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need help in designing an addition
Jennifer Hartman
January 5, 2013
This house is only 1000 sq ft including upstairs. We want to add an addition to the west side. Any ideas would be helpful.
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Cute house. Switch the gable roof to run facing left. Add a porch to the front. I personally would offset the addition by setting it back alittle from the front of the house.
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Jennifer Hartman
thank you !! I like that!
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Let the house grow from the inside out. If you do that the exterior will turn out fine. Think of the house not as an object but the result of 100's of relationships and then the sum of all of the parts of the house will be greater then all of those parts taken individually.

For example, if I think of a window as a hole in the wall, that's probably all the window will ever become and it's treated accordingly. But if I think of it as an element that orders the relationship between inside and outside, light and dark, heat and cold, house to street, exterior walls to interior wall, etc. the window then has the potential to become so much more then a mere hole in the wall.

And thinking of a house and the elements that make up a house this way moves one away from moving parts around like Lego pieces on a board to get it "looking right". This often leads to the "doo dad" mentality where the parts are seen as isolated things having no meaning to each other.

I know all this sounds very Zen like but get a local guy/girl who's thinking this way and you'll be ok.
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Wascha Studios
I would add only one comment. I have had many clients who thought that they needed to add on or add on more than they needed. You would be surprised how much space can be regained by better utilizing the rooms you already have. Then, if you need to, you can always still add on. By utilizing the space you already have more efficiently you can potentially save a lot of money and utilize fewer natural resources. It is all about what your needs are now and in the future. - Stephanie
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Jennifer Hartman
I really like the walnut street house above and the drawing cyn222 did for me. The front door will be moved to the new addition part so that most of the old house can be used for bedrooms. THe new part will have an open floor plan with the kitchen, dining and living room existing in it. Unfortunately, the old part of the hosue has no basement and the furnace/water heater are right in the middle of the house. When you only have 600 sq. on lower level, you can imagine how small that makes it all. The existing 2 bedrooms are upstairs and quit small.

So if the front door will be moved to the new addition...i can see the porch being across the front of it rather than where cyn222 put it. I really like the walnut stree picture above tho and how the porch is built.
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One of my favorite Greek Revival homes on houzz.

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You didn't say where you are but this architect is N Y , N J. area.

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Jennifer Hartman
We are in Iowa
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Tri-County Lumber
We are located in Jefferson, IA. If you are within our vicinity I'd be glad to help out. Here is a rendering of an addition/remodel I am currently working on:
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The Color People
Cyn222 has the right idea but I think if you the other direction you can save the evergreen tree. The porch is going to make a major difference. It will make the house feel open and convivial. I would make it run the whole width of the front and be more Victorian-esque than greek revival. Not with brackets and spandrels and turned posts but more simplified. Square posts and spindles. Round Greek columns do not fit the house.
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I think you have the right idea with the new porch and addition on one side. I think that's were I'd start. The 4 Houzz links one person provided most certainly gives food for thought.
Your house is charming and has lots of potential. Don't forget some landscaping for curb appeal.
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If you are wanting the inside to have a more contemporary look or want your door ways and windows to have a clean line / flush finish look you could check out www.ezyjamb.com
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I love the farmhouse plans. We are currently trying to find plans for our old farmhouse.
Do you happen to have inside photos of that house or plans?
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HI -- It is very hard to ADD onto an old house . Consider biulding a new structure beside and then connect the two with a hall way of sorts . The end result is much better when done that way. Examples of such can be found if searched ,and on Houzz also.A talented Arcitect would be able to work that out with you.
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