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New couch

newyorkgirlJanuary 9, 2013
What should I do with this couch?
Keep couch, new pillows
Chocolate brown, new couch
Get someone to come over and fix couch
Black leather, new couch
Black fabric, new couch
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What is wrong with it and what would you LIKE to do with it. Is the leather too worn? Is it still comfortable? Do you want to change the colour? I'm asking because if you put something so vague on here you will get all sorts of replies that may not be anything like what you want/like/or can afford. It is also helpful to know what the rest of the room looks like.
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I can't fix the couch, so I need to buy a new one, I don't really have a budget though. But it needs to be like a chocolate color or a black. I want fabric or leather
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PS: I can't replace cushions, because they are attached to couch
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Not sure what you mean when you say 'fix' but if there are structural problems with it then I would not waste money on it. Have you looked online for something second hand? From what I read there are a lot of bargains to be had over there, unlike here where there is just no market for second hand furniture. Slip covers can be purchased fairly cheaply also, so if you found a good buy but the colour was wrong you could refresh it with them.
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Scott's Creative Home
Go out shopping and look for your options. You might also try second hand stores and Craigslist, but always have one or two friends with you if you decide to look at anything in person on Craigslist. Once you know what is out there and the approximate price you will need to spend, save your money until you can make a purchase.
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I don't think we want second hands, but maybe I should look for options online
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Good luck, unfortunately there is no cheap way out of these things. It is a case of

1 making do till you can afford what you want
2 looking second hand
3 hope a family member might have something they don't want
4 maxing out the credit card??? tee hee.

Many years ago when I first got married, our priorities then were getting a home - a roof over our heads we could call our own. Then we worried about furniture, bought the essentials second hand and saved till we could afford to buy the things we wanted. Credit cards didn't exist in those days. When friends visited or we visited friends we all took our own folding chairs and dinners were picnics in the middle of a bare dining room floor. When we look back, those were the best days, we had fun and enjoyed each other's company without any other distractions. Improvising is a challenge and can be a lot of fun.
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olldroo, you mean you didn't even have a "dining table" (ie, ironing board)????? Somehow I had an ironing board, and no iron.

Some of the best parties were "bring your own meat" cookouts, where the host would provide beverages and a grill. Our "rich" friends also provided paper plates.

Good times :)
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HI -- I say wait and save for a new sofa. You can't really put a slipcover on leather sofas , so don't waste money on that . One thing you could do while you are saving for a new sofa is put a soft washable area carpet just on the seat area . Rug is great for this , only thing is you will end up adjusting it everytime the sofa is sat on. I was wondering why the sofa can only be a chocolate or black color .
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Wow, orangecamera where were you all those years ago (don't put numbers on them anymore). I did get an ironing board as a wedding present but never thought of it for that. We didn't even have anywhere for a cookout but we had a rule that no one was to do anything fancier than spag bol or soup and toasted sandwiches. The best part about empty rooms too was that a game of Monopoly could go for months, we just left it set out on the floor and closed the door till next time.

Also, when someone did buy a piece of furniture it was a great excuse for a celebration - no green eyes in those days.
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You say it's scratched up. Is it actually ripped or just worn and scratched?
If it's just scratched or worn (not ripped or deeply scratched), perhaps a consultant at a good furniture store could advise you on how to renew the leather (if possible) or tell you about a service someone else could perform on it.

Without seeing a good, bright picture of the couch or the room it's in, it's hard to recommend a color and fabric Black and brown are not interchangeable.
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AMN thanks for cross referencing the two posts, it was getting rather confusing there.
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Olldroo, this talk of "the early years" was just the smack-on-the-back-of-the-head I needed to help me keep perspective as I'm getting ready to move next week. Thank you.
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