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How do I warm up my master bedroom?

ekc3502January 15, 2013
My master bedroom has very high ceilings (17 feet at the high point). What do I do to make the room more cozy? The bed is against the windows because if I put it on the other wall - I can literally see clear across the house - it was for privacy reasons. Thoughts welcome. I am particularly interested in what I should do for window treatments (high windows are nearly 140 inches high)
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Celia Bedilia
Curtain panels.
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Matteo Dezigns
I would suggest putting your bed on the wall where the tv is, the TV where the dresser is and the dresser where the red chair is. Put roman shades on the windows and have them hang down approx 40%, and it will help shorten the windows. Red and white are very difficult to work with, so if you aren't married to it, i would swap the white out for a nice tan/cocoa color, it will work well together and be easier to decorate. Paint a tan/cocoa on the walls, and use the red as an accent color. In addition, you can paint the wall with the 2 windows a red accent and make it a focal wall with no furniture. Maybe find a couple small square pictures to hang between the windows, one on top of the other. Put the red chair in the right corner of the room (on the right side of the 2 windows.
You can even paint the blades on the fan red if you want. Hope you like my suggestions.
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I agree that the window wall is not ideal for your headboard. If privacy and light control are issues look into opaque, room darkening textured shades as opposed to your slatted blinds. Add warmth to your lovely room with a toast colored area rug on the floor and coordinating bed linens with warm cinnamon accents like those pictured from Pottery Barn.
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@michigammemom - I should clarify what I meant by the privacy issue - the issue is that the door to the bedroom offers a direct line of sight from the bedroom all the way across the house (think of a shotgun style house leading directly to your bed). If I put the bed on any other wall - the bed is directly in that line of sight (and sounds). The simple answer is to shut the door - unfortunately that it is not an option with the pets.
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would recommend Roman Shades they would fit really well in you frames and you can pick any fabric to really liven up the room.

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Matteo Dezigns
I mentioned putting the bed on the same wall as the bedroom door...so when you walk into your bedroom, your bed is on the immediate right (i believe that is where you have the tv??....would that not work?
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I like the idea but the wall is too short to accomodate the bed and two nightstands
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Elizabeth Shutters
I would mount roman shades in the windows in either a neutral fabric with a great texture or in a woven wood material to add warmth and texture. The most important thing, though, is to make them top-down-bottom-up. That way you can enjoy both privacy and your sky view and keep natural light coming into the room. http://www.3day.com/linda-williams
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Any other (inexpensive) thoughts?
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Aja Mazin
See the little switch on your ceiling fan?

Use it.
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LB Interiors
I suggest painting the walls a light to mid-tone golden color as in the knotty pine above. It will bring the high ceiling and and the walls and the floor together as one unit. It will ground the room and your eye will be drawn up to the beautiful ceiling. Your accents of darker wood mouldings and furniture will pop. I like the placement of the furniture especially since you prefer the privacy explained.

The windows are great and I would treat that area as one unit. This will give the illusion of a wide backdrop for the bed and nightstands. Purchase 2 panels, ready-made 95" long red drapes with grommet headings or mount with clip rings, or drapes to mount on a traverse rod for ease of opening. The treatment could be 2 separate rods or use just one rod across both windows.To make up the difference 104"+ vs 95" , purchase 2/3 yd of white or red & white stripe or red print fabric. Sew to the bottom of 95" lengths to create a contrasting lower band and cover the entire length of 104"+ height. A drycleaners may be able to that for you, if you don't sew. Hang artwork on the space between windows. One tall piece or 3 smaller pieces on top of each other.

On the wall where you have the double dresser with mirror, I would move the red chair (angled) in front of the window. Add a small table on the left side, place your lamp on this table. Move the tall dresser on the wall where chair is (center of wall). Place TV on top. Better TV viewing from the bed. Add some greenery, maybe a tall plant or tree in the left corner near the double dresser. Add colorful accessories and artwork. Maybe some lapis blue, red/purple, navy and yellow. This would help the room create more interest than just a red and white scheme if that's what you want. Drapes example in photo
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Hunter Douglas Silhouettes on your windows. I'd move your bed on the wall where the dresser is now, I don't like the headboard covering two windows. Your paint colour does not help make the wood tones of your ceiling rich, and the paint doesn't compliment your bedding. Nothing is pulling everything together. You need one inspiration point - and pull all your colours together with that inspiration.

Have a style in mind - and an inspiration photo of your dream bedroom to keep you focused on the end result. Choose whether that will be your bedding, or new drapery and then update your room to compliment that palette.

I also think your headboard needs to be much more substantial - the tiny wrought iron is getting lost. I'd add a gorgeous upholstered headboard to give weight to the high ceilings.

Try adding some black to your space - either in black table lamps, or side tables, with black picture frames - your room is floating away on a bed of all light and no weight. With the heavy wood ceiling its not making any sense to me. Some photos for inspiration for you, keep us posted of your progress,
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Pat Gardiner
If you have shelves over, or partially over your bed you don't need night stands and then you can move the bed. I have a similar problem with my pets and I got an unfinished headboard with built in shelving (it was a great deal cheaper than a finished one) and finished it to compliment the rest of the furniture.
As for the high ceiling you can either decorate the room so the eye doesn't go above the height you want by using paint and decorations that define the space or decorate to draw the eye upward. Tall items of differing heights, stair-stepped shelving, really tall ladders, grouped lighting, wall hangings, pictures placed vertically instead of horizontally... Ideas come to mind once you adjust your thinking away from the norm. By using the height you could make the room look larger. Drapes instead of curtains seem like they would work better in that room and if you're going to use the height you might think about starting the drapes way above the tops of the windows. That might also help pull the decorating together if you leave the bed in front of the windows as the drapes could act as a backdrop for the bed. With the right material the light coming in from the windows could give a really dramatic effect during the day. You could even put some kind of lighting behind the drapes or add floor lights to mimic the effect at night.
That looks like a flat screen TV. You might consider attaching it to the wall or getting a tall slim tower for it so you can use the bureau for a more decorative and useful purpose.
What's on the wall opposite the dresser and mirror? Can the bed be moved there? Does your room have 2 doors?
You can also place the bed catty-corner and that will allow for the end tables and give you room for hidden storage or a decorating space behind the headboard. There is also the option of replacing the door, if it's a valuable one, with a cheaper one and installing a pet door so you can keep your door closed. An unfinished solid pine door from Lowe's or Home Depot is less than $100.00 (not pre-hung, you don't need that).
Hope this helps, success.
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Pat - I love some of your suggestions, particularly the bed on an angle. To answer your question, the wall opposite the dresser has a chair and side table. There are two doors on that wall so putting the bed there is not an option.
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I'd ask first you you are willing to change the color palette, and if yes what are the colors that you think of first? And which would be the style that makes you most comfortable? Are you dreaming of a bright , happy bedroom or more of a dark, romantic, quiet one?

There are a lot of inexpensive details you could add to your bedroom and you could most of the work yourself.

The color palette I envision in your bedroom is made of earthy tones : golden cream and cream with burnt sienna/orange/cinnamon and/or chocolate with dark furniture. - first photo. You already have dark furniture and trims, all you need is fresh paint on the walls.
Then, as you said you 'd like to keep the bed as it is, I would use the wall as in the 2nd picture.
I would keep the window treatments plain ( heavy drapes not sheers), without any pattern and bring the pattern to the room with a rug or bedding and then balance the room with accents, wall art., frames on the nightstand.
The window treatments you could do yourself - buy enough length of desired fabric, then use fusible bonding web for hems . Then buy curtain grommets, they come with a template and they easily snap together

Do you like your headboard?

For your armchair you could use a slipcover to mach the new color palette.

Also the proper lamps would make a huge impact. I would consider - taller, wider base with wider lamp shades.

The best advice I could give though is : don't rush! Try to narrow the options and then invest time and money only when you find exactly what you are looking for. It might take a while until you put everything together but is worth waiting .

Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC. · More Info

Master Bedroom · More Info
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this is how sheer instead of heavy drapes would look like
Fisher Island · More Info

Master Bedroom · More Info
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Do I paint the trim white? Or leave it dark?
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So taking some of your suggestions, I started with the least expensive improvement and rearranged the furniture...what do you think?
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How do you feel? :)
I'd say that this is the most important question you have to answer.
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I think I need to live with it for a little bit to see how it is.
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LB Interiors
Wow, I like to see people try different options. Thanks for the update.
Thanks for taking the time and energy to show us the progress.

I agree Pat, the bed looks fine catycornered, but I'm not liking where the small chest is on the left of the bed. It isn't fitting the space correctly. It extends beyond the window frames. I'm having a hard time trying to place the other pieces, but I do like the bed that way too!

The mirror by the bed is in the wrong place also. I'm so sorry, but the the tall dresser and red chair don't seem to work together. The chair seems lonely and I'm no usually comfortable in a chair if there is a tall peice of furniture near me. It also needs an end table to feel cozy and useful. The long dresser is fine on that wall. Maybe put the TV on top? Bed and long dresser are good but leaves other items a dilemma on where to place in the room.
Your walls are larger than the furniture you have to use the space.Most people don't have that problem.

I still feel that the original position of the bed and long dresser were in the right places. They seem to fit the wall sizes and spaces better including giving you better options for the other furniture. Reasons being that it allows better placements and purpose for the other pieces in the room.

I really feel that you weren't far off in how to use the space and the furniture that you had to work with. Good job.!

Orig idea: Bed at windows, chest table left side of bed. Long dresser where you had it, centered between left wall corner - up to the left side of the window frame. Mirror above like you had it. High dresser opposite the bed, TV on top. Centered in the wall. Red chair at window on right side of room catycornered. Small end table next to red chair, lamp on top of table. Maybe it's worth a try?
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Ron Kith
How about changing the glass from clear to frosty and also having roman blinds ( there are wide ranges from opaque to translucent of course with luxury light charcoal or beige colour to compliment your taste) also painting the wall in the room to suit the window coverings and also the bed linen. !!!!!
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I agree with beyondframes with respect to time. We are going to take our time and find pieces we love. We definitely need new bedding as the quilt and comforter are past their prime. I have been searching for fabrics I like to have window coverings made. I would love a new large bed because we have the space. I am hoping to find nightstands, perhaps round. with all decorating it costs money...so we are hoping to take small manageable bites
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LB Interiors
I agree with ekc3502. Take your time for all the paint and fabric choices for the room. I would concentrate on the floorplan of the room. That always comes first. The choices for decorating with color and fabrics will guide you where the decorating will look and feel the best. You will see how and where to use it in relationship to each other and their placements.

Please post photos when you decide on the furniture layout. Would love to see the progress.
Good luck!
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