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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Kitchen in Desperate Need of Makeover

Rae-LynneJanuary 12, 2013
We just bought my parents' old home, half of which is relatively new (about 12 years), and half of which is about 65 years old. Nothing has been done in the old part of the house for the last 30+ years. We don't have a lot of extra money to spend on a re-do. Any and all suggestions will be considered.

I've already determined that the existing cupboards are quite sturdy and do not need to be replaced, though I would consider glass doors and (probably) white paint and new hardware.

The adjoining rooms will be redone at a later date, so I am not too concerned with matching colors at this point, though obviously will need to keep future improvements in mind.

Adjoining dining room has relatively large west window and kitchen has wide but short east window. No direct sunlight as in shadow of house.

General style: simple, country, clean, easy to clean, not flowery or fussy

Any pics demonstrating your suggestions would be helpful, but not necessary.
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I like the hardware that the cabinets have right now. Have you settled on the white paint for the cabinets? Are you getting new counter tops and appliances? I would paint the walls a medium blue or green and get a white counter top.
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Jayme H.
I would agree with painting the cabinets white and/or putting in some glass in the doors & put new hardware on them...I would get the paper off the walls for sure/and repaint walls. Then I would get some trim for the window put on. If your appliances don't match, I would work on that. If u have an old one that doesn't match, sometimes u can paint it or look for one of the same color on Craig's list. Sometimes people upgrade and sell perfectly good appliances for good prices.
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Houssaon, I haven't decided for sure on white for cabinets, but I tend to lean that way. :) Probably new counter tops but not new appliances. I had thought of blue walls but wasn't sure.

Jayme, I agree the wallpaper absolutely must go and the window has to be trimmed. I think the Christmas lights should come down from the window as well. :)
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Not new appliances except for the dishwasher. That one hasn't worked for about 25 years now, but I'm not entirely sure I want a dishwasher at all.
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Well I would go for white, white, white. White cabinets, counter top and appliances. Then the wall color can be any color you love. I would get (or make) a soft print valance and hang it high enough to just cover the top of the window. Colorful accessories and you have a brand new kitchen.

Oh, what about the floor? If you need new flooring look at marmoleum. It is green and comes in a range of colors. Brouse Kitchen PHOTOS for examples.
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I inherited my family home. Nothing had been done in the house in 45 years so we had quite the job. We kept the original cabinets as they are solid wood and a good sanding, primer and a couple of coats of BM paint and new hardware sure made a dif. We put down new ceramic tiles on the floor as well as new backsplash and counters. We got all new appliances even though the original coppertone stove still worked. here are the before and after (almost finished) of our kitchen. Yours looks so similar to mine right down to the hardware. You have a clean slate basically. Definately take the wall paper down hard work but well worth it. As you can see from last pic. hubby got the job lol. Good luck and have fun.
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Jayme H.
Wow! Huge difference in ellie's kitchen! Nice job!
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Tks Jayme still trying to figure if I want window coverings or not..privacy is not an issue so living without for now
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Thank you, Ellie, for your pics and advice. You're right - very similar kitchens. Would love to see pics when your's is all done.
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Your kitchen is small - so, do you want an art gallery with a few carefully placed dishes/pottery or do you want functional cabinets?

If you can afford it, I would highly suggest Xenon under cabinet lighting.
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White kitchens are boring. I'd plan to remove the wallpaper and paint the cabinets. Fill an ideabook with kitchens you like (or kitchens with features or colors you like) and go from there. Avoid those lovely pictures of football field-sized kitchens that are on a completely different scale from yours.
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White kitchens are beautiful! A couple of ideas for you, instead of going to the expense of putting glass in the upper cabinet doors, just remove them! I did it with mine and I love the look. Also, very popular right now are light colored upper cabs and darker lower ones:
Kathia's Old Kitchen · More Info

Heights Kitchen Remodel · More Info
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Bhelmore, because I do not have many cupboards I certainly need them to be practical / functional. I like your idea of the under-cabinet lighting.

Sigrid, how about mostly white with some color in backsplash and on perhaps a window valance? I do like the idea of a mostly white kitchen.

Olldbobbi, I'm not sure I want to take the cupboard doors off, though it's a good idea. We have a woodstove and live on a gravel road so lots of dust in the house. I think my dusting arm would fall off. :)

I have considered carrying over the kitchen into the dining room... I think the wallpaper, light fixture and dark wood paneling will have to go.
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Jayme H.
New backsplash will also help a lot...Didn't want to mention tons of things as sounds like you are, like myself, concerned with a budget...could paint the backsplash a complimentary color to the walls and later put a product on the backsplash when u are ready. I am for the all white, although I do like the look of the darker cabinets on the bottom.
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Figuring out something with the ceiling would be another good thing to do. Drywall and recessed lights? It's not as fun of an expense, but it would maximize the benefit of anything you do in this kitchen--in the near and far future.
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Thank you, Jayme, for your consideration.

AMN, the ceiling! I totally agree. I hate the whole dropped ceiling thing. It's in the kitchen, living room (which I will tackle much later), and the dining room. So, recessed ceiling lights and under-cabinet lights. Got it! :)
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On the Spot Furniture Revival llc
Just a fyi- a white kitchen with no direct sunlight will yellow over time if you use "regular" paint. If you would like to prevent this, use a water based paint and water base top coat to prevent yellowing.
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Thanks for the tip, On the Spot... I will be sure to keep that in mind. :)
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