creme beige colour? Paint the window wall in the darker of the two chevron wall colours. Put my nightstand the other side of my bed and get an orange lamp and turquoise clock to put on it. Grab a few cushions to put on my bed. Find something pretty and large to put in the corner of my room - maybe a chair or pot plant?
This would mean all three walls would be different... would that look strange?
Also I could do with doing something about my window, I don't really want to splash out on new curtain pole and curtains but at the moment I can't shut the blind because of my vintage globe & frames etc on the sill! Maybe I should just move the junk elsewhere?
Thanks for your ideas everyone - keep them coming! I am terrible at making decisions - and I am also terrible at liking what I have done, I always want to improve everything :-\
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You have a great room! I love the bed spread and the bird cages. I think you are out to a great start. I agree with the other posters that you may want to move your bed to the big wall. I think that you could get real bird cages and hang them from the ceiling with their doors open by a wall decal of birds. It will add some depth to the art.
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Gina Edwards
I can't move the bed to the other wall, if I do I can't open my wardrobes! I did try it, I wish it could work.
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By Design EK
Angie go all out girl! The fun thing about Anthropologie and what makes their items so great is the way they layer bold color and pattern. I believe if you make one bold choice you have to balance it out with more bold choices. Leave the background color as you have it and add chevron drape, it could extend all the way across the wall to the empty corner (not the wardrobe corner) add some poof ottomans in bold color and pattern, or floor pillows, and I like the birdcages they just need something to belong to, so I would add one of those big tree decals on the large empty wall and hang the bridcages from it for a whimsical look, and spread out your pictures framed above the bed in smaller groupings, leave the largest group above bed, you could hang some from the tree like the picture. All of these items I found on etsy.com
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Love your bedding. I would pull from that for a wall color, either in the blue range or the yellow or yellow green. White drapes, perhaps a chevron rug in white and black. For art, a few possibilities - you could pull from the 60's feel of the bedspread and go with something like Peter Max, or go with something like bright bold florals with that 60's feel, like the bedspread inspiration, to continue the look around the room.
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