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Need help decorating my living room.
Gabriela NeblockJanuary 13, 2013
This is my formal living room. I have no idea how to decorate it. Any ideas?
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Aggie Purvinska
It's a beautiful space, but without knowing your likes and dislikes, needs and a budget, it is very difficult to advise..
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Right now you lack furniture. Plan to move the accent chair angled between the windows with the little table and lamp. You need a coffee table and two armchairs to sit at the edge of the rug facing the accent chair and windows. They need a table between them, probably a round one. You might turn the rug and make sure all the seats have their front feet on it. Pull a color from your rug for drapery.
I'd use floor to ceiling stationary panels with a bit of pattern. You need a beautiful picture over the sofa too. How about a couple of end tables for each side of the sofa? Don't buy matched sets of coffee, end and side tables. Mix it up a bit.
Madeline Chair, Turquoise
Sweep Upholstered Armchair
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Connie Nikiforoff Designs
I'm with AggieDesigns on this one. Without knowing any of your likes/dislikes, it's very hard to advise. What type of budget do you have to work with? One thing I would suggest for the time being is to bring that occasional table closer to the sofa. With the room being so empty, make the best 'cozy' arrangement you can. Bring it onto the rug area.

Can you borrow furniture items from other rooms in your house? What about a dresser to act as a console? Right now it's a blank slate :-) Play with what you've got, get inspiration photos and see what comes up :-)
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Connie Nikiforoff Designs
Ooops....I also meant to write "bring the occasional chair onto the rug, closer to the sofa".
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I don't think the sofa you have is big enough for that wall. I would bring it off the wall. Place the rug at an angle and angle the sofa on it. Bring the chair to the rug opposite the sofa and put the table next to it. I think the table needs a smaller squatter lamp. Add some medium tall plants in pretty baskets. Get an ottoman or floor pillows. Some window curtains with an ethnic print would be pretty on the sides of the windows. Bookcases on the wall where you have the sofa now would look nice with books, baskets, photos, or pottery. It is a beautiful room.
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Design Organize
You have a nice start with your furniture. You seem to have chosen good quality pieces to begin your room.

My best recommendation is to not rush into buying furniture just to fill the room. I counsel my clients in your position to save their money and buy one piece at a time: pieces that they truly love and want to keep the rest of their lives.

Your style seems to be sort of Moorish/Mediterranean. I recently did a redesign of a client's house where they had a couch very similar to yours.

Here is what they also had in their living room: a velvet chair that was eggplant in color, an oval cocktail table that had Turkish accent pieces on it, a leather chair, a stack of Turkish rug pillows on the floor and the whole room was pulled together by Turkish throw pillows and a centrall rug.

What needs to be fixed in your room right now is that all of your pieces are so far apart. I picture someone in that chair in the corner having to shout to be heard by someone sitting on the couch. Furniture makes a statement when they work together. Placing furniture all around the edge of a room only makes the room looked lined with furniture.

Don't be afraid to pull pieces closer together. Let them work together and have a realtionship with each other. Then, patterns, textures and colors can play off of each other, instead of being totally separate when they are far apart.

Look in interesting shops and even consignment stores. Find a side table or coffee table that you love. Look for individual pieces, rather than furniture and lamps and talbes that all match.

Think of your living room as being a place to sit and have a conversation with a few other people. Two other chairs would be nice as well as an ottoman that can be used as additional seating... or to put your feet on. Tables between the chairs and at either end of the couch would be nice with lamps on them for soft and intimate lighting.

Accessories need to express who you are. If you have chosen the couch and chair, you will likely choose accessories and art that will be of that same style. Just be sure not to get little-bitty art and accessories as they do not do much for a room except to make it look cluttered. Save your money and get larger art and larger accessories that will be more dramatic. In that case, less is really more!

Best to you!
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Ditto on what DesignOrganize said. Also, pull rich pink or rich blue from your rug for your draperies. The fabric on your furniture just begs for rich thick draperies. I love the arch going into your living room.
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I'm curious what lies beyond this room (view from standing in front of the windows). Can you post a pic? Also, bring the furniture closer together and at least get one comfortable chair and a couple end tables. A trunk or something similar can stand in for a coffee table and probably has more character.
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You need angles everything you placed in your room is square change it up and angle rug and furniture. Also something on the walls...frames are relatively cheap invest in a few and take some pictures in the colors found in your furniture.
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