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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Design chalenge: A room for a baby boy and 8 year old girl

sango08January 15, 2013
Hi all!!!
Just got a baby boy in November, and have daughter who is 8.
I have divided the room in two with a white curtain for now (not shown on pics ),
I can't decide on bedding for my daughter ,paint, storage boxes for Expedit bookcase and fabric for the back of the bookcase.

Don't want to change much, but I don't want it to look mismatched + I am on a budget.
Colors for her part of the room- magenta pink, purple, brown and turquoise
Colors for baby's part- light green, brown, turquoise
Here is what I have in mind,
Please tell me if I am on the right path or heading for design disaster!?

BEDDING- http://www.target.com/p/gypsy-mini-bed-in-a-bag-set-brown/-/A-11653959#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=gypsy+bed+in+a+bag

PAINT -Ben Moore-Wales Green-not as bright as yellow

STORAGE boxes ITSO TARGET POLKA DOT(like that they are sturdier then IKEA drona, not crazy about polka dot...but it might match the bedding?)

FABRIC-would like to attach fabric to the back of Expedit bookcase

Please help,
post- comments -photos-ideas
I would like to organize,
finally clean this room and make it kid friendly!!!
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The polka dot bins do not appear to match DD's bedding. With that bedding, plain bins and solid color fabric(s) behind the bookcases. Or choose the polka dot bins and have solid bedding (in one of the bright dot colors) and solid behind bookcase. R U keeping the rug near the crib? Not sure the rug goes with the bedding or bins. Stick with solid colors with pattern in only one area. The room below has pattern on the art, but the rest of room is solid color. If U R keeping the rug, have the rug be the pattern in the room.
Contemporary Kids · More Info
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Thanks for advice.ok,change of plans,instead of having so many colors i will pick green and purple,as my main colors.I am keeping the rug,and YES that was one of the ideas I had is to find,fabric, colors,bedding that would match the rug,but totaly out of luck and ideas what would match..maybe get something from Ikea since it is Ikea rug..the room is separated by a white curtain,so it appears like it is two rooms and not one,now I am not even sure should I paint the room green, I like the picture above,making one wall bright color and the rest leave white,but then it will have too much white(with the curtains, beds and bookcases), I really hate this yellow and the wales green appears to match my son's bedding too much.
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Is there Purple in the rug?

The QA on that photo says the main wall color is Cotton Fluff by Behr and the orange is Copper River by Behr. The colors might look different in your kid's room. The cotton Fluff looks nice with the white bed in the photo.

Here's the cotton fluff http://www.myperfectcolor.com/en/color/71300_Behr-W-D-400-Cotton-Fluff

Here's Copper River: http://www.myperfectcolor.com/en/color/71837_Behr-260D-4-Copper-River

Here's an article on choosing paint 4 walls: http://www.lindaholtinteriors.com/2011/07/testing-wall-color-101/

Not sure why U hate the yellow walls U have. The white furniture/curtains looks good with the yellow walls.
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There is no purple in the rug:(((
But like I said it might work since the room is divided into two parts,
So her part I can make purple and his green,
I think orange would look to bright in my room,butt cotton fluff sounds like good option
I am tiered of yellow, this paint has been there for 7 yrs and it is very bright ,to stimulating...
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Thank you for your suggestion.
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I'd stick with colors in the rug.
How about: neutral walls (this appears to be off-white-light-gray) and stripes in the colors of the rug for your DD. Maybe U can find stripes that match better.
Pink And Green Chevron Stripe Duvet Cover · More Info
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This looks beautiful!! Would this the fabric for the back of the bookcase work?

then I can just get more boxes in solid color matching zig zag colors on the duvet

My only question is now:do I have to get rid of purple in the room(chalkboard doors, doll closet curtains,purple walls next to window)?
I have pottery barn quilt in lavender (picture below)that would not match chevron stripe duvet...

My daughter loves purple,I think she would not like this idea..:(((
this is what I had in mind but then that means the rug is out

I found something on Target that might match...floral,Just not crazy about 100% polyester bedding
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The fabric.com chevron stripe fabric would not go with the chevron pink/green bedding. If U choose the striped bedding in the photo above, do not add any other pattern for the room: solid colors only. With the pink/green chevron U would have to get rid of the purple in room. Target + PB + quilt bedding not good with rug.

If U choose the PB bedding, have the back bookcase fabric be a solid purple that blends with the bedding. The walls in PB seem a grayed-off-white.
French Bedroom · More Info

If U choose quilt you can fashion a canopy on wall. Maybe deep purple sheets like the wall & pale pink behind bookcase.
kids room · More Info
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thanks, got few ideas now I need to start looking...
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What do you think about this bedding?
It incorporates light purple and colors from the rug.
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The problem is since the rug is floral, the other fabric in room should be solid or stripe or plaid in the rug's colors. I'm beginning to agree with your original idea: if your DD is crazy 4 purple, just go along with your idea of creating an entirely new color theme and not coordinating the 2 rooms at all.
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Design with Vision
Purple and green are a wonderful combo. They can be used for both the girl and the boy in different patterns. Her side can be more floral and his more geometric. Her purple can be more lavender and his more plum. I would consider putting in a long white shallow bookcase to divide the space (you can have the dividing curtain behind it). What an exciting challenge!
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Storage boxes to consider for the bookcase

Real simple-green
don't look that sturdy

Green milk crates

More canvas ones under 10$
....again ...I wonder if they are sturdy enough? And if they can handle kids pulling them in and out....

Au naturale from IKEA


Target has canvas ones..ITSO line it in beige( that could be spray painted to a desired color with Simply Spray)

A bit pricey-will need at least 5-10 and that would make them more expensive then the bookcase ,but I really like this ones
Any other suggestions
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Congratulations to your family addition!
Have you thought about using the bookcase as a room divider? It has to be attached to a wall or ceiling in order to be safe.
To be honest, your little one is tiny and probably does not care that much how his room looks at this time.
Your eight year old probably does.
At the moment everything looks very busy. Kids need a place to retreat and calm down in this crazy world. Ikea bins are a great idea. I would box up more stuff in the same white units and have it all uniform above the door. Paint that side of the room all white, including the door.that way it will make the room look larger.same thing on the window side, the purple "pillars" narrow the room tremendously.
Paint her bed side wall a nice purple colour and let her choose her own bedding. I see you have lots of books - great! I would display them all together. Land of Nod sells some beautiful purple cotton rugs. Make sure if you paint to use low Voc paints!
Green would look great on your boy's side, or go with turquoise, since you mentioned that colour for both of your children. If you arrange and store a few things, you could put the playtable on the cribside wall. Did you see the ikea pull out drawer for the Lack bed? More storage!
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Here the rug photo, benefit of cotton, it is washable.
Land of Nod also carries these bedding sets, to tie in with your turquoise and pink bins, or the green in the other photo.
Again Land of Nod carries purple bins to fit the Expedit series.
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Just a disclaimer: i don't work for Land of Nod! I just like their items and wish we would have one a lot closer...
Last thing, I forgot to mention: i would push the big bookcase next to the door, if you leave it there. And I would invest in a nice roman shade or cellular shade for the window (but without the strings for safety!)
Make sure you ask people, that are physically there, to help with
this project, you are busy enough being a great mama to these lucky two children.People love to help and more hands make work light and you get this done quicker! All the best!
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So where can I put that bookcase? I had bookcase sticking out once,did not like the idea,I have gut feeling boy will be a climber,want to avoid anyting this high sticking off the wall,even if secured..we have drilled holes in the celing and there is ussually white curtain dividing the room,but i took it off,the boy's side of the room is smaller.I want to keep it that way.Maybe I can put chest of drawers across,instead of against the wall,but keeping them in the same place.
The rest of my apartment is white and the furniture in kids room is white,plus the curtains...too much white....maybe painting it off white and painting sons side green(sassy green by sherwin Williams) and daughters side light pink or purple would be a good idea,the room does look busy,and I am sick of yellow,thanks for input.
I will use paints in semigloss from either Behr or Sherwin Williams ,Behrs Premium Plus Ultra is low VOC...need to check with Sherwin,but the kids will not be sleeping there for st least a week if not more.
Thank you for suggestions...
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By the way, the felt bins are a little flopsy and not that easy to clean. My kids have the plastic woven ones and they are indestructible.The milk crate ones can have small parts like Lego fall through...
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Roger on the sticking out thing and the climbing. Can you switch out the crib with the dresser and have the curtain dividing the two beds only and not the whole room? How about painting the "white walls" a very light pastel lilac, just a whisper?
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Yes....I have looked into land of Nod and the bedding above I loved,and will get a cellular shade from blinds to go.i do drilling,painting,etc myself,but like you said might not be an option at this point...oh the bookcase is about 16 inches deep, if I push it next to the door( that would mean it will be being it) the doors will slam right into the bookcase,I have "dolls closet"there,well actually an Ikea bookcase that I had converted into closet with curtain rods and curtains.
Many thanks
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Yup,that might work,putting the crib on the same side as my daughters bed,one of the ideas was to paint the whole room wales green(Ben more), keep it simple and clean,not too many colors like I have now,I would keep the purple door, since the doors are chalkboard paint and my daughter likes to play school when friends come over...
Milk crates would be for large wooden blocks/toys and stuffed animals, smaller stuff like legos would go higher,out of sight of young one....
I have definitely decided I will get bedding from LON and not Pottery Barn...
Here are the picks
And one of them is the one you have above

With the green Ruffle pillow



And the bedding you have above
With the purple sheets
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I would encourage a single colour. Your shelves and bedding can then show their excitement. If you go with the welsh colour, that would go better with the "bird" bedding I posted earlier, because it has green in it. I would use strong purple sheets then. The green walls would go well with your floors. I would go with a solid colour rug, the one you have is cute, but throws all your ideas for a loop.
The idea of having both beds on one wall, divided with the curtain, is not to necessarily hide your sons crib, but when you first enter the room it will not look as though it is doing double duty and perhaps feel more whole, if that makes sense.
If you can paint gently over the air units under your window, they will look less noticeable. Perhaps having the little teaparty table under the window is an option or can serve double duty as a nightstand for your daughter on the side of her bed...
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I understand the beds being on one wall,it makes sense,I will try to move it around
what do you think about painting room Ben More Albacone(has grayish hue)might be the best,since it is neutral and can play with accessories , and that way I can still have purple,magenta pink and turquoise and green in the room,and keep the purple door as well...yipeeee....

As for the bedding
Daughters bedding- now I am going back to PB idea of having Deep purple bedding,simple white sheets and magenta ruffle pillow from LON( to tie in the boxes on EXPEDIT )
Here is the picture

LON has beautiful bedding but too busy, if I do decide to paint the room gray,need solid colors and clean lines
I can not put carpet on daughters side of the room since we have trundle that we use every day.
as for sons bedding...
I have chambray ruffle green skirt for my son,maybe stiching ribbon on it would dress it up,here is a closer picture,


I want to get solid turquoise sheets for the crib,have lots of green sheets in sage....blahhhhhh ..
I do need also wooden drawers( I would make them myself,I would just use old drawers I have,paint them and put wheels on them for extra storage under the crib,maybe I can paint them turquoise or some other fun color
I really initially did not want to change much, and now I see I do have to change a lot since nothing matches.
oh as far as the AC under the window is concerned , we are planing to put a window storage bench there, so that would cover that ugly 25 year old AC
.please tell me what you think about the bedding and other ideas
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Sorry, I could not find the BM colour you mentioned, but colour is a very personal choice.I'm not sure on grey in a kids room. What direction does the window face? Always do a bigger test swatch first. Really like the PB bedding as well. I would then buy the purple bins to match the bedding and the door. You could always do the little sheepskin rugs that Ikea sells, if you can't do a full rug, if you wanted some neutral cozy texture on the floor as well.
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Sorry it is BM Abalone,misspelled ...
The sheep skin might be good choice.
The window is opposite from the doors,the window faces south,the room gets a lot of sun,that is why yellow looks to bright sometimes and oberstimulating.
I will check it out,I will start from paint and then get bedding,shade for window,accessories etc.thanks
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would recommend going with a Room darkening Cellular Shade with a Top down Bottom up option so you can control the light and privacy in the room . I usually recommend this product in kids rooms because they can grow with the product and always add a valance or drapery panels to the window.

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I am planning to paint room this weekend, I think it is best to start with paint and then add fabric and accessories
tomorrow I am getting the color samples
so far two colors I have in mind...I just can't decide
Ben Moore-Wales Green
Ben Moore-Abalone

I have purchased some throw pillows ( just to see what it would look like) from Home Goods and dark purple sheets are on its way
I will not get any bedding at this point, there are so many choices and I just can not make decision(a lot of stuff matches and a lot of stuff does not,I think i am not ready for this) on the bright side
I am keeping my daughters light purple Pottery Barn quilt

I am still debating on paint color:

If I paint the room Abalone(gray) the smaller pillow looks like it matches( am I right?) and it looks like it would match the rug, and then the colors turquoise, green, blue, purple and magenta can be used in room-and most likely can keep the rug, I was thinking how can I make the rug match somewhat and it would be to spray paint the center of some flowers with Simply Spray deep purple spray paint for fabric-could be a disaster,but I am willing to take that risk...

If I paint the walls Wales green-I would keep the big pillow, and quilt, keep the purple sheets and make my daughters part of the room green, purple,light pink( i would have get rig of magenta on bookcase and the rug since the colors will not match)and most likely get one or two sheepskins as mveasy suggested.

what do you suggest?
PS. Ipad photos are not that great
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the paints
if I paint the room Abalone- most likely can play with colors if paint it green-pretty much limited-I am most likely going neutral and going Abalone,do you think otherwise?
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I think it is always best to stay neutral for large areas (walls, large floor areas or carpeting etc).

I hate to see the area rug ruined, but I was wondering if U could get fabric paint or magic markers in purple tone and paint in some of the small circles here & there with purple tones. Maybe just in the middle of the aqua circles. Maybe practice on the underside? I'm afraid the spray paint would get all over. Or sometimes you can spray paint in a paper jar and use a brush to dab the liquid paint on neatly.
Sometimes colors look like they match and then when the paint is on the wall, it does not. A lot of trial and error involved. From here the Abalone looks like almost a purple undertone.
Keep us posted.
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Great that you are ready to paint!
I have found a really nice photo, where there is white furniture, purplely walls and green. I really like it.
Personally I would try a more purple grey, like misty lilac or any one of the lilac names from Benjamin Moore. Your little boy is
too small to notice and your daughter would be delighted. If you have a greenish window treatment, that would tie in with the green crib bedding. Again, I would stay away from mixing all these colours you mentioned in the previous post. You said you liked green and purple earlier.
I love the bedding and the new accent pillow you have. This all has a more bohemian/ dreamy feel, perfect for a girly girl with the play table and the dolls.
Unfortunately, honestly, your rug looks very modern, abstract and loud and does not fit the theme you would see first upon entering the room. You could keep the rug under or very close to the crib perhaps.
Personally, I would roll it up and wait a little and see if you miss it. I would do a cribskirt for your sons bed, that will make it look finished and if you eventually lower the mattress and it is closer to the ground, you can store all kinds of things under it.
The wales green looks very bright on my screen, and in a south facing room, i'm worried it might be a yellow room type scenario again.
So my advice:
Do a few big sample paints on the wall.
If you have decided, painted a single colour and furniture back in, introduce bedding and arrange toys in an organized fashion.
Leave it like that for a while, then decide on any accents if they are needed at all.
I would stay with one major colour on the walls, stay with your current bedding and re-evaluate in a few days. Wishing you lots of energy for the days to come! Keep us posted!
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The largest colour swatch on the photo is called BM "Dreamy Cloud" thats the one I liked as well, but again; hard to tell on a screen, you need to try it in your room with the light you have where you live, makes a big difference!
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Your daughter needs her own space. Sharing a room with a with a two month old baby is not good for her or the baby. Find a spot in your room for the baby for now and in a few months, rethink your living situation. Your daughter has to get up and go to school. She needs her sleep to do the best she can. Sorry if this response is not to your liking. But, each child needs her/his own nurturing.
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By the way, you can always pick a colour and ask them to lighten, or tone down the colour a bit,if you think it is "too something". And I just saw you have a bedskirt for the crib, so disregard my earlier suggestion, sorry!
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Judyg, my son sleeps through the night and is up only once for his feeding,he sleeps with us now since I am nursing him,but during the day I put him there for a nap since that room is more quiet then the rest of the apartment.When he gets a litlle older and sleeps through the night we will put him to sleep with his sister.Why siblings shouldnot share a room?
We live in Manhattan were real estate costs a lot of $$$$$$ and you work with what you have,our place is small but we love it! I am not upset about your commenteverybody has their own opinion and I respect that,I just wanted to let you know that this thread reads DESIGN dilemma not a PARENTING dilemma .Thank you for your input.
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Same comment above goes for eztia.Ladies if you are here to give parenting/developmental / nurturing advices ,you are on the wrong site. Thanks
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Maybe we should look up to Japanese and their concept of small living, I wonder if they have any developmental problems..??..they sure eat less, live smaller and live longer...you can "live large in small space" where " it’s like a dance: you have to know the steps. You have to orchestrate your moves.”
I am more of a minimalist, less is more kind of type,I do understand developmental concerns, but don't see anything wrong in sharing a room.Eztia, my daughter is doing great in school, thanks for asking, and she is reading this post too,and she agrees with most of my ideas.
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sorry if anybody got upset with comments above,like I said I respect your opinion.

speaking of small spaces...and I know I am running of the topic now,
but think these videos are very cool-check it out!!!

and now I am off to the paint store for color samples
enjoy the videos!!!
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sango08 Good 4 U for sticking up for yourself! I agree with everything U say! I lived in Manhattan 4 quite a few years, with a hubby & 2 kids and "gasp" my kids shared a bedroom, too. lol.
Keep us posted on your progress.
PS: Excellent videos.
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Hope you are not out the door yet, I would take your pillow and photos to the paint store. If they are professional, they will be able to guide you for the right neutral colour regarding NY south facing rooms. I would explain your situation. They might just have theee colour for you
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sango08, you are absolutely correct about my post. I apologize. I should have asked instead, is there any way that you could give each child a special space? I found this picture that might give some inspiration. My daughter lives in a loft in Boston and her neighbor raised her two children in almost the same kind of space as your apartment. The older child got her bed, storage, etc. while the younger had more floor space for toys. She took advantage of every square inch in the room. I think IKEA might be worth looking into.
Maison Greene :: kid's bedroom · More Info
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Paint update: What a disaster at Janovic paint store .The person was not helpful at all, I think he even mixed wrong Wales green.Got the abalone and wales green on the wall as soon as I got home,but it looks different at night and with flash,looks like wales green is wayyyyy brighter then I thought,but I will send you photos in the AM when the room is bright,abalone does look like it has a purple undertone or might be the lighting,still think I might go with abalone,just because it is neutral.
Update on the fabric,pillows,throws etc.
I think I might go with bohemian style( I call it mismatched style) ,since it is hard to find something that would match the rug or the quilt or the magenta EXPEDIT boxes or the purple door etc.
If I find something that I like it is either way too much,or it does not match at all with anything I already have.I went to home goods and TJ max tonight after dinner....it was a very frustrating 1/2 hour trip.i might go IKEA all together and find accessories on some other sites or on sale. Idea has the fabric similar to rug, might make a pillow out of that fabric,and they have bedding at affordable prices ,it may not be the best choice,but it may fit the style that I want to achieve (I have 2 duvet covers from IKEA, nothing wrong with it, more you wash it,the softer it becomes)
Here is the fabric that might match the rug,and pillows from target that might work...
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Bedding from Ikea that I like 1/2
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More bedding and a pillow
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I found these on urban outfitters,like the blue monkeys ....I can use them as a throw and to add color since the walls will be gray...can wait for AM to show you the paint samples on the walls
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Got ideas from the HOUZZ posts and pictures...more pillows to come
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LON that I like that might match
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ABALONE in one of the HOUZZ postings,I liked it because it is neutral and works well with turquoise ,purple,magenta,green...but on my walls you will see tomorrow ..it looks light purple,and here are some pillows from urban outfitters,last one ..magenta pillow is a floor pillow
Night,will post tomorrow
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Susan Mills Design
Saw this fun bedding, maybe on Houzz? Can be customized too.
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Sorry to hear your day was frustrating, gosh by now i simply feel like I want to stop by and help! But I live on Canada's West Coast... Colour will always look very different at first, especially after you had the yellow for so long. Did you prime the walls beforehand? Did you do a few coats for the sample?
I think you'll be happy with the Abalone colour. What does your daughter think? I love the monkey throw, is there a chance you could make that into a rug?add antiskid, sew thin underlay?
In reality nothing has to match, whatever your kids like goes (as long as you can live with it too), suggestions are just other peoples opinions, this should be fun and as other people on Houzz say, no decorating police will come by and arrest you for any infringements. So just take a deep breath...
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Thanks mveasy for support.

My daughter loves abalone color,she likes the things are now,yellow has been there for a long time and I think it is a bit too stimulating even when the room is dark,it shines .... I did not primed the walls,I have put two coats of paint,of which green was very leaky,bright and shiny,and like I said before gray looks light purple,but in the morning light looks light gray( here are the pictures)I will prime the walls before I start painting for sure.
I have showed my daughter the monkey throw,she really likes it,she told me yesterday that she wants to keep the rug we have)she plays on it a lot)so the throw would go on her bed with some pillows.I don't want to spend much on bedding,it is kids room and I want to be able to change it when she gets sick of it.Couple of pillows, a throw,new color on walls and some storage baskets and that's it.
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Judyg thanks for bringing my attention to IKEA,the rug is from Ikea,might find other things that match.
Olldj22 ,you were right,the color had purple undertone,but my kid likes it,it is gray during day and purple at night....it transforms ...
    Bookmark   January 25, 2013 at 5:45AM
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I like the abalone paint & the vague purple undertone it has.

Houzz adds the Bohemian style to the "eclectic" category. It is one of my favorite styles.

I like the Monkey print, too. I couldn't see the monkeys at first. I think DD will be happy with new room paint and a new duvet. Maybe just choose a duvet she likes and be done with it. I don't like throw pillows on beds too much, they usually end up on the floor. lol. Keep us posted.
1 Like    Bookmark   January 25, 2013 at 8:25AM
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Right about throw pillows...they become floor pillows..same goes for bedding..
1 Like    Bookmark   January 25, 2013 at 8:41AM
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Yes, when planning a bedroom I try to think of how the room will look with bed unmade. That's why I usually like patterned or colorful sheets, I guess.
1 Like    Bookmark   January 25, 2013 at 9:13AM
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I Like patterned sheets too, IN the summer the sheets only stay on, my daughter is HOT all the time, summer and winter,her room has to be colder then the rest of the apartment.She does not sleep under duvet ,getting a duvet cover would not make sense,she would never use it and it would be only for decorating purpose ,she loves her quilt and sheets during winter,that's why I think a tapestry would be a better option, it adds color,bud not the weight.
    Bookmark   January 25, 2013 at 9:34AM
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You R right, duvet would not make sense. I didn't realize your DD was always warm...one of my DDs was like that, too.
    Bookmark   January 25, 2013 at 9:56AM
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Had no chance to paint yet(forgot that having 2 month old is a lot of work). But, got the purple sheets. Here is a pic of paint too
1 Like    Bookmark   January 31, 2013 at 6:15AM
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I like the paint color and think it's a nice backdrop for the fun colors. I also saw a blog post where fabric paint was used to add coordinating touches to an existing rug. It looked great!
Please don't be upset about the separate space posts. I also didn't realize you were in Manhattan until you mentioned it. It makes sense for them to share. I live in the Midwest, and like much of the country, we aren't used to thinking about making the most of every square foot. It truly was more of a misunderstanding of your circumstances than judgement. Enjoy every minute with those kiddos and just have fun with the decor!
    Bookmark   January 31, 2013 at 6:55AM
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I too live in a small condo and understand your dilemma. I'm impressed with your use of color (and motivation). Here's what I would do: First, love the wall color. The striped bedding from IKEA would work well with what you have so far for your daughter. I think navy and turquoise would complement for your son's bedding (just simple solids or subtle pattern). I'd stick to navy storage cubes in the bookcase (or swap one row for green if it's too boring).
    Bookmark   January 31, 2013 at 9:44AM
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Thanks for the update. Looking good. Keep us posted.
    Bookmark   January 31, 2013 at 9:46AM
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btw I was referring to this striped bedding.
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Sneak peak.... Not done completely yet, underestimated the time, with the baby is much harder,but here are the 4 major colors , hope you like it :-))
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Gorgeous. I love the wall paint and the 4 major colors. It would make me very happy to wake in the morning and see the ceiling...
1 Like    Bookmark   Thanked by sango08    September 1, 2013 at 10:47PM
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