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10000 dollars to spend

mjet04January 9, 2013
i got a bonus this year for my job. should i redo my kitchen and appliances or build an awesome mancave?
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Nancy Hehmann
I would get granite countertops if you can! Shop around though and get recommendations. Big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes also carry it as well as specialty stores. They are awesome! Also, any money you spend on a kitchen is supposed to greatly enhance the resale value if you ever sell. Have fun! Cabinet hardware looks great too.
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My real first thoughts: Use it to pay down your mortgage or other debt. Or, put it in the bank. Don't be in a hurry to spend the money. When I got bonuses, I always banked them for a year before spending. It's nice to have that peace of mind that the money is there for emergencies. Most of the time, after a year, the thrill had worn off and I wound up just saving the money to put toward my next house or whatever.

I'll take off my "parent" hat now, and answer your question. :)

$10,000 may not go as far as you think with a kitchen remodel. Your kitchen looks nice from what I see in the picture. The only thing I would change is the counter - and that's because personally I don't like tile counters. And a different window treatment would update everything pretty inexpensively. Unless there's a real reason to redo the whole kitchen, I think it would be a waste. So use some of the money for updates in the kitchen that you really need/want, but don't do it just for the sake of doing it.

Use some of the leftover money for your "awesome mancave". Again, don't go overboard, but do the things that will give you a real bang for your buck.

And bank the rest. (Sorry, couldn't resist! LOL) :)
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Kitchen remodel is the best plan. Granite could be almost half that amount but worth it for resale. So shop around. Reface the cabinets! That pickled oak is very outdated. On that budget you will need to keep your appliances. Put in a cool backsplash and you have a classy kitchen that will increase your home value.
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LM Designers
Your kitchen looks really nice as is. I don't mind the tile counter top as much as some others but if you want to change something I would just do the counter top in granite.
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granite and hardware for the cabinets
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This looks like a BRAND NEW kitchen - and not unattractive to boot. The only thing this kitchen lacks is individuality. If you want to lavish ten grand more on it, don't use it to replace anything. Add something new - especially something that stimulates your local economy! Hire a talented local artist to paint a mural, a carpenter to make a unique stool...
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Just some minor updates for this kitchen would be my first investment after receiving the bonus.
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i'm going to echo the 'save it!" comment. be smart about your debt and other money.

that being said - you might see better equity return with the kitchen reno. Updated appliances, granite counters (personally i HATE tile counters), wall color and window treatment will make that kitchen look entirely different. =)

a mancave is tempting...but if you're anything like my husband... you might as well put all that fun stuff in the living room anyway. wives like awesome tvs and speakers too! =)
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If the appliances are in really good shape keep them. Get a granite countertop with some black in it to warm up the space and tie into the appliances. To polish off the upper cabinets add some wrought iron handles and replace the ruffle valance over the window.
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Lorene Frank Farrior
Your kitchen is fine....go for the man cave! Maybe buy a few new accessories for the kitchen to update. Change out the valance, paint or tile the backsplash. Unless you will be selling soon the kitchen can wait. Besides, once you start looking at ideas for a kitchen, you'll want to spend more than $10K. Buy a leather Stressless, flat screen, a pool table, darts, card table and an interesting piece of furniture for a bar and goodies. Start with the leather chair and work around it. You can find a used pool table and have the felt changed to match the room ($500). Use a flat pile commercial grade carpet for easy clean up.
My house has a man cave. It is 10 shades of white and he picked out a Porsche Red Stressless. It looks like a showroom and he loves it. It contains all his exercise equipment, golf clubs, road bike and of course a flat screen.
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Ummm, this is easy===MAN CAVE!
Shop IKEA for inexpensive pieces/units and add a little kitchen area-micro, sink, bar... Once finished, sit back, put your feet up, and have a cold brew. Life is too short-enjoy yourself and spend it on something that makes you happy---and I'm certain the rest of the family will love it as well. Have fun and Good Luck!
Living Space, Kitchen & Entry · More Info
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HI -- Well, if you have to spend it , then the money is better invested into the kitchen . That adds the greater value on the house . Like said before - up grade the counters and so on and banking the rest ,maybe into a house repair fund is the best thing to do. BUT , take your time and plan and think about things before diving in. And that's the mother in me too. I also don't understand using tile on counter tops . Seems to be an American way of doing counters .
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I agree with banking it for a year to decide and the "free" money will increase about $500 (assuming a mortgage interest rate of %5). $500 a year is the equivalent to a free gym membership a year. Or, banking the money permanently will end your mortgage amortization period more than a year earlier (with $600-700/month payments). Otherwise, I say kitchen. updated window treatment and new counter top.
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Jayme H.
Minor kitchen updates/save the rest unless u r wealthy and it doesn't matter. If u have any higher interest debt, I would whittle on that too.
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Don't do either. Save it for a rainy day or your retirement.
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Get a natural stone countertop, Silestone quartz, granite, soapstone. Then pay off high interest debt. If you have no debt, go to Hawaii and make a lot of memories. :) Try a quartz called "galaxy". It will complement the appliances and your wood floor and cabinets.
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If you have any debt, pay it off. Not as fun as a new kitchen, but I'm sort of anti-debt.
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Diane Mazefsky
I agree- re-face the cabinets and change the countertop to one of the stones or silestone. That will take the whole thing, probably, but the lay-out is already good. These two things will make it look like a new kitchen. I am sick to death of granite, but many people love it. There are many alternatives to granite- marble, quartzite, siletone, concrete.
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Agree mazefskydp about the love affair with "granite"...I chose a silestone quartz and people asked WHAT? You didnt get granite? I'm glad I got the quartz. No maintenance, indestructible and not as "busy" a pattern.
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I'm "assuming" (hopeful) that the homeowner hasn't any debt and that is why this poll was created---either kitchen or man cave---still favor the man cave-oh and Darzy's recommendation-Silestone is very nice. :) CheerS!
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Granite Grannies
I voted for mancave, but I'll add that you should update those countertops. The rest of the kitchen looks great! But the tile countertops have got to go. Spend 3-4K on the counters....get something really cool, then the rest on a man cave...... maybe like this one? Jk I think this is a bit out of the 7K range, but still cool.
Golden Thunder Granite in Basement Bar & Entertainment Room · More Info
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I'd add quartz or granite countertops, and a great backsplash. Green tones on granite counters are the least expensive, and go with almost any color scheme, since it is the 'color or nature'. Try Ubatuba, or Peacock Green to go with those cabinets. Add individuality with the backsplash. Change out the hardware for an inexpensive redo.
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Unless there's something really wrong with the kitchen, then ....MANCAVE (or Estrogen Bunker, if you prefer). Really awesome ("comfortable," and "inviting" in my book) does not have to cost $10,000 right out of the box either. Get your basics in place (good t.v., comfortable seating, climate control) and let the awesomeness evolve naturally as you use and enjoy the space.
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Man cave, definitely. But also leave a little aside for some handles and nobs for your kitchen cabinetry.
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the house is payed off. it was my parents but i got it in their will
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Man Cave---Man Cave---Man Cave
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You could get a new counter..and a man cave. : )
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How much do you enjoy cooking????
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Mary McFarland
I would update all the appliances to stainless. Second on my list would be to redo the counters but the tile seems to go well with the cabinets.
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Update Update update the kitchen
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although man caves are nice I would prefer the kitchen
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