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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Need outside paint

Jeff NafeJanuary 9, 2013
We are likely about to buy a Tudor house. We love the house, but not some of the coloring, primarily the brown trim on the outside. We think if we repainted the cream/milk chocolate brown on the front of the house, it could look a lot better, but we're not sure how we should do it.

Any suggestions from those smarter/more creative then us? Any examples of photos would be even more appreciated. We have found some potentials online, but not set on anything yet.

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Jeff Nafe
In addition, I had the thought that doing something with the windows (including the inside blinds) could enhance the curb appeal, but again, I'm not sure what that would be.
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I'm a big fan of lower contrast color schemes on tudors. I think they make them look just a bit more subtle, while respecting the historic style. A few examples:
Ellen Grasso Inc · More Info

English Tudor · More Info

Renovation of c. 1898 Stable · More Info
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Nancy Hehmann
I would opt for same light color and a darker brown. Also I found an article on HOUZZ you might want to read about the Tudor style in American Architecture. I will post a link below. Just click on it.

Ideabook: American Architecture: The Elements of Tudor Style · See Ideabook

I also have a photography shop on Etsy.com with photography of "half timbered houses" in Alsace and Strasbourg France. You might want to look at those as well. My shop is nancyhehmann - just input that in the search engine. I have posted the link to the beautiful home in Strasbourg. You can just click on the link below; it will take you to the photography in my shop. You can browse and find the homes in Betchdorf Alsace France.


I hope I have been of help to you.
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Kathryn Peltier Design
Don't paint the whole thing brown: you will lose the detail on the house and make it look flat. What I think you are looking for is less contrast. So, pick whatever color you like and select two shades just a few shades apart - the darker for the trim, the lighter for the body of the house. The easiest way to do this would be to just paint the light areas a bit darker and keep the trim color. However, if you don't like the trim at all, you might want to consider a color. Since the brick and roof are very brown, you could consider either an olive green or a gray-green (this would be pretty leaving the lighter color alone and painting the trim only). The photos are just some examples of (mostly) Tudors with less contrast.
Simplifying in the Suburbs · More Info

Addition · More Info

Oakley Home Builders · More Info

Summer's Garden · More Info

Ellen Grasso Inc · More Info

exterior'>Traditional Exterior · More Info
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Jeff Nafe
Thanks for the great ideas so far?

We were also wondering how it would look if we put shake in the "tudor area" instead of what's there? I'm not sure how that would look or what color it should be? Any thoughts?
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Kathryn Peltier Design
Hmmm, I've never seen that, Jeff. I don't think it would look right - most Tudor homes were stucco. This might be too much brick, but you might take a look at doing brick veneer in a lighter color in a herringbone pattern a la the above photo on the right. I'm sure it would be pricey, though. You could just do the portion over the entry though and paint the other. Many tudors had 3 different exterior materials: stucco, stone and brick, although I don't know that i've seen one with two different colors of brick. Hmm...

I read back and see that you mentioned the windows, I think that if you changed your trim color to that dark green-gray it would look completely different. You have the copper over the bay window and it would kind of repeat that verdigris copper color. You have a lot of nice detail on this house but it's all brown, including the roof, which just camouflages it. I do think the white blinds are too stark. A darker cream color would look much better. Some blinds can be lined - it depends on what kind they are. That isn't something I would worry about a lot, though.

The other thing I think is rather jarring is the color of the front door surround. This should match the rest of the trim; it will look much richer that way. What is your front door? Wood tone? Paint? If it's painted, I would consider a nice accent color. Or , if you go with a color on the trim, maybe a darker version of the "stucco" color would help it stand out. I would replace the light fixtures on the front porch with much larger ones, perhaps some beautiful ones in copper. One more thing which would give you some extra character at the front door would be to add some brackets/corbels under the overhang,
Eclectic Modern Tudor Exterior · More Info

Lake Geneva Vacation House #3 · More Info

Lake County Builders · More Info

Oh, I just found this photo of a house with gray trim - very nice!
Windsor Companies · More Info

I can't see your chimney but you could add chimney pots.

You need landscaping but maybe you've just replaced it? One more thing I think you could do for more wow is to move your pots off the porch but put them up on bases to match the height of the porch. It would look really nice to match the brick and put a nice limestone cap on them. Personally, although those pots are nice, I think they could be even larger and again, either a gray, black, verdigris or copper color would stand out more.

It's a beautiful house - I'm just nitpicking the details because you asked :-)
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Kathryn Peltier Design
Some possible lighting styles:



http://www.lampsplus.com/products/kirkwood-tannery-bronze-21-inch-high-outdoor-wall-light__m6223.html (Note: I really like this one!)
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The Virtual Designer- Kitchens & Bathrooms
Hi there- I like Kathryns suggestions above (in fact all the suggestions and photos above) but if you didn't want to go to too much trouble just at the moment and re-paint the all the trims as well as the panel/stucco area, I'd suggest you paint just the off white panel a grey-green colour or a storm grey colour with just a hint of violet to it. That might buy you a bit of curb-side glam until you make up your mind what you'd like to do long-term.
I live in Australia but have the Benjamin Moore colours on my design program and from these I would suggest you look at 'Dry Sage' 'Stonecutter' or 'Old Salem Gray'. When I try to choose colours for customers, I paint samples on a large sheet of MDF board which is approx.1200mm x 600mm x3mm. You could paint a retangular sheet the same size as the one just above your door and temporarily adhere it to the stucco board and see how you like it.
Let us know how it looks when you're finished.
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Cat Rowe
Tan stucco with stone trim. First photo by Feeny is spot onM
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This is a favorite color palette for a Tudor:
Exterior · More Info
. If you don't want to go black, go the darkest of brown, green or whatever color. Here is another combination you could do a variation of (the darkest of green):
New House - Wayne, PA · More Info
. You can see that there is a history of painting authentic sytyle homes with black:
Buildings · More Info
. Even in the states:
Chicago Residence Exterior · More Info
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