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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Help! I don't know how to arrange this family room!

terrytkbJanuary 5, 2013
We have tried the sofa on the each of the two large walls, and now I'm trying 'floating' the sofa...but not sure about this. Any advice for how to arrange this room? This 1st photo is a view from the kitchen thru the breakfast area to the family room. The entry from the foyer is on the left just before the standing lamp. The french doors to the right lead to the deck, and we use this often to let our dog go outside. The fireplace has windows on each side. Not much wall space and we have a very limited budget! Our furniture is a burgundy leather sofa, and two cream colored leather recliners, the tv and an oval shaped marble coffee table that is a special family piece - the rest can stay or go! Please excuse the clutter as this pic was taken today as we were putting away Christmas and I started trying to re-arrange! I would appreciate any advice on how best to arrange this room. We recently got the flat screen tv on the right, it is currently on an old coffee table but I am hoping to get a console or wall unit for it soon. Would love your ideas...Thanks!
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I think that I would remove your railing if possible. If your chairs swivel I would move your couch to the left wall and put your chairs where the couch is. It will look more open and when you get a cabinet for the TV it will be more balanced.
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First, since it is a new year, why not clear out everything that you said could go? Box it up with a label "Don't need this" and start working with an empty slate. You'll be able to see more potential and take new pics so we can see it too. I agree with removal of the railing and if the floor between is even, start saving to take the flooring from the family room into the kitchen and dining area. You'll need to replace the '80's style pouf valances and the table light fixture, so budget for that. If six people don't eat at the table all the time, consider replacing it with banquette seating in the bay. I can't tell much about the window in the picture, but here is an idea below. Mount TV over the FP and put your sofa on the wall opposite the two loungers. Hang the art above the sofa about 5" above the back of it. I don't think the marble coffee fits with any of your other pieces, but if it is all you have, use it for now. It would look better in a formal living room if you can find a casual piece to use in this room. If you can find a remnant fabric sale you may be able to hang simple panels either side of the windows and French doors. Use stitch witch to make them if you can't sew. Look for a cream and burgundy pattern.
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I totally agree with decoenthusiaste-clear out the space and take a fresh look at the skeleton of the room.Some of the decorative touches-although very homely, create a look of too busy.-I imagine you want to relax in your family room and when its a little to full of stuff it can be less relaxing.I know as I struggle with limiting decorative touches also!The upper quarter of your room, from the ceiling down ,has so much going on with the frill curtains on windows ,the ceiling fan and mantle decorations that the lovely wooden floors are hardly noticed.I think it could look lovely with less.
good luck
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Hi, I have a question. Is there a reason why the tv is on the wall that it is, possibly because of cable connection? You mentioned a wall unit possibly for the tv, I think if you do get a console or wall unit, it would look better on the opposite wall. The other wall looks as if it has more space for housing your tv whether you get a console or wall unit, plus if you get a wall unit, you may be able to make it look built in because of the soffit.
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Remove railing. How about a chair on each side of the fireplace. TV, maybe on the left wall. Too much in the room. Clear out and place furniture and go from there.
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Question please - do you have a living room as well as this family room? If so, do you really need that much seating in your family room? How many people are usually watching TV in this room, and do you watch TV while entertaining others, or can you host visitors in your living room? If there are just two of you who normally use the family room, you could remove the couch and solve your problem. I also think you should remove the railing if possible.
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I would not get a console or wall unit and minimize the furniture in this space. I would place the tv over the fireplace or hang it. Replace valance and window covering with natural woven roman shades. I agree with removing the railing and saving towards matching up the flooring for better flow of the rooms. I think your furnature placement works- more room for recliners on left side.
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Wow, thank you all so much for your ideas! It's really interesting that you all seem to agree we should remove that railing! I never thought of that, but what a great idea! When we have enough money to get the floors done, we will definitely do that. I also like that you all agree I need to make a change to the window treatments-I just hadn't thought of that either I was so focused on where to put the furniture! Thanks for this great idea and you are right, those poufs have been there since 1994- LOL! I really appreciate the various ideas of arranging the room and will try some things and post more pics sometime soon.
Meanwhile, here are some answers to your questions:
raynel-The tv is on that wall because it's the smaller of the two with the french doors next to it, giving us more room for the sofa and chairs on the other side of the room. We once had a tv cabinet in the corner to the left of the fireplace, that's actually where the cable wiring is located. At that time, we had the sofa on the wall where the tv is now, with the recliners floating-facing the fireplace, plus back then there was a computer hutch on the left wall that we have gotten rid of since we just use laptops now.
Maybe should we try the tv in a corner?
I don't want to mount the tv over the fireplace, as it is too high for comfortable viewing. With all the components I would prefer the tv on a piece of furniture to hide the wires. We are not do-it-yourselfers and this house is not prewired for anything! (built in 1987)
jagood-We do not have a living room, this is the room we truly live in and there are usually 2-3 of us here every day, plus more when our older kids or friends visit. We do have a rec room with a tv in the basement, but we've geared that space toward our teenager. We all love the couch and the recliners (especially dear hubby) so I'm going to have to figure a way to work with them in here. For us personally, comfort trumps style every time, but I do have a desire to create as visually appealing a space as I can within my budget and our stubborn desire to have certain pieces stay.
Which brings me back to my appreciation for everyone's ideas here! I can't wait to go searching for window treatments and hope to try some new furniture arrangements today! Thanks again. Will post more pics soon.
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