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Need Help!

Shayna RichardsJanuary 10, 2013
Okay, we live in a small townhouse and I'm struggling with decorating. This is our first home and we really want to make it nice. Most of our furniture is from thrift stores or hand-me-downs. I know that this can work with some help, right? If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know. I really appreciate it!
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Tell us what we are looking at here. Doors going where? What is this space?
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Congrats on your first place! I live in a tiny place too. I like what you have going on with the dining nook, I would just add a couple of tall vases, one in each corner, with really tall branches or reeds in them, think tall and skinny, and a colorful fabric on the table to tie in with the walls would be pretty. Is that your living room wall across from the table?
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Ida York Interior Design
Yes, what is the space we're looking at? How do you want it to function...dining, living, a combo of both? Is this where you relax? Is the color on the walls something you're keeping or are you wanting to change it?
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Shayna Richards
This room is the family room according to the plans, but our living room/dining room is only 19' by 10.5', so we've decided to make our dining area in the family room. This room is connected to the kitchen. Is the extra seating too much? We are planning on repainting something more neutral.
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Shayna Richards
The doors lead outside t our porch.
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Assuming you are staying with the wall color and your black accent table and chairs, just go with white and lots of it. Your wall color is strong and a statement.

I think those extra chairs are too much. Is there a chandelier over head? If so, what if you moved your table under it, with a rug and panels on either side of the doors?

Fatima Rug - Ballard Designs · More Info

Fine Art Bird Photography Print Flock by Bomobob · More Info

Now you have deep gold walls, white woodwork, wall art with some of your wall color in the canvas, a white and black rug, your black iron table and chairs and white panels on your French doors.
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That's a cute dining table. I'm glad you are re-painting because the color is too dark and brown mustard looking. Try lowering the art on the left wall to look like it's "in between" the height of the larger piecein the center. Also, try putting the other two vertical to change up the "squares". A little table and a lamp in between the chairs would look cozy.
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Shayna Richards
Thank you! This is the first room we painted and boy did we learn a valuable lesson, lol. Picking out paint is hard. I have around 20 paint samples and I still lean toward the darker shades and so does my husband.
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Yes, paint picking is tough! I had several blotches on my walls for a week! Dark is okay. Look at the painting and find a color you love, and pick a paint color from there. I think this current color isn't the best complement to the floor color. Is there a dark lavendar in the print? : ) But, if you don't want to repaint, take the advice from judyg..lots of white
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Sonshine Staging & Design, LLC
Not certain of your dimensions here, but could you take away everything, then reintroduce the table to the center of this space, adding a flokati, sisal or other fun rug that would ground your area under it? Do not go back with the larger of the two chairs, but a narrow console or media/storage piece might work. I'd lighten the walls and keep the drama of artwork together, not separated. A mirror will additionally make your space feel bigger. (Just thinking out loud) Entry way rug needs to be replaced with a room rug in my mind's eye.
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I would definitely repaint. I do like your table and artwork and color palette, but the wall color doesn't really complement. I would go very light on the walls. Also drop your artwork on the side walls to eye level. This will be a very cute (think bohemian) room.

A little inspiration:
Willow Springs Color and Design · More Info

Dining Room · More Info

New York City Loft · More Info
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Can't put my finger on it, but it seems almost like the chairs are too "light" for the mood in the rest of the decor. Is there a way that the chairs could be made to look a little heavier on the backs? e.g. pads or cushions or ?
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The dining set is what it is. Trying to make it into something else will just be awkward. Besides, it's very cute with a little Paris cafe kind of flair. I think you should just go with it, aim for a light and airy vibe. Center the table in the room, paint the walls much lighter, open the blinds on the doors (or ditch them altogether). And yes, remove the extra chairs.

If you're looking for something formal and elegant, this furniture will never work. But it's perfect for a cheery, casual room, if you're willing to go that way.
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Your chair seats look like they could easily be recovered in the photo. If so, an appripriate fabric with your wall color could bring your look together. Since you can't get a chandelier installed over the table, you might find a tall thin corner pole light on a dimmer for a little mood lighting or a large artsy candle holder centerpiece for your table. If you still have some wall paint left, you may want to get some clear plastic outlet covers and paint the inside wih your wall color so they don't stand out so prominently on your wall.
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Yes, it is a cute table set. So if you aren't interested in changing the chairs, how about lightening the decor around the set to make the whole setting more harmonious. ex. lighten the wall colour and hang classic artwork (such as Monet prints) and pictures with ornate or metalic frames. Give the look of an outdoor Parisian Bistro! ;-) Would love to see your after pic after so many ideas from Houzz users!
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Maybe its just me, but I kinda like the paint color! Get rid of the extra seating and put some kind of buffet/hutch there wtih a either a cool tall vase or lamp. Also put something in the middle of your table as a centerpiece. Re-upholster your chairs if possible and mabe an area rug under the table?
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Dar Eckert
I don't mind the color and it seems to work with the floor. Now trade the table location with the chairs. It looks like that alcove will make a cozy sitting area for your two chairs. Alternaitvely, just put the red one in there and get small table & lamp and ottoman. It would make a nice reading nook.

Take the larger print and put it on the wall by the table. Then take the pair of prints and put them on the wall where the larger print was. Just hang a little lower.

Good luck! Its a great start!
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Jayme H.
Nice home. I was thinking in the nook, there doesn't need to be pics on all three walls. To me it sort of accentuates the small area/closes it in some. Even just the large pic would look better maybe? Agree that space is nice for the current table or could be a little sitting area. I likely would repaint also.
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I would suggest a large plant in the corner of your room or some greenery on your table (depending on how much room you have). The pictures and wall color are competing with each other. How would you feel about changing the wall color to something more neutral and keeping the touches of color with the pictures in your room?
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I would also remove the picture on the left, keep the picture in the middle and move the picture of the two flowers above the chair to the right of your french doors.
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Shayna Richards
So many suggestions! I love all the ideas. I will post after pics when I'm done. Thanks everyone.
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