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table color
guillermo1January 14, 2013
I bought this end table at a resale shop for $14 (whoohoo). I can't decide what color to paint it. I bought black paint, but wonder if white or another color would look better. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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You could spray it high gloss blue to match your cushions, fun and not too risky on a 40 dollar table
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I would paint it white. That will tie it into the builtins, baseboards and moldings. The upholstered chair and the picture on the wall also have some white. I would get rid of the blue pillows they clash with the sofa. I would bring in some pillows that are white and have accents of the same blue in the sofa.
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Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design
Like the white idea and would pull the rattan basket out from under it - it could be used in another way, like as a vase stand - or with tall stack of books - or 3 pillows stacked up -
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I loved all of your ideas and am in the process of using them. The table is almost done (painted in white). I moved the basket the the side of the fireplace that needed some decor anyway (but still not sure what to put in it), and I'm getting a few pillows made out of the same fabric that's on the wall decor. I think I'll add more fun pillows as well so it doesn't look too matchy, matchy. You can see from the picture that, although the table is missing, just removing the awkward pillow and the basket to a better location makes the room look better. Thanks again!
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Once I get the table painted I'll buy a lamp. The two I have my eye on are below. Do you all have any opinions as to whether one of these look better than the other (or neither). I was thinking that something with a chunky base would look better than tall and thin.
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Here is a picture of the room with the table painted white, blue pillow removed, and the basket relocated to the fireplace. Woven shades are going to be installed on Friday. Does anyone have an opinion on lamp style and color? When you walk through the front door, the table and lamp are the first thing you see from the entry. I am having a huge event at my house on Saturday with more people than I've ever had at my house at one time, but if I can just get this main room comfortable then I'll feel a little better. Thanks for any opinions.
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I like the table in white. I love the lamp. In my opinion you can add accent pillows that are in a crisp white background like the shade and the other white accents. Make sure the pillows have color details that tie in the other colors in the room and add a throw on the "L" part of the sectional. The throw should be in the same blue as the lamp. Buy the items don't take the tags off or loss the receipts, place them in the room for a couple of days and see how the accents look and feel. Make sure the throw has a luxury feel and texture (no fur too much texture).
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Thank you, thank you, csmith230! That is exactly the opinion that I needed. Are you sure that the lamp below wouldn't look better?
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I don't feel the lamp with the green shade and the copper base goes with the room. From the picture you provided of the room I don't see any copper accents. The lamp is beautiful, but the lamp with the blue base is a better fit.

I fall in love all the time with accent pieces that don't fit a my decor. My suggestion if you really can't leave the lamp at the store is to see if it fits in another room. For instance if you have a buffet or sideboard in your dining room see if the lamp might fit. If you buy two (not suggesting you overspend) you can place them on the night stands in your bedroom (talk about a luxurious and sophisticated look), especially if you can find bedding with some coppertone accents. Just a couple of suggestions.
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Manon Floreat
Your table turned out really nice. While I like the blue lamp, it seems a bit predictable for the space. Have you considered hammered metal? This one's $69.95 at lamps plus. It will add a bit of sparkle but still be versatile should you change your green and teal accent colors.
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Trina Ambrose
Dont you just love bargains - what a great find! I would probably close the lid on the basket and fold up a throw and place it on top - its also a great place to stash some magazines or bubs toys. I would also display some lovely books on the white table along with the lamp as it looks a bit bare. A throw would also look nice on the sofa near the table, picking up one of the accent colours - maybe that soft blue. Just some thoughts...
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I love all of your thoughts and, as you can see, have used many of them. CSmith - I fall in love with pieces that don't go with the room a lot as well. It takes me a while to see it because I only notice the piece that I love. But, you're right. There isn't any copper so the blue lamp will have to work. Manon - I was on the same page about a lamp that's not quite so predictable. I thought about a metal look or even a wicker lamp. Unfortunately, I've run out of time so the blue lamp will have to do for now. After the event on Saturday I might just switch to the look of the lamp in your picture. I like Lamps Plus. Trina - Thanks for the tip about the books on the table. I think it looks a little bare and I have tons of decorating books that would add color to it. Thank you all, again, for your thoughts.
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