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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

What to do with this ugly fireplace?

suzdahlJanuary 6, 2013
It's a rental so i can't change the tile, the mantle, or the fireplace glass doors. I put the palm frond and white vase on the mantle since it's a beach home but what to do with everything below the mantle????
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Could you put grasscloth where the orange is? You can attach it temporarily. That would look beachy more than the palm and pot. Then load the mantel with beach items and decor.You might be able to attach a whale to the upper part over the grasscloth.

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I didn't show in the photo but there is a large silk screen framed art work that I found for $20.00 of a woman sitting on the beach with her back to the viewer in a bathing suit with an umbrella over her!
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Would adding grasscloth behind the palms and pot be too much? I'm more concerned with what to do below the mantle! The white tile is ugly and so it the glass doors to the fireplace!
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What about putting rock and a larger mantle?
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Jayme H.
Like the grass cloth idea. And then I woulcould just rest on the mantle), put a large piece of art, or interesting mirror, prob. a vertical one that went up as far as the pic u have there now.(..overlapping the art with that trimmed in area could add a layer of interest...but the melon should go or be covered. Also..with a tall vertical piece, place an object on either side of it, resting on mantle.
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Kevin Retired Decorator
A large tall mirror the near the width of the mantel and leaning on the mantel would cover up the top peach area and trim. Then add accessories & palms in front on either side of the mirror to hide anything else exposed maybe adding some sea shells with the white vase. Below I would get a solid wood decorative screen that could be used when the fire is not lit. A few toss pillows on the floor leaning up on the hearth base would cover the peach up and add a vine plant & some baskets across the rest of it. Add some nice fireplace tools and I think then you would notice the accessories and cover a lot of the dated colors & tile,screen. You could also build a complete false front with mantel etc to cover the whole entire fireplace. There are also removable decals that could change the look of the tiles. Any paper or wall paper could be attached with 2 sided tape on the wall to cover the peach up. Even thumb tacks used in a decorative pattern could work to. Ask the landlord if you could repaint the fireplace wall and remove all the moldings & patch the holes 1st. there are fire proof heart rugs that could cover up the tile some too. Just a few different ideas. Kevin, a retired Designer & Buyer
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I would head to marshals/ home goods purchase some inexpensive accessories. A highly contrasting color such as shades of turquoise would look great with the coral!! I would put a very tall ceramic vase/urn on the hearth to the left and instead of the beach grass i would fill the vase with high quality artificial fern fronds or curly or straight willow sticks- use a rounded or hourglass shape because all the current lines are straight and squared. any curves you add will soften the lines and warm it up. above the mantel It looks like the framed picture might be too small in scale( unless it is tall rectangular rather than square) and again, it adds more square lines. I would get a large round mirror with a white frame. hang it so the bottom of the mirror is a hand span (thumb at mantel, pinky at mirror). without knowing what the furniture looks like colors/style its difficult to make suggestions….. for the mantle, i would remove the palms and white vase.its cute but color is what is needed. as a general rule, anything you put on mantel should vary in height and be either shorter or higher than top of trim to break up that sight line. so to be general: add curves and color. go big and tall on the vase and ferns/sticks on the hearth it will break up the white and people won't be noticing the brass and glass FP cover. their eyes will be drawn to everything else. glass hurricanes are cheap at michaels buy several all different shapes and sizes. fill with sea glass or clean sand and add pillar candles. just some ideas. having a blank slate is the best case scenario! have fun.
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It's a rental - that means it's not going to annoy you forever.

Do you use the fireplace?

If you do not, cover it with something - make a bookcase that fits the space, use it for a TV stand ... something!

If you use it, cover the orange sections with paper or fabric or something - hold it on with double-faced tape.
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I'd love to do the book case thing because the fireplace doesn't even work, but it's more money than I want to spend on a place that I'm only living in for 3 months! I'm looking for CHEAP solutions! I think the paper or fabric idea is great! I will check out the sale wallpapers! I will go to some thrift stores for a cheap giant curvy vase and Micheals for some curly willow sticks. I will take down the beach lady silk screen art and put it on a smaller wall.

I may even ask the homeowner if he would allow me to paint a different color in the melon rectangular areas. If he says okay, what color should I paint it?

I like the idea of a solid wood decorative screen ...... not sure where to find one ....any ideas?
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A lot of great ideas. Wished mine was this easy LOL
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I would use poster board that is covered in material or other medium (wallpaper, artwork, contact paper, thin metal sheeting) and use the removable command3 or some like that to cover the areas you do not like. Or for that matter you could use the vinyl tiles on the poster board and cut to size too! Good luck!
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If you're only living there for 3 months... I would be inclined to think that its not worth the effort of really worrying about it. I know you are going for cheap solutions but do you really want more decor "stuff" that you have to deal with when you leave? Maybe a couple woven baskets or something but your palm fronds really do represent the best kind of solution. Enjoy your beach house!

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This was a post from 2 years ago!
Those 3 months have come and gone a long time ago!
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Lol... Ok then... Thanks drdeb
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