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Window treatment ideas?

mfleischerJanuary 9, 2013
We are buying this house and the master bedroom has 3 windows that are 5 above the flour. How would you treat these windows or would you hide them?
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Blinds Direct Canada
If you not looking for complete black out i would recommend white shutters. I would do whats called a unisplit which gives you the option of clothing the bottom for privacy and leaving the top open for light.
If your looking for complete blackout then i would defiatley suggest going with a room darkening cellular shade.


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Mona Ives
I'd keep the blinds and put in drapery panels in a nice fabric. Maybe a light blue/grey linen or a color you like - maybe a print? Perhaps do a wood rod over top all three walls with mitering in the corners. I think that would look nice. If you would like the windows to look longer, have custom shades made, top-down style, outside mounted to your windows. Have them come down past the bottom sill of the window so the windows appear significantly larger. Then only open them from the top so light is let in, but the illusion is such that the windows are taller. You could do this as well as layer on drapes depending on your budget.
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Julie Thome Draperies, Inc.
I would be doing roman shades. The size/shape/placement of the windows is not really suited to panels. IMHO.
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Art & Interiors by Lisa
I would put drapery panels on the window above the bed and the big side window. Hang them high on the wall just below the moulding and have them come all the way down to the floor. They can act as a frame or headboard for the bed. Adding panels to the other window will balance out the room and add softness.
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Kristina DeLeo
What if you tried a soft or hard cornice across the three adjacent walls (the ones with the higher, smaller windows) with long panels framing it out on either end. If you place your bed in the same place as the current photo shows, this might also give the effect of a curtained bed treatment, which could look clean and modern or traditional or romantic - it all depends on the fabric choice.

Then you could pull in the larger window by either just adding a cornice on top or also the panels.... post an "after" pic so we can see what you decide!! :)
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yeah I'd put a rug under that bed and because you don't have a headboard do the curtain thing to frame the bed itself, and just go ahead and do the sides in curtains as well. Maybe long flowing white
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Home Preppers
I would leave the blinds. They look like the plantation blinds which are very fashionable right now. I would just add a drapery panel on each side of the large window. I think anything you put on those small windows will look odd.
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I would get rid ot that tall white cupboard and the wrought iron table/ seat at the end of the bed and install lots of Japanese string gardens near the windows http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2010/10/japanese-string-gardens/ Such an amazing room space. Don't even think about drapes!!!
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MG Mack
Ceiling to floor drapery on the three walls if you want drama and a matching drapey valance on the window to the right...drapey if you like a more romanctic feel. Blinds/shades and an upolstered headboard if you like clean lines and a more crisp, modern look.
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Why are the windows so high? Is part of a basement? If so, you have a privacy issue, and I would put plantations everywhere. I have an issue with drapes, in that after a year or so, the tops tend to accumulate dust. That said, I do have a large run of them, for black out purposes on a side porch that is off a bedroom, that runs the depth of the house, and appreciate them when I need to have the room dark during the day (think flu season) but I hate getting them down for cleaning. Wood plantation shutters are so easy to clean, without the hassle of taking drapes down. I have them everywhere else in this house, and I LOVE them.
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I would definitely have the drapery rod just under the ceiling and the drapes go to the floor so the windows are symmetrical. The shades should be an outside mount directly under the curtain rod so you don't see any of the 'dead space.' That is the correct way to handle any situation of drapes and shades. If the bedding is going to remain all white like that, there are too many options to even begin to think of. That's another topic.
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It looks like there are wall-mount lights on both sides of the bed. Are you planning on keeping those?
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Paint the walls a soft green, then add a headboard and maybe find a way to take the window that is over the bed and use a fabric that would incorporate it into matching your headboard. Try painting the furniture or at the least add some accent colors to the furniture. The room has way too much white and looks a lot like a hospital room.
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The white plantation blinds look great! If you decide to go with drapes, look for simple, light/solid pale color, lightweight, and washable. Hang high near the molding and low toward the floor. Overall, the room is too white. I would add color and texture to the room by way of area rug, upholstered headboard (check ballard.com), and pillows. The armoire looks out of place between the windows. The bench at the foot of bed looks like it doesn't belong. If you stay with the white furniture, I would recommend distressing it with color. If you keep the bench, add something under it like a large basket. A blanket, partly draped over the bench, would add texture and soften the look of the bench and add warmth to the room.
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E Klo
Wow.. I LOVE all of the light that comes into that room - how nice! What style are you going for in this room.. the same as the current home owner, or different? Also, do you want blackouts or privacy, but light to come into the room when the blinds are closed? Are you planning on painting the room a different color, or leaving it as is?
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Fenstermann LLC
The room is very nice, but I think adding color would definitely be in order. This depends on your style, and preferences. Since I work with mainly European clientele, we often use a colored or printed shade like the one below. I think a pop of color from a shade like this would livin up the room a lot, if that is what you want.

You have some great suggestions here. Would you post what you like?
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Since there are so many windows already and it doesn't seem as though light would be an issue, I would look for something to cover the windows above the bed, that as well could disguise as a headboard----http://yanagebhardt.girlshopes.com/closetslidingdoors/#
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Alicia Paley Home Interiors
Such a beautiful light and bright bedroom with all those windows! Although I don't know your style or your needs as far as privacy and room darkening are concerned, I suggest adding a four poster bed in the same area the current bed is in. The four poster will act as a frame around the two windows above the bed. To these windows, as well as the other two small windows, I would add mesh roller shades with self-valances, as seen in the attached photo. If you're painting the walls a neutral tan or grey, I would match the shade color to the wall, so that those small windows do not become the focal point of your room. The shades can be added to the large windows as well, but I would also hang floor length drapery panels on either side. Add a settee under the window and a chair along side and you have a beautiful seating area. - Hope this helps.
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Thanks- it's a ground floor master bedroom. This the photo from the real estate listing, not my furniture or bedding or anything- all the previous owners. We have not moved in yet but I was just looking for ideas since they are odd windows.
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I should have posted a photo of my bed that will go under the double window. Here is a photo from the manufacturer's website. ( along with night stands, chest and dresser) . I typically like the look of side panels but was not sure if covering the windows was the answer. So the double window will be framed by the poster bed.
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Bed set to be put in this room...
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I will need room darkening treatments, as these window allow a lot of light in the room in the morning. Here is the bedstead:
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Alicia Paley Home Interiors
The mesh shades that I suggested above can be room darkening. They actually layer the shades so you can raise the room darkening portion and leave the lighter one down, for filtered light, or you can lower both of them and have full room darkening, and they come in quite a few colors. The photos below are custom-made Hunter Douglas screen shades. - I'm so glad your bed is a four poster. I must have read your mind when I suggested that was the best option for the room. :)
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Woven wood shades, no question -- you don't have to worry about privacy with those high windows, as some wovens have a bit of see-through. To the large window, you can add curtain panels on top of the shades if you want more drama and/or privacy. True plantations need a much bigger window to pull off and they are a pain in the butt to keep clean. And drapes over tiny windows just look bad. Hunter Douglas, while pricey, have a ton of choices of woven shades and you can see them all on their website, to at least get an idea.
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Jo Cook Interior Design
I would do a flat roman as pictured. I used these for different sized windows in same room. I realize the windows are a different shaped, but I think this style would look great?
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Elizabeth Bishop
The room definitely needs fabric. I'd do floor to ceiling drapery panels on the large window use plantation shutters behind them and for the rest of the room. Roman shades could be the other option as stated above, with draperies still at the large window. Definitely put a four poster bed or like to that focal point drama into the room. Add a large area rug to lesson the hard space. Then replace the ceiling fan. Add some color, fabric and wood!
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Tracy Hutchinson
I've put blinds up and waisted money on them , I used spray frost on them . I still have beautiful light coming in, privacy and don't have to worry about dusting the blinds anymore, I love it!
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Express Blinds of Knoxville

Plantation shutters!

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Definitely plantation shutters...can adjust to fit your light needs. We have them in our bedroom (and guest room, and den). Love them!
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Karen Dumont

I would leave your blinds on the windows to control the light and then do a wall of sheer panels/curtains. You will probably need 3 separate rods, since the walls are slanted like in a bay window. I would hang the rods as high as you can go-just a few inches from the ceiling, and create a focal wall with sheers that you could keep closed to soften the lines and disguise the odd shape of the windows.

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