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New home: To change design of kitchen or leave it as is?
January 4, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hello! I am having a new house built, and when we originally chose this house design, I was hoping to change the kitchen a bit to make it bigger. I have attached the blueprints of the kitchen/ living room/ dining room. So, I was thinking of having the builders close off the opening from the kitchen to the dining room area (by the refrigerator and the half wall to the living room). The purpose would be so I could have a longer counter space, and more cabinets in the kitchen. I was hoping someone could offer their opinion; do you think it would enclose the space too much? And how do you think it will affect the overall flow of the house? Or just any other thoughts you may have. Thanks!
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Can you still have overhead cabinets, if you open up the space? Even smaller, higher cabinets for your everyday glasses, plates etc would be useful, still allow for an 'island counter' between Dining Room and Kitchen, and keep an open feel. Another question, do you like traditional dining in a DR, or would you prefer it to be free flowing...is that your lifestyle? I do like the coffered ceiling tho. Think about how you will use your space to determine formality vs flexibility.
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hello Kmg245, good plans!, the only thing that stands out to be in my opinion " in the wrong place" is the dishwasher and the sink. this is because it is in the open space of your great room and your would be of your sink from the dining room, however id agree with having the kitchen / diner open plan. if this was my place, i would have the kitchen benches parallel with the DW, sink and the Breakfast bar and fridge all on the right ( also giving you the work bench / Breakfast bar available in the great room as im sure you'll have some sort of dining in the breakfast area with the sliding doors being a free space?. what sort of color schemes are you looking at ? i hope this widens your view or gives you some more ideas :) Sheneill
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Stefanie Zanow- Kitchens Plus
Hi kmj245, looking at the space I would move around the island so that it is parrellel to the range.This gives you more of the open space feel. I would also enlarge the island so you can go more base storage and possibly have the kitchen table connected to it. This gives you much more space to work with. You can still have a large enough table for 4-6. If you need more of an idea of what Im talking about...go to my website www.stefaniezanow.com and under coming soon-San Rafael I show something similar. I do have other work in the preliminary pictures as well with using two islands...this is also something youcould do and make the second island smaller and narrower for just buffet use but it would go into the great room a bit. Just a thought.
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House of Holland - TX
If you could forgo the breakfast bar and continue the counter space from the west wall - flip-flopping the sink and dishwasher - and extend it into the kitchen space a little further so that the oven and dishwasher doors don't compete then you add more open space in the kitchen and more counter/work space at the same time. Is there some reason that the dishwasher/sink combo has to be where it is on the plans?
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You may not enjoy going around the half wall into the great room to serve a meal in the dining room. I don't think you'll be happy standing at the sink and being right in the great room, which is how I'd feel about the present location. I would go with full walls, not a half walls, so you can hang more cabinetry and not feel compelled to keep a spotless kitchen 24/7. Why not close off the kitchen half of the 11' GR opening, leaving a 5' opening? Put a corner breakfast nook with banquette benches and chairs between the window and slider. Move the window further into the kitchen space.Then you can put your DW and sink bar under the window and perpendicular to it. Breakfast dishes will be an easy hand off to the sink. Put the fridge in the stove spot so it is close to the sink for prep. Move the stove to the new wall space with additional counters and cabinets on either side of it to hold pots, pans, spices, oils - all you need for cooking at the stove. This way you'll have a "U" of cabinets on the window side of the kitchen and smaller ones flanking the stove (above and below) on the GR side. With the fridge gone, you can move that door a bit if you need to accommodate the stove and new cabinets.
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Funny, I have an almost identical floor plan to yours, except with the full wall Without your doorway to the dining room (in other words, exactly as you are considering changing to) and I hate the setup. When im in the kitchen i am totally cut off to guests in the dining room and we have to walk out and around the corner to carry hot food, dishes, etc, and as a result, we never use the dining room and it sits as totally wasted space. I'm having a kitchen designer draw up plans to knock that wall out completely and open up the entire floor for better use and flow of space.
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@nancykelley just confirmed my thoughts of this plan. In addition, the toilet basically being in the dining room, is just gross. I'd consider removing the wall, switching the dining room with the kitchen and breakfast room. Make the kitchen and dining room larger adjoining to the great room, address the potty issue and scrap the breakfast all together.
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Custom Home Planning Center
Think past the little kitchen /eat in nook. Use the whole space for the Kitchen. Run the Ref and range all the way down the outside wall. Rotate the island an move it closer to that wall with high bar facing the greatroom w/sink in the middle. On the dining room/kitchen wall that remains run 12" cabinets from the floor to a 42" high pass through to the dining room. At the rear end of the bar, wall in a pantry in the corner next to the patio door.
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You don't want to lose that space between the kitchen and dining area. Though this doesn't help a cabinet space dilemma, turn the sink and dishwasher parallel to the range. The builders seem to have designed it that way for the optional breakfast bar which you could still build in the horizontal space where the sink used to be. Put storage under the new breakfast bar.
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Thanks everyone for your comments. It definitely gave me a lot more to consider. And I totally agree with the bathroom being near the dining room; I probably won’t be using that space as a formal dining room, because of how awkward the space is. That is the problem with buying a house from a builder; Even though all of our criteria weren’t met with this design, it was the best one we could work with.
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Melodie Moore
I am building a house & need ideas on kitchen. The original plans had stovetop & double ovens but I have decided to use one of the new ranges with double ovens instead of cooktop & double wall ovens. All ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. I have the kitchen framed up & will have to decide soon on layout of kitchen.
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Melodie Moore
Here's the original floorplan
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