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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Drapery dilemma

janeileneJanuary 13, 2013
Don't know if I should hang drapes from ceiling, top of windows or top of door height. Only doing small open weave side drapes so not to hide outside light.....Would also like to do a rod going across the entire length....any suggestions?
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If possible, I would not hung any drapery. It looks lovely as it is. But I would place a large sisal rug under the sofa and chairs.
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I agree no drapery and add rug, but the rug could be practically anything that suits you.
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Personally I would not put anything on these beautiful windows. But if you would like to warm up the space with fabric I would get a small diameter rod iron curtain rod from top of the wall going all the way across. I would hang narrow panels of fabric at each window break ( 6 total ) just wide enough to cover the wood. I think something with a stronger color and pattern would look nice, Duralee has nice contemporary fabrics.
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Monique Lacasse
No drapes, those windows are beautiful that way, i would suggest an area rugs to bring the room cozy. I would also move the desk on the other wall so the you can put your lamp on it instead on your foyer. If you can! And where your desk was i would put a picture or paint to cover the wall completely.
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It baffles me to no end why we choose the most beautiful doors and windows and then want to cover them up.....As you might guess, my suggestion is to leave perfection alone and don't cover them up!!!!
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Unless sunlight is a problem for your floor or furnishings, I would do nothing to the windows. If you want some fabric for color and softness, you might try stationary fabric roman shades mounted inside each window. They can be hung over some sheer shades if you need to block view or light. Agree that you need a large, rich rug and I would add two more chairs, facing the FP. You have the space and additional seating is always welcome.
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Nice that we all agree! Drapes, no. Rug, absolutely.
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I have to laugh.....Since all agree, I will forget the drapes. There is a screened porch on the other side so I do not have to worry about sun coming in. I'm just in the process of redoing the room. I was planning on an 8x10 chocolate wool area rug. And I have fabric for pillows that will add lots of color. Looking for pix for over the sitting area in the 'nook'. Removing the mantle and making it more modern. The space isn't really large enough for two more chairs facing the mantle but as backup seating I thought of two ghost chairs that could also be in the dining room. On the wall adjacent to windows is a Chinese chest, not a desk. I'm looking for an over sized mirror to hang over that. But I will consider Monique's idea of just a large painting and move the Chinese chest somewhere else. Thank you all......
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Janellene, can you please tell me about the plant by the chest. I'm looking for something to add a pop to my living room and I think this may be exactly what I 'm looking for. Thanks. By the way, I recommend no drapes too!
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It's called a fiddle fig. I actually found it in Florida at the West Palm Beach Farmers Market. I keep it outside during the warmer months and inside during our NC cooler months.
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I love your windows as is, too! And I like your ideas of pillows and a brown rug. sounds lovely. Nice, thriving fiddle fig!
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NO DRAPES!!!! We all agree. And, a fabulous rug will bring it altogether.
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They're a beautiful plant. We had a huge one in our TV room and did the same thing as janeilene. We're in NC too. Be aware that they hate dry air. We had no choice but to put ours under a vent, and--needless to say--the plant is no longer with us. :-(
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Chocolate colour rug may be too dark, it may be in too much contrast to the light sofa and chairs. And you will notice every speck of dust. Take a photo of the room and of the sofa or take a pillow from the chair and then shop for the carpet. Pick up the rich colour from the Chinese cabinet, include a colour of the wall or the chairs or pick up something with your favourite colour. Since safas have no pattern, your carpet may include some of your favourite colours and patterns. It would blend nicely with everything.
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Good idea about the rug, Akso. I will also consider sisal or some other natural fiber....I'm actually thinking of taking some of the fabrics colors that it has in it ( eggplant, apricot, lime, sea green...etc) and see how adventurous I am.
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Blinds Direct Canada
If your not worried about complete privacy but just want a little coverage i would recommend going with a ripple fold sheers on a ks track. It mounts to the ceiling and its a clean modern look it would look absolutely fabulous on your windows.


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Diana Bier Interiors, LLC
Fantastic windows in a fantastic room! Lucky you!
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JMittman Designs
You can still add panels to this window and make it look great if you choose. Here is an example.
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I would try the sofa facing the fireplace with chairs facing windows, and pull the bench out to where the chairs are. Put the Chinese chest in the nook. Maybe even recover the bench in a fabric to bring the beautiful green from the dining chairs to this side of the space. Then the Fiddle-leaf fig would have more space in that corner. Carry the color through in pillows and a geometric patterned rug. Beautiful windows that need no covering for now. You might want to just do something seasonal in the cooler months. Carry your accent colors onto the mantle with glass vessels too.
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My home has walls of windows that are 6' tall with 2' tall transoms above them. Your dilema is my dilema, but my house backs up to the Snake River and winters are much colder where I live. The suggestion about the roman shades was a good one. While your windows are truly beautiful, you didn't address your need for privacy. Is your yard fenced or open to neighborhood view? My dilema was whether to start my roman shades at the top of the transoms and continue them all the way down. After seeing how great your windows look, I've decided to leave the transoms uncovered and just put the shades in the lower 6' spaces. Privacy will be addressed as well as the cold and heat issues.
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Privacy is not an issue....and with all the feedback, I am leaving the windows uncovered. I did get a comment from a designer to move the chinese chest to the nook wall and use the bench over by the window. I still love Monique Lacasse's idea of a large painting on the wall by the window. So now that my drapery dilemma is settled, I am rearranging the living room. Thanks to all for the help....Houzz is a wonderful connection to talented people.....
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Don't forget to post updated pictures!
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I am going to suggest that you center your furniture instead of positioning them so close to the fireplace, It would make sense for balancing the eye with your window wall,. That way, the rug will also be center with the room and you can access the seating for either side. A sofa table behind the couch will make the back look more appealing.
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The 2 pictures leaning up against the wall, are too small for that space. They can be used to the left of the fireplace, one on top of the other. Definitely play up the mantle and place a large mirror in that nook for depth.
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JWinteriors- the suggestions you made are great, but I've attached some more photos. The windows and door are in the center of the room but unfortunately the kitchen stools off set the center. If the couch was moved further over, there would be no room for the stools. Townehouse builders do not consider decorating...I love the idea of the sofa table as I do need lighting....And I will either move the chinese chest over to the nook with a very large oversized mirror, move the bench to the window wall with an oversized painting or keep the bench where it is in the nook and get an oversized mirror ( loved that idea). The two pictures I had came from the dining room which I am remodeling also. I thought they would look good over the bench but you are right, they are way too small. I also have a picture of the material I'm using for some pillows and pulling the eggplant color and the lime green colver out of it. Thank you for your input. The process takes months before I can get everything but will post updated pictures. And the plants and trees are only in for the winter.
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I still think moving the sofa to face the fireplace and the chairs where the sofa is now would create flow with the dining space. Love the accent material. Recover the bench in the eggplant color and put it in front of the windows.
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i'd do the drapery rod 1" from the ceiling, as this is tradtional in style
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