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Living room upgrade!
January 11, 2013
Ideas on what to do to decorate? Add gas fireplace & hang TV above? What to do with French doors? Novice at decorating, need input!
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Do you plan on keeping the same furniture?
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Yes we'd like to!...it's very comfortable!..(wife)
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Thanx so much!...i like them too!
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I would put a rug down with colors in that you like, and then replace some of the pillows on your sofas with pillows that pickup the colors from the new rug. I would think you only need 2 - 3 pillows total on your sofa.
Can the TV go in the wall where there is currently a shelf w a pic above it? Seems you your viewing would be better with it placed there.
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Depending on how you re-arrange your furniture you might be able to,use one wall for a large bookcase unit with your chairs close to,it for a separate reading area.
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I would start out with rearranging the furniture:
1. Put the tv/console on the wall where the love seat is.
2. Put the 2 arm chairs opposite the tv/console.
3. "Float" the love seat in the middle of the room, perpendicular to the french doors.
4. Leave the long sofa on that wall, but pull it out from the wall a foot or 2.
Try this arrangement for a couple days; then you can make decisions about an area rug, lamps, tables, paint, etc.
ps...are there any windows in this room?
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Holly McCord
I would make the wall to the right of your TV the focal point by purchasing large wall unit that will accomodate TV or having some bookcases built that will accomodate your TVand provide other storage and decorating space - definitely would not do a fake fireplace. Then rearrange furniture...sofa floating with back to kitchen area wall, loveseat with back to the window and double doors and chairs on the left hand wall. Add a very large rug to warm up the space and absorb sound. Rearrange accessory pieces as well.
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I would not recommend hanging your TV above your fireplace. The TV should (I believe) hang around eye level when you are sitting, otherwise you all will have stiff necks all the time. That said, I like olldbobbi's fireplace picks- those sit low enough that the TV would still work above it. I like the second one, which is wider (you are going to need something wider after you center the TV on the wall).

Definitely rearrange your furniture. I would center the TV on a wall, the put the couch across from it, and put the chairs on one side and loveseat on the other. Right now it looks like your chairs are blocking the entrance to the adjoining room, which makes it look quite cluttered to me. (I have a very hard time doing furniture arrangements when I can't actually be in the room so I'm sure other people will be more helpful here.)

An area rug in a contrasting color is needed. What colors do you like? What soothes you? Do you have any interesting decor pieces that you could use for color inspiration?

Paint the room a darker color. Maybe a light taupe, or a muted buttery yellow? Either pick a paint color and add decor (rug, drapes) from there, or pick a rug and then choose the paint.

Window treatments. I think windows should have drapes, especially in living rooms. It really completes a room. I would add drapes in the adjoining room as well for cohesion.

What about the adjoining room? Right now it looks really cluttered (sorry to be blunt!). Is that distracting you? It would constantly be pulling my eye into that room. That's why I suggested putting the TV on the wall that currently has the couch and then putting the couch across from it- that way you are turned away from the adjoining room. The mirror can go on the wall that has the doors (I don't think the mirror should be reflecting the adjoining room- it's reflecting the clutter back to you!).

Oh, add something on the mantle on each side of the art. Preferably not anything that matches, but that is at comparable heights.

What colors do you like? What kind of decor is interesting to you? That would help us give you color suggestions.
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Arranged To Sell, LLC
Cole Street

Here are some examples of TV's above the mantel. Depending on your style this would give your room a focal point.
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Omg!...awesome input!...thanx so much!...sorry about the "clutter"!..i appreciate the "bluntness"..i am the same way
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You might want to add some color an your couches with new ( or recover) throw pillows. A large rug would make the room feel more finished and some color on the walls- a bluish green- but light. Tv hung over fireplace was started because all these open concept rooms had little wall space- you have plenty and probably can do without the neck strain. Just remember to make it fit your lifestyle and have fun.
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