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Help with this fireplace

cindyJanuary 15, 2013
We cannot afford to replace the mantel or the stone facade in this living room, so painting is the only option at this time. I added pics but here are the details...

1. Floor is dark bamboo
2. Fireplace is on the center of the wall you see first when you enter the house between two large windows (no window treatments yet) -- lots of light in the room
3. The wall the fireplace is painted --

SW 6038 Truly Taupe
Color CollectionSW Color
Color FamilyViolets
Color Strip6
RGB ValueR-175 | G-162 | B-154
Hexadecimal Value#AFA29A

4. The walls adjacent to it is painted
SW 6037 Temperate Taupe
Color CollectionSW Color
Color FamilyViolets
Color Strip6
RGB ValueR-192 | G-179 | B-171

5. the 4.25 inch baseboards, window casings, and ceiling (and other trim) is
SW 6035 Gauzy White
Color CollectionSW Color
Color FamilyWhites
Color Strip6
RGB ValueR-228 | G-221 | B-214
Hexadecimal Value#E4DDD6

6. the tile you see is in the kitchen which is open to this living room

6. No furniture yet...but plan to buy a mini-chandlier and some contemporary furniture (couch probably leather with a glass coffee table)
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another view
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Ikes, I think I would love it once it's painted white. I even like the stone. Maybe once it's finished, and you have a painting or metal art above it, it will be better?
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Howdy, The floor and paint work well together. Match the trim to the tile color from your Kitchen. Then keep the color scheme simple. Consider a woven fabric for the seating in white and taupe. Find leather pillows and combine with animal skin patterned furry pillows. Try a white faux animal hide rug.
Use a soft fold shade in white for the windows and mount a rod higher up on the wall. Use a Silvery
finish for the rod with a cool finial at the Fireplace end of the rod. Use a single panel of fabric that has texture and hang it to the floor. For interest, you can run a band of trim down the edge.
Over the fireplace use a three dimensional object rather than a painting or print in a frame. Metal sculpture, an architectural fragment, even driftwood kind of thing. If it can be done, add a spot light in the ceiling illuminating the Fireplace wall. For extra glam have the ceiling wallpapered with a subdued metalic paper, or, paint it a light shade of Bronze, Pewter, or Silver-gray.
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Thanks Carrie and jeffrey...I think i will look at painting it the "white" trim color that flows through to the kitchen -- with some furniture and window treatments it will blend better. Jeffrey -- so you are are thinking a woven fabric couch --- we will consider that.....
Love the faux animal hide rug....never thought of that !!
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Animal hide rugs and the pillows I mentioned can be found online at shops like Wayfair or just Google them and you'll find other sources.
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Miranda Davis
Where did you get the mantel I've been looking for one.
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Yep, you'll have a great room! And the fireplace is not quite bad. If you are need a new furniture please welcome to us!
Sofas are available here http://www.furniturenyc.net/sofas.html
Coffee Tables: http://www.furniturenyc.net/coffee-tables.html
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Are you using a strand bamboo floor and floating it? I ask because I am thinking of using that. How do you like it and do you hear much of an echo? How is the underpad you chose? I think your room looks good.
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I love your fireplace!
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Wow, thats a really white floor butted up next to a really dark floor.
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Yes, it is Bamboo -- morning star brand. As I understand, we picked the highest grade of Bamboo. I wanted Bamboo because it is so hard and durable. We purchased it at Lumber Liquidators, if you have a branch in your area, you should check them out--- the price was fantastic and the service was great. The sound on the floor is similar to a hard wood floor -- not laminate. It is a click together product, but it has to be nailed down. We used a professional installer.
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The fireplace is probably not anything very special, based on the quality of materials in the casings and baseboards....we purchased this house a month ago. It is 11 years old and probably not updated since it was built--- the last 3 years were rough on the house with a renter, so we basically had to tear out all the carpets, counters, baseboards and etc.
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Jeffrey Brooks Interior Design
Happy Saturday! Just checking in to see how you're doing with the plan. I'm not sure of the dimensions of your Living Room so I'm winging it here, but, I looked at the photo again and have some thoughts. If the room is deep enough, you might consider using a love seat floating in the room, facing the Fireplace. Flank the FP with chairs and add bookcases on the wall opposite the FP. Use two small tables instead of a large coffee table. Metal and glass or lucite adds some reflection without being too "heavy" looking. Look at lighting that will add height. Let me know how it goes!!!!
Regards, Jeffrey Brooks
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Cancork Floor Inc.
I've just spent the last hour looking for the msds sheets on the Morning Star Bamboo product line. I had to use another website...Morning Star does NOT offer the msds sheets on their own website! Makes you wonder. If it is that hard to find, then the man. doesn't want you know know!

Anyway, if you are looking for the chemical make up of Morning Star Bamboo, here is the link:

They use Urea Formaldehyde in production and 7 coats of polyurethane with Aluminum Oxide. No mention of "water based" product. This means the polyurethane is probably solvent based. Aluminum Oxide, in dust form (ie. cutting the bamboo) is a health hazard.

The Morning Star Bamboo carries some mild health warnings due to the products used in production, off-gassing, and exposure to urea formaldehyde.

News on the street (I got this from a high-end bamboo dealer...he's a friend/colleague of mine) the industry has not fixed the "denting" or the scratching (yes, even the aluminum oxide scratches) issues with bamboo. Nor is there anything in the "pipeline" that would help the industry.

Fascinating that Morning Star Bamboo does not list it's own MSDS technical/chemical sheet...probably because of all the health warnings at the end!
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Jeffrey --love the idea of the love seat instead of the sofa ....we took tape and marked outlines of a love seat and 4 chairs (2 on each side ) and then did the same for the 87 inch sofa I was planning to have made. I really liked the feeling of having the love seat there instead of the sofa. We have a casual family room with a "comfy" sofa....so a love seat might be perfect for us. We are also considering your suggestions for the tables... keep commenting as it comes to you....thanks
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...shopping for that love seat...wondering if I could do a floor rug with texture, a modern leather loveseat, and then fabric for the chairs with a "woven" texture ???? (just love the way leather feels when you sit on it). ....
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