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Furniture placement

Carol ZarrilliJanuary 14, 2013
Awkward great room for furniture placement. Thinking of getting new sofa and love seat. Also, new rug, accessories, etc. desperately need advice!
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Carol Zarrilli
Room color is BM Cream Fleece.
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This room has not focal point...if possible, rid of door next to tv and make it one long wall. Then you have something to work with.
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When you have a FP you have a built-in focal point. Would be wise to put TV in the recess beside it and reorient your seating that direction. Try the long sofa on the wall and the little one in an "L" with if facing the focal end of the room.
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Carol Zarrilli
Not possible to lose the door at this time. Need to work with what I've got.
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do you plan on keeping all 3 tables when you buy new sofa and love seat? Also, I would paint the fireplace mantle white. Would stand out so much better. What is your furniture style? Modern, contempory, traditional?
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Carol Zarrilli
Yes, the tables are staying. I think my style is mostly traditional.
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I think more color.... a new rug possibly.
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Get a darker colored, perhaps patterned, rug. Add a cozy feeling by painting the walls a color with more pop but not overpowering.
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Marcia Plourde
Definitely needs some bright colors added to it...and I think if you put the tv over the mantle you'll minimize the focus
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You could always move the tv in the corner where the lamp is and put the lamp behind the tv, maybe it might spark some new thought
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There's no color here--all neutrals! I'd change the floor lamp for a table lamp. Consider some art work on the walls.
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Lynn Wright
ok the furniture needs to be change to a beautiful L shaped leather cream suite the tables to many one in front of suite with a beautiful mexian square boxed table in front of suite tv on the wall remove fire and put a beautiful log burner in remove the rug it better none than this one tall long standin lights in the corners or on the walls creatin a warm room on the table instead of candles a beautiful hand made oil lamp filled with a cascading sent through ur whole home found in the web site of ashleigh and burnwoods if u cant get log burner then one of the many beautiful new designed fires wouls do but this room speaks log burner
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Start by painting the wall behind the fireplace a darker color and then move the tv next to the fireplace. Perhaps, buy a sectional in a taupe with the short side facing the fireplace. Put the narrow table behind it. A nice armchair angled at the short end of the sectional. You could put a nice bench where the narrow table is now. Dark wood tv cabinet and tables would stand out more. A nice patterned rug with the taupe and another accent color would be nice. On the wall where the tv is now, either a large painting or a collage of photos would create some interest. A large twiggy mirror above the fireplace would give some texture.
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What do you think about these couches, not the color though. just the styles. The first picture has taller legs and the second pic is a sectional, the third pic has smaller legs on the couch.
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Tv above the mantle and I think it's the chairs that are awkward move them around until they work maybe try them both on the large wall where the tv is (was) and a table inbetween. It would be more open and then add some colour a nice rug to anchor it all. Good luck!
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You gotta bring in color color color. It's too "tan". I'm a neutral/earthy colored person but my pop color is burgundy. You gotta have pop color in here. :) Also, hang some more wall art, family pictures, wall words, shelving, something.
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do you have a close up picture of the fire place?
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Decorating Den Interiors
First move the tv and entertainment console into the corner. Then depending on the length of the sofa, move it to where you have the chair, and place the sofa table behind it. Then place both chairs where you have the sofa, and put the small end table between them. Add a piece of artwork to the long wall where the tv sits now. Change out the area rug with one that has more color and pattern and paint the walls a different color. Everything is the same color and you need some contrast.
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Jennifer Brown
You need to create a conversation area. See if you can put the tv in the corner between the wall and the fireplace. Take your furniture and put couch against wall and the two chairs facing the couch, If you like the layout think of two couches facing each other with two chairs facing the fireplace. Find a painting that you love and a fabric to match it. Buy your new furniture to compliment the painting and fabric. Neutral couches and chairs with the fabric that you like made into pillows. Just some ideas. What you don't like about your furniture now is they are scattered and feel like they are floating. There isn't a dark anything, e.g. coffee table, rug to anchor the space. Look at some magazines pictures you love and use them as a guide line. Good luck..
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Carol, I think you need to start anew. Don't spend money on sofas until you figure out a design. From your pictures I cannot see any distinct living area. Add additional photos: taken straight on toward your fireplace and then with your back at your front door looking straight into your room.

Right now your furniture is oversized, not aligned and just floating in the room.
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the room needs lighting and crown molding to give it some presence. i also think a bigger area rug would delineate the space better. as well, a chandelier would bring more impact to the room. as far as arrangement, i agree the tv should go in the alcove by the fireplace...to the right of the fireplace...preferably in some kind of piece that hides the tv. then i'd take your couch and put it perpendicular to where it now, seated facing the fireplace/tv. place the media console behind it. put the end table on on end and place lamps on either side on the media console. place the big double chair against the slanted by the wall facing the tv/fireplace and the rocking chair or accent chair next to the couch facing the wall.
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Ceddy Ced
Move the console table behind the sofa. Add color the wall. Get darker furniture for the light wood floors. The bigger room may call for a larger television. Also get some art for the walls and a colorful rug for the floors.
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Darlene Rantala
You have a beautiful space to work with. Defining your living area with a darker area rug would be a good start. the cabinet for your t.v. should be darker. Presently the t.v. looks like its floating. The mirror could then be a coordinating stain, Your pastel greens & ivory will stand out more looking very elegant. good luck :)
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Agree with moving the TV to next to the fireplace. Another way to anchor the room is to place a low sideboard/ buffet behind the main lounge ( lower than the lounge so sightlines aren't broken - with some beautiful vases etc. ) - back to back - so its facing the front door. This creates a visual "wall", and helps define the sitting area. Good luck!;)
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I agree with everything Decorating Den has advised. The view from the front door needs the couch to be where that chair is and facing towards the lovely fireplace. Having the tv in the corner takes the focus off it. Two couches or one L shape sectional facing towards the wall where you currently have the tv plus the other side or second couch facing the fire will give a difference focus. A rug with some colour in it will anchor the room. Put a sideboard with a drinks tray and lovely art on the wall where the tv currently is.
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I think u need to start all over coz u have got a gorgeous place
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I think that you have two uses for this room. It's for conversation and for entertainment. The fireplace is the focal point of the conversation area of the room. The tv is the entertainment aspect. The best way to arrange the room would be to have a sofa with a chaise lounge and a sofa chair. The idea of a chair In the corner is a good one if placed away from the wall and closer to the fireplace. Creating a cozy conversation area when not watching tv with a guest. But mainly, you need a sofa with a chaise lounge attached. The chaise should be on the opposite side of the fireplace but parallel to it with the sofa facing the tv. You can decorate however you want around that layout. The tv stays in the same spot and you have two functions for the room with an open feel to the space. If you put the tv in the corner, it will distract your eye from the focal point of the fireplace. They should not be next to one another. You lose your focal point.
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What's Inside Design Ltd.
Hi Carol,
You have a beautiful space to work with!
Without knowing any more than you like traditional style, I put together a quick vision board with some items I think would look lovely in your space!
Also, I would position the couch facing the fireplace straight on, a second couch against the right wall and two slipper chairs on the left side of the room facing the couch that's against the wall. I would then put the TV where your floor lamp is currently. Good luck and have fun!! I'd love to see "after" photos when you have them!!!
Caroline Leclair
P.S. The sofa table in the Vision Board is to go behind the couch that faces the fireplace...making the back of the couch more visually appealing when people come in the front entrance.
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Julia Wakely Interiors
I agree with Jennifer Brown. 2 identical sofas facing each other, 2 lightly patterned small scale chairs, a large leggy coffee table (perhaps marble with bronzed metal legs). You need a much larger rug (maybe 9x12-tape out the space). A white tv media unit between fireplace and wall could be a built in or ready made (check out crate and barrel). Behind the left sofa add a sofa table, and a round accent table between the two chairs.
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How about angling the sofa with the back toward the entry with a great sofa table table against the back of it. Would help divide the room from the entry. A larger area rug. Hangings or art on walls. Large plants. How about a sectional? It could look stunning. Id stay soft here though. Looks like that is your feel and add the color with the wall hangings and art. Mirrors and brass bring it alive. Just dont give up the way you live for the sake of design. Could use some height in anything.
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Jennifer and Julia have it right. Either 2 sofas facing each other or a big sectional and a chair. Make the fireplace the focal point, not an afterthought. Need color!!!!!! All neutral furnishings with a colorful rug and maybe some throw pillows is all you need (vs. colorful furniture and neutral rugs.) If your firplace mantel wasn't so high, I'd say hang the tv over the f.p., but unless you're willing to re-do your mantel, just put in in the corner or on the wall next to fp with a swiveling anchor.
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I love all the comments n the problem solving. I would suggest putting the tv in an armoire. Then you can store all your cd in there as well. Tuck the armoire beside the fireplace at an angle n surround your furniture around - closer to the fire place.

The next option is to go hi tech . Where u get those flat screen tv that has Internet n mount it to the wall.. Like how Starbucks do it... It can act as a picture slide show or anything ... Try to get a silver frame instead of black for the flat screen tv.
And you can put it over your fireplace.

Add taller furniture for height Interest n make sure Color scheme goes together with a certain style in mind.
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I would put the tv above the fireplace as well. I'd also paint out the fireplace, your coffee and end table in a distressed slate gray where just the wood is (leave the creamy white colour). I'd get a off white sectional or sofa and 2 chairs and add a variety of cushions (I like Urban Barn's birds, writing, crown, etc.) These are fun printed cushions. I agree with others too that the rug is too small and needs to be larger. I'd use tones of gray, cream and black. A bookcase beside the fireplace would be good for displaying items. I'd lose the sofa table and tv console altogether.
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The look you have going is "shabby chic' which is timeless, cozy, soft and inviting. You do not need to add bold color! This can be so fun to work with. Keep all the furniture and t hink of spending all your money on adding battenberg laces maybe as a table cover of a small circular table and accessories like crystal candlesticks, antique flowerpots or maybe a spinning wheel. Go to some antique or second hand shops see what you can find thats interesting . One has to be careful of electronics placed to close to the real wood fireplace.. Lowes and Home Depot have some wool affordable rugs. like a carved floral soft colored rug. Maybe square up the large chair and opposite, in front of fireplace put one or two overstuffed ottomens. view of the fireplace is not interfered with then but u have extra seating for conversation. Put the sofa table behind the sofa push back against the wall with sofa in front, add buffet lamps and picture or collage of pictures between lamps on the wall. That table would be an ideal place to display some old china plates or china cups and teapot. On either side of the fireplace put (at least) a 5 or 6 ft arecea palm plants, real or not. (real ones are very easy to maintain, just dont overwater) Around the room add plants like ivy, babytears or violets, stacks of ole classic books----accessorize, accessorize, accessorize with a variety of fun and interesting "nest" things and love curling up on that sofa with a heavy hand knitted blanket. Be different, be unique and love spending time in your welcoming room! Good luck!
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