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Living Room in general
January 9, 2013
Hello! I suck at decorating and would LOVE advice in how to make my living room cozy and actually want to be in there. Any advice will help, willing to buy new furniture or anything....ty!
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I like it!
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Thank you!...just want to make it feel more hommy..put together
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Is there anything in the room that you do like? A color? The style of the tables?
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You have great pieces to work with... don't think you need new furniture. I think part of the problem is furniture placement. It's hard to say without a floor plan, but I would consider moving the couch to the wall that has the 2 chairs and put the two chairs on an angle on either side of the fireplace. I'd place the sofa away from the wall with a sofa table behind it to add some depth. The lamps can go on the sofa table. An patterned area rug with the colours of your cushions would pull the room together. I think you also need a coffee table. One option might be to see how your end tables sitting side by side might look as a coffee table... or you can use them elsewhere? I'd also go to a deeper paint colour. Right now, your floors walls and soft furniture are all of the same saturation. If you went a bit darker on the walls, it would make your furniture stand out. I'm thinking of mossy green.
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I like the color of the walls and the carpet (although in the pic they look pink, it's more of a beige) Thinking maybe going for a sectional, bigger pillows? Maybe a table in the middle...I dunno
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consider switching the chairs and sofa with the sofa facing the fireplace and the two chairs on the wall where the sofa is now with one of the lamp tables between the chairs. Add a colorful rug (colors from your art work) in front of the sofa with a narrow coffee table. Add drapery panels on the windows hung ceiling to floor.do you have other lamps that are shorter with a more substantial base? Can you find a way to hide all of the tv wires? beautiful ceiling and nice furniture.
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Although mossy green will look fantastic in there
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Yes, I agree that mossy green on the walls would look good. Right now you have neutral wall accents (except for orange pic on left), neutral couch and rug. There is really nothing to make it pop ... that is why you are not feeling like it is decorated. I like all Chandani suggestions but if you don't want to paint then I would suggest an area rug to bring a little color in, pillows in colors pulled from the rug, and art work that goes with those colors. If you don't paint, you should swap out the wall art over the couch for something else. Also, keep in mind that art work should be hung so that the center of the item is about 60" up from the floor. The orang pic on the left is too high.
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Attach is the layout, unfortunately the walkway from the mudroom into the house is behind the two chairs. How about moving the tv from atop of the fireplace to the wall behind the sofa?
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Everyone THANK YOU so much I really appreciate all the advice =D
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I don't have other lamps but am definitively willing to buy them, and anything else that would make the room feel like a family room.
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Another idea is to paint the ceiling... a coffered ceiling looks great painted and adds some punch.

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Where did you get the little eiffel tower magazine holder? And have you looked into any solution for hiding TV cords that are running off the side of the mantel ? (I have the same problem -- so just curious!)
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I got it at TJ Maxx...those cords are the worst, haven't figured it out as of yet
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Donna Talley
How about a tall plant, maybe a palm, beside the fireplace to hide the cords? And a large area rug will add some color and personality.
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You great furniture! All you need is a hint of color ( any you like, we are into Orange at the Moment;-)) ) and an area rug that ties together your seating area! I like the grey of your furniture very much. Greatings from Switzerland!
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So many interesting ideas! I would agree that you need to get the seating away from the walls. Think of a cozy conversation with friends! A conversation setting of furniture with the fireplace to the side would be my choice. A coffee table or big leather ottoman that has cushions that flip to trays in between. Do you love that Orange artwork? If so build your colour scheme around it. Alternately buy a larger artwork that you love and place it on that big wall or above your mantle.
Then build your colours around that. This is a lovely sized room and the neutrals you have in it will make it easy for you to build in what ever colour scheme you want!
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