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Need help with dining room

raynelJanuary 9, 2013
Hi, I really need some help with my dining room. We pulled the old wall paper off and found some damage on the plaster and under the window. The damage is fixed under the window now and will be plastering the wall getting it ready for paint. I really have no clue about what paint color(s) to use. I don't know if I should go with a neutral, have an accent wall or use colors. We plan on replacing the light fixture and possibly the rug. The only pieces of furniture that will be used in the room is the table, chairs, bench and cabinet. The other furniture was moved in the room to make space for daughter and her family when they moved in temporarily. The heating stove is used only for two months for additional heat during winter. The wall that is shared by the galley kitchen will be moved in the near future to give more space to the kitchen.

I will be posting some pics of walls, furniture, pictures and the rug we are using now.

Thanks for everyone's help and opinions!
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Here are some more pics of furniture, rug and pictures.
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More pics
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Only the end wall or the arched entry wall a suitable for accent paint. What color is the adjoining room through the arch? I usually advise paint colors from the same paint chip if possible. The room with the most natural light can go darker, while the darker room should use a lighter color from the strip. Sometimes the lightest color on it can be used for both ceilings. Then you pick an accent color for one wall. In your case it might not be a wall in the dining room, or it could be the walls around the arch in both rooms. I think you need to treat them as a united space. You certainly have a lot of chips on the wall. Do any of them coordinate in a real way to the other room where there is no door to separate them?
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you have a brown picture over your brown sideboard ( seems like too much brown) and need to do something about the display on your mantle. is your ceiling that popcorn type finish? If so I would make getting rid of the popxorn finish ceiling a priorityas it dates the room. make sure it is not asbestos before pulling it off! health hazard!!!!!! I agree with getting rid of the rug.
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Hi deco, the other room is white at this time, haven't painted it yet.

2 dog, the popcorn ceiling is staying until the 6 year old moves out and we move the wall that is shared with the kitchen. We plan on having a professional crew come in to do the work because the wall is load bearing and the house will have to be leveled again, etc. We plan on doing this hopefully later this year or next.
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I think the color palette here would look good in your room.
Hilltop Retreat · More Info
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Change ceililng by adding beams or painted beadboard. If you want a more traditional dining room, deep molding over 3 inches high at ceiling around windows and doorways. Remove kitchen door and create opening or pocket door. No carpets in dining rooms! I agree with Nate Berkis on this one! Soften with cushions on the chairs. Consider different, upholstered or slip covered chairs for the end chairs. Paint walls one color and ceiling one shade lighter of the same color. Consider painting the table, but not the chairs. Would love to see the finished room!
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I agree about the trim at ceiling and around the window Make the most of the window by framing it with crown and ceiling to floor curtains mounted past the window to show trim. I like the neutral color scheme as above mentioned or pail color pallet draw attention to the window ,it will widen the room. Love the upholstered chairs or cushions . Fabric always softens a space.
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Great ideas, keep them coming! I'm really stuck on paint colors, don't know if I should go with neutrals and use black and white photos or go with color and use the canvas pics with color.
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Would a gray paint look okay with my furniture?
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How about doing something like this?
Dallas, TX: James and Lynsey Purl · More Info
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Any other opinions? Designers?
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If you want to use the rug, let's get dramatic. First, you can remove the popcorn ceiling with a spray bottle and warm water. Spray the ceiling with warm water on a ladder and scrap the popcorn off with a scraper. Paint the walls the pretty purple of the area rug. Paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than the purple of the walls of your paint strip sample. Remove the "wine painting" and hang those cute little wine lable "prints" instead in a grouping,. Put the table bench on the other side, with the chairs on the window side. Get a new chandelier with a more rustic feel and hung lower. These small changes will give a dramatic, new look to your dining space. Oh, put the wine rack on the opposite wall. Keep it open, one piece on the walls, and even no furniture on the big wall.
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Darzy, you have some great ideas for the canvas pics above the cabinet. Never thought about putting the bench on the other side of the table, figured I could block the grandson in better if it was placed where it was at. lol My husband thought everyone would tell me to replace the rug.
I had an idea for the paint colors. Since my kitchen is BM Roasted Sesame, I thought about putting SW 6566 Framboise on the cabinet wall. Then using SW 7018 Dovetail on the rest of the walls since the living room is through the arch. I thought about doing a lighter shade of gray (Dorian gray) in the living room.
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Hi raynel. I love your Framboise color idea. I am not a fan of one accent wall in a small space. How about the framboise on the ceiling, then a few shades lighter on all the other walls? It would be so cozy, and dramatic. Your favorite room in the house. : )
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Darzy, while spraying the ceiling with water will remove the popcorn, it may not be safe to do, since many popcorn ceilings have asbestos in them. If you do scrape it yourself, wear a mask or have the ceiling tested for asbestos.
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Where would we sent a sample of the ceiling to get it tested? My husband doesn't want to wait until kitchen remodel to remove the popcorn.
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Oh, how large should a room be to have an accent wall? Our dining room is 12x12.
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Manon Floreat
I see a touch of Tuscany in this room. I think I'd go with a rich plum for an accent wall as well. I'd choose the wall with the hutch on it for the accent wall. Then a warm taupe for the rest of the walls. Similar to that of your inspiration pic.

As mentioned floor to ceiling curtains for the window in a subtle tone on tone taupe pattern will soften the room. If you layer them over shades, you'll get some depth and get a more robust feel. I would try the hutch on the wall opposite the windows with a gallery treatment above it with your vintage vinegar and bread prints and photographs. Your still life will look good on the plum accent wall. Perhaps flanked by a couple of candle sconces.

Here are some colors I can see working in this room as well as a potential fabric swatch for curtains. Colors are by Benjamin Moore. Just a few more to add to your swatch collection!
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Frank Webb's Bath and Lighting Center
Have you thought about changing the light fixture? It is a little dated and it hangs up too high, it should only be about 30" above the table, maybe something in an oil rubbed bronze with small crystal accents?
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1STOPlighting's chandelier in the photo is very nice! In regard to your question how big should a room be to have an accent wall. It's just me. I see many designers do an accent wall in small spaces. I think it brings attention to a small space, particularly on the shortest wall. I think the room looks bigger with all one color walls. What do other Houzzers think about accent wall in a small space?
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Here is a "purple' wall dining room with a rug like yours. I did notice one wall is the tan. Do you like this look?
OC Eichler · More Info
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BTW...we removed the popcorn in our house. Very messy job and yes, we wore masks. But, under the popcorn is "raw" sheetrock and you can see the tape/seams. So, we had to hire a sheetrock guy to spray/texture then "knock down" the spray, then sand smooth before we could paint.
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I went today to get some paint samples to try out. Here are the paint colors I am trying so far lol:

2111-40 Taos Taupe
HC-172 Revere Pewter
AC-30 Winter Gates
AC-27 Galveston Gray

Accent wall
2083-20 Cranberry Cocktail
2083-10 Raisin Torte

Manon, I looked at the accent samples that you suggested but they had too much purple in the color to use with my rug, but I did get the Taos color.

7644 Gateway Gray
7017 Dorian Gray
7018 Dovetail Gray
0023 Pewtard Tankard

Accent wall

1STOP, husband has thought about doing the molding down the walls as you have suggested. He thinks that looks great.

Frank, we do plan on replacing the light, it's time for it to go away! lol

Darzy, I think we may have a plaster ceiling, our walls are plaster. I guess we will find out if hubby starts scraping away. :)

We will definitely be changing the light fixture and we have also thought about changing the rug if we need to.

Thanks so much for everyone's opinions and advice! I really appreciate everyone helping out. As soon as I get the paint samples on the wall, I will take photos so everyone can see what they look like after the samples dry.
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Manon Floreat
I'm excited for your raynel. Can't wait to see your progress!
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Well, we have the paint samples on the wall and we are waiting for them to dry before I take some pics. My husband is really liking the Revere Pewter and Cranberry Cocktail.

My question is: Do those two colors look okay with one another in the same room?
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Well, I'm nixing the gray tones and going back to tuscan. So, I'm searching for earthy colors for the walls. I've decided not to do an accent wall instead I will be using the rug, curtains and artwork to add color to the room.
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An update:
Tomorrow we will be working on the ceiling, scraping off the popcorn. lol And the old rug is being switched with another. Elizabeth from Cabell Design Studio has been fantastic on helping with a wall color and giving me some great advice. I would still be painting color samples on my wall if it haven't been for her.

Here is the rug I am switching from another room.
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Popcorn ceiling removed!
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Ann Alderson LLC
Whew! Accent walls are almost never a good idea! What did you go with for the wall color? May I suggest SW6108 Latte? Beef up the crown moulding and paint it SW6105 Divine White. Congrats on getting the popcorn down. You're making great progress!
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Hi Ann, we are going with BM Honeymoon on the walls and Cameo White for the trim and ceiling. Also we will be using Grasshopper as an accent color in the room. If we had known it was that easy to get rid of a popcorn ceiling, we would have done so a long time ago. :)
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Another update, slowly coming along. :)
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