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Outdoor Design Help Needed
January 11, 2013
We plan on painting the brick a darker shade of the siding color (Ben Moore wildwood crest) and landscaping in the summer. In the meantime, what color would you stain/paint the front door and the railing? What color/style mailbox and light fixture would you add? We also plan on getting rid of that gutter attached to the awning. All suggestions welcome, thanks!
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I suggest all the same color and install some simple square support columns for the portico and wooden railings. Spend a few dollars more and trim out the windows. It will make a big improvement. (If this were my home, I would go all white). Barnham Sconce Concord Green Home
Creative Mailbox Planters
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HI - I think what I am having a problem is with the front section's roof not having a roof overhang . I think if you could bring out the roof line far enough to cover the front entrance , then the awning could go. Possibly making a porch across that front section with new steps and posts and railing .If you can't exstend from the exact roof edge , then building a new roof for the porch just under and out from that roof line. Then having a one color on the whole house. Even adding some shake siding up in the top gable triangle. The top window also needs more frame around in the trim color. You also have a Victorian style front door and I think it should be more of a Arts and Crafts or Country style door. Same style for mailbox and the light fixture.PS: One question -- why did you not have the same style window for that top window ??
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Painting the brick the same color would make the house look cohesive rather than chopped up.

The concrete porch, steps, and sidewalk can all be stained.

The railing would look nice with a fresh coat of black paint.
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We are first time remodelers and I wish we discovered this site in the design process. I've learned so much from everyone. Windows on the bottom were the existing windows, new ones everywhere else. In hindsight I wish our architect told us to match the windows in the front, but we can't turn back now.
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You can buy inserts to make them appear the same.
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Jayme H.
You could do a lot of different door colors with your neutral siding. But unless the door is white or black I don't think I would match the rail to it. Please disregard door mouldings..more intended to show colors.
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A rain chain would work well with the gutter. I think you should replace the door if there are funds for it. A style like the first one that Jayme Hobbs posted would be perfect.
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Janishill is right , get the inserts and keep moving forward. We replaced windows a few years ago & had several options for styles, the 3 over 3 grid was one of them. Ours were Pella from Lowes. The price was the same with or without inserts, if these windows have not been installed long and they are a standard size, you may can get them for nothing.
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OK...last night I was too tired to go much into this, but here are some additional suggestion to add to the overall Craftsman feel of the house:

If possible remove the inserts in the bottom of the front windows. Craftsman usually have 6 over 1 style windows.

It looks like the door is new, but it is the wrong style for your house. See if it can be exchanged. See attached pictures for doors that will work best.

It would be great if the porch could be extended over, but if is isn't in th ebudget maybe some of these others iddeas are. Have your contractor add columns and a railing on both sides of the porch. The columns don't have to be standard Craftsman style size, but should be that shape (square - wider at the bottom, narrower at the top) and a low stone wall can be built on both sides of the steps.

When the budget allows purchase a new garage door with windows.

I don't know how to add more than 4 pictures, but will add them below
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As for mail box and light there are several choices.

I would like to see a letter drop cut in the door, but if you prefer a mail box purchase one that mimics the window panes.

Craftsman style is built on squares; square columns, squres in the windows and the doors, so the round light fixture bring a bit of relief. A square one will add to the Craftsman style however.

I hope you will keep us updated on your progress.
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Your home is not in Craftsman style, it is in Greek Revival style. Look again at the white home I posted above and this reproduction. Notice the trims on the house, around the windows, etc. All is generous, flat, simple and obvious. The body of the house is one color.

I would have a chat with your architect. He didn't discuss with you the best look for your home. The windows are in and there is not much you can do about that now, but you can get mullions in the windows, you can have better trim on your house. You can replace your front door (very Victorian looking) with a four paneled door.

Here on houzz you can search for Greek Revival. Look at the antiques and see what reasonable things you could do to your home which will compliment the style in the correct way.

It will be great.
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Judyg...you are correct. I thought somewhere keciamarsh had said she liked Craftsman, hence the ideas on how to add Craftsmand style to her house. I don't see that post now. It was probably on another thread, but this old, tired mind ran the two threads together. I should have read back through before I posted the info.
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JANIS, last week I was into a post….I was going to solve this girl's dilemma…judyg to the rescue :>). She had posted 3 times, removed one, but this old tired mind didn't pick up on it until way late in all the discussions. I couldn't figure out all the odd suggestions being made, but those were based on the other post. I quit and did not save her day. hehehe.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. The house is actually an expanded cape cod. Here's what it use to look like.
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Judyg now that I've searched cape cods I like your suggestion about pillars and wood railings.
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I think definitely keep the port-a-potty, it adds something! Ok, I think this light from Lantern and Scroll would look absolutely beautiful. Just 1 over-sized light on the right side. You have to be careful when you buy a fixture because the box is placed pretty high, make sure you don't compromise on a smaller fixture because of this. Cheers. Oh, you can find Lantern & Scroll at their website or I found them on Facebook.
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Try this one!
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