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Ideas for basement ideas

chelseabeagleJanuary 6, 2013
My hubby and I built our home this summer. We had sub-trades build everything up to and including the drywall phase - afterwards we took over.

My hubby and I don't have any kids (yet), we don't have cable, or entertain, other than family and friends. We already have a small tv room on the second floor. And we have this massive full basement - what can we turn it into??
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Just leave it until you figure out what you want to use it for. Pool table? Weaving or quilting or craft room? Game room for teen-agers? Wine cellar?
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How about a rental? Kitchen, bedroom and living area might pay 1/3 of your mortgage or more. Then when you have kids, a nanny's apartment or grandparents second home. When they get old and yet are not ready for a nursing facility, they can move in full-time. When you get old, and they are gone, move into the basement and rent the upstairs, cause there won't be any Social Security or other money to live on then!
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Carolyn Albert-Kincl, ASID
I, too, was going to suggest a rental, for all the brilliant reasons stated by deco above. Otherwise, it would make a lovely office space for one or both of you if you decide to work from home.
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Cancork Floor Inc.
The question is really what CAN'T you turn it into? You are quite right. It is massive. I would rough it in with some basics - drywall and plumbing. For now, you can make it storage with the idea that some time in the future you can "make" it into something else.

You never know if you need to house a parent/family for a long stretch. If you need a renter or what have you, a basic kitchen set-up/rough-in with a bath rough-in would go a long way in the future.
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I like the rental or "guest house" idea. But I would also make a double door large storage room for Christmas and other decor or furniture not using, but don't want to get rid of yet. And, a place for a "gift wrap station" like in department stores. Or, a wine cellar portion. I'm envious of your storage space!
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Finish the basement and maybe add a sectional couch to take up some space and add a nice rug and a tv then fill in the space with some canvases and some built in shelves
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I might turn upper bedrooms into a space for my mom,dad, or grandma. So, they wont be alone or in a nursing home.Really think about it because the state takes all what they own away and they still get social security and their pensions. That money can help you all with your mortage or utilities.Whats better than to take care of them up, until the end. Plus your job will pay you to stay home if they need 24/7 homehealth care under the family medical leave act.They might have problems getting up and down stairs. So then you and your husband can turn basement into a central reckroom/movie zone for you all to have parties etc.and a bedroom off to the side.Thats exactly what I would do.
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We live in Canada where we have free medical care and seniors get free prescription drugs. Besides our septic design cannot allow for a rental in the basement. Maybe we'll turn it into a bowling alley!
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Bowling alley is a good idea! Get some roller skates and make it a roller rink! Install a mirrored disco ball too!
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Jayme H.
Yeah, wouldn't plan your home on the notion of rentals and/or becoming an assisted living facility...Additional bathrooms are a plus...additional bedrooms as well..egress windows needed. Plan for your future and ask others who u know and trust..what they like or don't ...in re:their homes and situations. We are a family and have kids and a basement that is more chopped up than necessary.. too many small rooms are a pain. A nice area for t.v., etc. is great, and additional bath, and bedroom or two if able will be great for resale!
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It's hard to tell from the pictures...is there any chance of turning some of it into a garage (or 3?)

Storage for bulky things like holiday decorations and suitcases.

Giant model railroad.

If your interest is in any sort of DIY with decor, this is an excellent place for refinishing or painting furniture, doing woodwork, etc. I would choose a spot near one of the windows and add a good exhaust system.

How about a gym or meditation room? Build a self-contained sauna.

If you plan to have children someday, leave plenty of room to customize for their future interests.
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I saw an add on youtube about an pump that you can attach to a toilet so that you can have your toilet below your sewer. So, if you really wanted to, you could probably but a full bathroom down there.

I take it that the basement is below the floor in the contraction photo. Where are the internal stairs? Is there direct access from outside?

Congrats on the house. Is hubby the handsome one in the cowboy hat?
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It'll never be used as assisted living or a rental. Why, because there's only one exit, there's no window wells, plumbing and the zoning doesn't allow for it.

I like the idea of an area for refinishing furniture and a model train set, maybe even a dumb waiter to the kitchen from a pantry, where we can can our veggies in the summer.

Yes, that's my hubby - but no to the cowboy hat, LOL, it's a Tilley hat - looks like one though.
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Maria Deschamps Design
A basement is a perfect place to build a dedicated home theatre! you will not regret it! If your space is still unfinished, it's perfect to be able to add sound proofing in the ceiling and walls. If you choose to use a projector find an area that has the LEAST amount of windows and determine what size you can sacrifice - the BIGGER the BETTER!

I specialise in custom home theatres and my clients appreciate the ability to be able to entertain themselves in their own home by having a room to escape too!

The bamboo "blue" theatre shown here was designed for a young couple with no children.

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Maria Deschamps Design
there was an error in uploading two photos of the same image - take a look at other home theatres on my page!
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You need to use that basement for air rifle or even archery. Actually, I have just realised, you are the only person on earth who has too much space at home. Years from now, I will remember you.
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Yes, my hubby wanted a full basement -
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You could store food and water barrels and become a Doomsday Prepper!. :)
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Darzy - Ha, that's the best idea yet! Lol ....
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We did our new, huge basement a little at a time, because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. First, we did a full bathroom. Not high end like the ones upstairs, but nice porcelain, Kohler sink and john, and a fiberglass one piece tub/shower. . Then we continued the porcelain out into the next area that became the pool table room. The next room, we carpeted, lined a wall with Ikea cabinets and a beverage fridge, added a round table, six chairs and a chandy over that. Right now that is where my husband has his poker games. I have a great gift wrapping spot, and if I were crafty (did not get that gene), it would be perfect for that also. We left a lot of actual cellar for storage.

It took us a couple of years to finish it, but it was good we took our time. My husband is retired and it is important to me that he socialize and have friends in from time to time.

As you live in your house awhile, you will suddenly realize you could have different spaces, especially if you have babies who suddenly become teenagers. :>)

So, if you two like to bowl, go for it!
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