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Design Dilemma

Master Bedroom Renovation

ruburrJanuary 12, 2013
we are thinking of renovating our master bedroom and want to use the rug as a focal point.

we would like suggestions on wall colours and fabrics for bedding and drapery.

we have 2 small windows above the bed and a larger window on the long wall
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May we see a close up of the rug you're using for inspiration?
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HI -- If this layout works for you ,then you could leave it like that . First thing is - there is too much in the room . Please don't use that rug as a focal point ,- it is too small and the colors are washed out . Why not just start from fresh. I would keep the colors soft and light because it is a small room . Remove the valances that are over the small upper windows and just have white wood blinds there or plantation style shutters if that's in your budget.Only have drapes with white wood blinds under on the big window. First find a wallpaper in a texture like a linen in a soft or neutral color. Or find some soft color patterned bedding (bed coverings) and then pick the room color from that.After that then find a bigger area carpet that contains those soft colors . You could try having your bed on the right wall , then the tv could be mounted (new flat screen ) on the wall with a swing arm bracket to the right of the window with a cabinet under. Then have one dresser on the wall near the bathroom. The new dresser could be one of the higher models , some are called 9 drawer or highboy. Find some ideas on Houzz for bedrooms you like to use as a guide for your room.
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Hi. I would match the background colour of the rug, is it a white or off white for the wall colour. Put a large sisal rug on the ground under the rug which would frame the rug but bring some sense of space into the room as well. Have the curtains be close or the same as the wall colour. Change or get rid of the headboard. If you have the budget I would make the window behind the bed long and high along that wall. Turn the rug around and have it peeping out from under the bed. Good luck.
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Aja Mazin
Love the rug.

Go with salmon, cream and sage green.
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Jayme H.
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I would put the rug in a different room. It looks pink in the photos, and that mauve color is so 1970s that it won't work for you going forward. However as a rug in a walk in closet or entry way, it is the appropriate size so enjoy it in a different space. I like the two windows over the bed, but the curtains are too short. I would purchase enough to run across the entire wall instead of cutting it short .. Your end tables are good proportion for the space, but you need new lamps. Look for tall lamps that are skinny with small shades or lamps that attach to the wall with a movable arm.

Bedrooms are not supposed to be for TV watching but I too have one however, I have purchased a flat screen and wall mounted it. Your furniture is antique, so I assume you want to keep it. I would remove everything from them, best idea is to paint them to match the side tables, but that depends on your sentimental attachment to them. I love Dove Grey walls with white trim, it is the new neutral and works well with a combination of browns and blacks. Maybe a flocked print curtain/ white on white with the blinds in the center?

I would also switch sides for the furniture, put the dresser on the dressing table side so the mirror from the dressing table faces the doorway.

You can make or have made for you a slipcover for the headboard. Easy to do and can be switched out as you make changes. Nail head trim would be pretty. Maybe a sisal rug on the floor or a nice oatmeal berber in at least a 8x10 for the floor that you walk on at the end of the room.

Do you have new bedding yet? or are you sticking with white?
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i would like to get some new bedding...any ideas

Thank you very all the helpful comments
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Jayme H.
few more
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Pottery Barn has wonderful bedding. They have a larger selection online so I would go to their website.
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I love your gray/ blue wall paint. This color is very sophisticated and brings calm feeling to the room. Perhaps you could get crispy white sheets with the teal/ gray silk comforter, and lots of different color pillows that would tie all colors together. Some solid color curtains will be nice as well.
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Jayme H.
some pics with sage-like walls
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I love the colour. If you love your lamps then just keep them.
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I really like those drapes....I'd keep them and build around them. If you wanted to convert them to back tab curtains that would update them a bit....but I'm a sucker for prints and that is a great print with lots of options for colours!
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Could you please send another picture of your rug. I find the lighting washing the colours out and its hard to tell what you are working with.
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here are some more pictures
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Aja Mazin
I see 2 rugs!
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Aja Mazin
Connie Cooper Designs · More Info
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Patricia Pelgrims
May I suggest something ?
Would it not be possible to put the bed on the wall oposite the larger window ?
I am not sure if that leaves you enough room to move around the bed, but if it did, you would break up the longish, rather narrow shape of the room.
The bedside tables would fit nicely next to the bed and the antique cabinets can still be placed in a satisfactory fashion.

Declutter the surfaces of said cabinets.

Your rug would still fit nearest the lefthand side of the bed.

For wall colours, I would go for the most neutral colour of the rug (pale and light reflecting). Keep it simple. The little windows I would dress with folding blinds, again a light coloured and un patterned fabric.
Larger window, same fabric, but curtains reaching the floor.

If you keep all of that plain and simple you can go to town with your bedlinen, provided it doesn't clash with your rug.
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I think these are wonderful suggestions. I would like to see the bed as well on the opposite wall. Good luck!!
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Here's a Sherwin Williams palette based on your rug: 6006 Black Bean, 7643 Pussywillow, 2849 Westchester Gray, 6777 Carefree, 7600 Bolero, 0080 Pink Flamingo.
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I think that is a beautiful rug. You can definitely work with that.
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Yes there are 2 rugs. Good eye. I put the one I am wanting to use on top of an older one.

I like the idea of putting the bed on the other wall. in fact there is room. I have not done that before and I will think about trying that one. Thank you

I know I need to de clutter. I should find somewhere else to put all that stuff as it is an unsightly pile.
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Aja Mazin

what exactly is the colour of the field?

red, rust, salmon?

other colours in the rug?
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I like the room color. Move the furniture around as described above; bed on long wall with dresser between windows.

Change drapes/curtains, but first remove those things that are over the windows. Hang white silk drapes high and wide as seen in illustration. Country Curtains has silk drapes for a very reasonable price.

Add a small white bench to give you a place to sit while putting on your shoes.

A soft, blue blanket folded across the foot of the bed will add an inviting touch.

If you want to use the small size rugs, like you posted, you will need one for each side of the bed. Otherwise purchase a larger size that can go under the foot of the bed.

With that particular rug you may want to try a tan wall color with white trim
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I agree with Janishill. I love this look. Good luck!
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Wow I really like that idea too. Thank you
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Cheery Curtains
what about these curtain designs? For more designs, welcome to my Houzz page!
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Blinds Direct Canada
Because of the radiators i would recommend staying away from long drapery. I would suggest going with a Roman Shade instead in the fabric of your choice .It will look really good on your windows and make your room nice and dark when they are completely closed.

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