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Design Dilemma

Help With Basement / Man Cave, please

paulsalzJanuary 5, 2013
First time, long time. I have a basement that I've wanted to do something with for awhile, but can never decide what to do with it. It is long and narrow (about 31 ft long and 11 ft wide) and you enter from the middle. Any help / suggestions would be appreciated. (Oh, and furniture is just willy nilly because I was cleaning for my daughters birthday party.)
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Greetings to you. I am not a designer or anything, so please take my comments with several grains of salt (hee hee). I am intrigued by your space because I just moved into my home which has a similar basement but with a partial "L" configuration. I would suggest (depending on your budget), keeping the focal wall (the projector and media storage) where it is and possible adding some doors or simple fabric panels to cover the storage that may distract from viewing. Also, if possible, keep the aisle-like seating (for easy access to bar and exit without disturbing others) but use chairs only in this space to give off a theater effect. I would get rid of the couches. Add some small end tables (or even TV trays to save $) to the wall side of each chair for drinks and snacks. Then you fellas have at it!!! Hope this helps.

Try the pic at this link for inspiration:
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Nancy Hehmann
I would make some changes that will increase the value of your home 1st. Get someone to drywall your ceiling and make perhaps a storage closet where the electrical box is.
Do you have a theme or what activities do you want in your mancave such as just TV viewing, parties, pool table, air hockey.

It depends on use what type flooring such as tile that looks like wood, carpet or hardwoods. Do you have animals or children? More information will be helpful to others as well.
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Thanks so much for your input, so far!

@caddledia The center aisle is a good idea, however the projector hangs down to about 5' 10" off the ground (I can just squeeze under it and I'm 5' 8). Maybe a side aisle?

@Carolina We've thought about dry walling the ceiling, but the wires weren't run thru the floor supports. Some are literally resting on the drop ceiling tracks.

I've got two different themes going on and I'm not really sure what direction to go in. Part sports stuff. Part beer signs. But, at the same time, I want to transition into grown up decorating (I'm 34 and my basement feels like my college apartment. Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

We host a couple of parties a year and use it at other times to watch movies or games.

Thanks again!
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Check out these ceiling tiles. I also had to do a drop ceiling with a grid because of access needed to plumbing and wires and these look great. I added wainscoting to walls and a berber carpet and it looked great. Get rid of the fluorescents and and do recessed lighting. I would paint the bookshelves white if you have to keep them.Good luck!

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I think you should partition the theater side and do center seating on staggered platforms with access on the sides. Paint out the ceiling very dark to create more of a true theater experience.
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Thanks for the ideas. My wife and I have talked about doing recessed lighting for awhile but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

I don't think we want a theater half and a bar half, but more of an open floor plan / living room type feel, if that makes sense?

I think we are ditching the bar stools and making some of these stools instead.


Thanks again, you guys!!
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What about a sectional? Get rid of all the sofas and all but the recliner and put along the left side wall, coming out into the middle of the room? Separates a "watching TV space" from the "sitting at the bar" space. What do you guys think of that?
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Hi---like the layout of Pic #1---just flip the entry to the right....... Pic #2 the ceiling/lighting, wall, and carpet hues. Hope this is helpful---nice space to work with. Check Craigslist for inexpensive sectionals, barstools, etc. Good Luck!
Magnifico Residence · More Info
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@Natalie.... those are both awesome!! The purple one is about the size of my space and the first picture is a nice thought. I have a pub table that I made that i could behind the couch. Or even build another, longer one to put behind it too. Thanks a lot!
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You're very welcome. Great ideas and it's nice that you're handy. You could also purchase a ready-made laminate counter and build a base for it, install the top and voilĂ ---instant bar! Have fun... :)
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So, my next question is that I'm trying to think of a color to paint the walls. All the other sites I see have large windows and a ton of natural light. I have none of that. Do any of you have any ideas?
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So many options for your ceiling, take time using search engines religiously. So many new textured wall panels available, another option for you. I would first look at all your options on the building end, then think color. Suggested pictures posted are nice ideas to start. I like that first one too.
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I think the first thing you need to decide about is furniture for this space. Whether you're going to purchase new, or If you're going to keep what you have and add slipcovers to update them, the color should be neutral... You can inject color with toss pillows, art, and other accessories... Check Sure Fit for slipcovers--- http://www.surefit.net/shop/categories/sofa-loveseat-and-chair-slipcovers-separate-seat/suede-supreme-separate-seat.cfm?sku=34398

As for walls, you can paint them any color you like. Add plug-in light sconces for subtle light/shadows and ambience... Here are some pics for you... I hope you find this info helpful. Keep us posted and Good Luck!
LIGHTS: http://www.lampsplus.com/products/s_plug-in-sconce/price-range_@@50-@-@@99@@@99/

Basement media room with sectional sofa and giraffe texture carpeting · More Info
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Robyn Jones
Considering how long and narrow your basement is and considering if you want to keep the bar as an entertaining space; I would flip the room direction entirely. I think as far as layout, you may consider placing the projector screen in the middle of room in the location of the projector. This way the room is not cut "short" by placing a sectional or sofa facing the wall (or in front of the entrance). I would place the sectional against the back wall area with the projector against the wall and above the back part of the sofa. This way when only entertaining and not watching movies your guest are facing the full length of the room.
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@Natalie... I like a lot of those look, thanks!

@Robyn.... Holy (expletive)!! I never thought of that!! That might work too!!

I just bought this to go down there. We have a tight turn at the bottom of the stairs, so we can't fit a full length couch down there, but a sectional should fit and provide size.

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