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Just Ordered Sam Moore Sectional and Floral Pillows - What Other Pillows Can Go
eldemilaJanuary 7, 2013
I have a hard time knowing what to put with what, and visualizing it as well.

I ordered a Sam Moore sectional with a RAF & LAF loveseat with a curved wedge. The fabric choice is called Butter and is a color similar to jute in my opinion. I didn't see any fabrics I liked for the pillows, though I probably should have just found something or kept them all the same color as the couch, but ended up pulling a floral pattern from another companies line and they'll send it off to SM to make 3 of the 6 pillows from that fabric. The other 3 will be the couch fabric.

Can anyone make any suggestions on what other type of pattern would go well with the floral pillows? I'm so bad in knowing what goes with what, other than a solid. The fabric is more vibrant and has more of a sheen than the picture shows up.

This is going in to a den with a multi color brick fireplace, off white wall and off white tile floor. Not sure what I'll do about window coverings, or area rug. It was enough for me to FINALLY order another couch!

TIA for any help!!
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Interiors International, Inc.
Solids, floral patterns, stripes, textures and geometric patterns all work together so you have lots to choose from. Just make sure colors match or coordinate together. .
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Agree with post above as far as fabric for pillows, but if you are ready I would select your rug first and take inspiration from it. It may also help you decide on draperies or other window treatments. A picture of your fireplace would help along with a layout of the room and which way the windows face. I'm sure others will chime in once you've provided that info.
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Julie Thome Draperies, Inc.
Animal print (leopard or tiger), faux fur, or kilim would look awesome.
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I'll try to round some images of the room up tomorrow. I was on the PB website and saw this link with a semi-floral type pillow on a similar color sofa. I like the cable knit looking pillow idea. What I like even more...pillow covers! Why I never thought about them being available and just buying them to cover existing pillows vs buying pillows the same size, I'll never know. Sure will save a lot of space when you want to swap out your pillows and have to find a place to put them!

I saw a rug that has similar colors as the floral pillows I'm getting that's all circles?
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
You will LOVE your Sam Moore furniture. I bought a 10' long sectional last year and we are in bliss! The most comfortable thing I've ever sat on! You don't know what you're missing until you finally get it, and now I have it! :)

I like your floral, and I agree you should be looking for a rug next. If you're stumped, then get some nice solid colour fabric in a texture. That will look nice and simple.
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Aja Mazin
Doris Leslie Blau carries extremely fine rugs.

I think your sofa deserves a monochromatic textured silk rug. http://www.dorisleslieblau.com/?section=products&params[cat_id]=rugs-in-stock&params[ignore_limit]=1&&params[SORTBYTABLE]=&params[SORTBY]=&params[SORTDIR]=
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Thanks for all the replies and suggestions thus far, I truly appreciate you taking the time to help : )

Note to Cynthia - THANK YOU! I was a little worried, not having ever heard of SM before. I saw part of the sofa at one store and liked how it felt. I went to another place that had SM and others. The sales girl took me to see a Sheril and a few others, none were as comfortable as the SM. The cushions were firmer on others, and the seat width and/or depth was smaller. I feel like I'm constricted with a smaller cushion. Plus I lay on my den couch and my butt falls before/after the break of the cushion whichever way I may lie. Which sectional did you get? This is the Riley with the Rita wedge,

The only thing that I thought may concern me was the sound of the bag that holds the back cushion in place makes notice when you squeeze it.

Have you seen your cushion density go down at all? When you ordered yours did it come faste than they said it would? Thanks for any added info, would appreciate it,

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Okay, I went back to the furniture store yesterday. I changed the one fabric of the 3 pillows to an upholstery that's not the same as the couch. Glad I did, THINK it will be better. It gives it the "POP" I was looking for. It also confirmed that I like the pillow fabric even more. It appears you have to put your curser over the picture to get the full size of the pic.
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
Mine's the Margo, eldemila. I don't really understand what you mean about the sound of the bag that holds the back cushion? My cushions are separate and I can fluff them up and switch them around regularly. Time of delivery depends so much on how busy they are. They've just had the Christmas shutdown so orders didn't get made for a couple of weeks. They did provide mine when they said they would when I ordered, so I think you can be pretty much assured that they'll come through for you.

Did they order the clips that hold the sections together? I think you had to ask for them specifically. Then the store where you got them should install the clips or have their delivery service install the clips before it goes to your home. Then it's a simple matter for you to show them where you want the furniture and they'll clip it all together securely for you.

My sofa cushions are wearing just fine. Mine are a down and feather wrap around a foam seat cushion and the backs are all down and feather. They squish down (like they're supposed to!) and then I fluff them up and they look like new. My Sam Moore sectional is the most comfortable thing I've ever sat on. I just love it.

I'm glad you're "punching up" the colour with your cushions. This should make a nice statement in your room. Down the road, you'll be able to recover your accent cushions for a whole new look. Your sofa colour is very versatile.

It's nice to hear how happy you are! :)

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Thanks for the feedback Cynthia!!!!
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