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Design Dilemma

Bath tub keep or not in starter condo

dfphotoJanuary 16, 2013
Hi trying to think big picture either as a rental or sell in a few years I have a sub 150k condo in escrow in Long Beach, Ca. as you can see it's got an ugly 60's cheap bath tub. Should I get rid of it or keep it and replace the tile. I want a simple shower with a decent glass floor to ceiling glass.

Thank you!
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You live in a condo. Do what your neighbors R doing. Your condo will not be valued much higher than their condos even if U sink a lot of money in the bathroom.
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If that tub is 60s it may not be so cheap! Nowawdays, many are crappy fiberglass. I think I'd keep the tub, but install a "half wall" of glass from the tub to the ceiling. Then, do a fabulous tile, from the tub to ceiling and even tile the ceiling above the tub. A rain shower above, along with the wall shower head. Then, you'll have a fab shower, and a soaker when you want. Plus, the added benefit of no grout lines on the shower floor.
Small Space Bathroom · More Info
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that tub does not look 2 bad ... I would keep it and spend the money on a nice tile and sink ...
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Interiors International, Inc.
Yep, keep the tub. New tile surround and glass shower door and you have a good bathroom.
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Wow, thanks to all of you for the help esp. Darzy for the picture, I hate stepping into a bathtub but I think all of you are right on the money. Can't wait to ask you what to do with my kitchen issue.... Thank you David
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if it's the only tub and a 2 (or more) BR, keep the tub--if you ever want to rent it, people w/babies & little kids look for tubs. if it's a studio/1 br it prolly doesn't matter.
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HI ABBYD19 it is a 1 bd condo I'm torn a little i should let go since I won't be there forever. it is an under 150k condo I should just clean it up paint it and keep upgrades to a min. as another poster said I can't make it that much nicer since it's a condo and it won't go up that much... vs other units.
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M.A.S. Construction
That looks like it maybe a cast iron tub, if it is keep it for sure. I agree with to keep it add new surround that is your style and a frameless glass door to top it all off.
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Hi MAS Construction, it is cast iron but I was under the impression it was super cheap in Dallas I owned a couple of rental condos and they had these I replaced one it was like 200 or less to buy. I considered it cheap quality I'm not that tall and couldn't imagine taking a bath in it.... but virtually everyone agrees to keep it.
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That likely won't t be a tub that adults will use regularly for taking a bath. It might be used for bathing kids or washing a dog or draining wet boots, but probably not adults bathing.

You're probably looking at more than $500 to replace that tub. It isn't just the cost of the replacement, but also the cost of removing the existing, moving the drain if needed, buying the new tub, getting it to the condo, etc. Then, you'll have to get rid of the current tub - not difficult as scrappers will always take cast iron - but still a consideration. Plus, changing tubs usually requires a building permit - lots of people don't bother, but technically probably a requirement. Do you want a neighbor seeing you changing out a tub and call the local code administration?

As someone who just put in a cheap tub in a remodel project, I hate cheap tubs! We had an old claw foot tub with pitted and rusted interior so decided to go for modern replacement but not an ideal situation. I would definitely keep a cast iron tub in reasonably decent condition, especially since it is white and you can always find nice tile to go with white.
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Darzy provided the perfect picture!!!! Keep it!!!! I, as many do, have a cheap crap tub. I would love to have a tub like yours! KEEP IT!!!!! Update the tile and add some doors like in the picture Darzy provided!
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LInda, good points, the tub is standard size but not deep or nice as you can tell. I used to reglaze tubs so I know it's ok cond. would cost about 350 to glaze it at least it would look newer. Then the tiles and all that. I really wanted a nice/decent shower without the tub that was my want but I'm still not sure the place is big for 1 bedroom 885 sq. so maybe i have to take it for it is.
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It's difficult to determine the size of this tub, but as suggested, by changing the tile (look at the options under bathroom tile on Houzz.com) and the fixtures to single control/multi-spray shower head, and installing an upgraded exhaust fan and perhaps even a new design in the drain cover, you could have a more marketable bathroom. If you have only 885 sq. ft. of space, I think I'd consider removing the tub and making a nice shower stall.
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If there is another bathroom that has a tub, I think it would be okay to do a shower only here. But, if not, a small, shallow tub is better than no tub at all in the home.
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Hi everyone, it's only a 1 bedroom 1 bath condo so I'm stuck, I will definitely keep the tub re-tile, add a nicer shower head or dual head setup and the 1/2 glass plus the light/vent kit and re-tile the floor to match I'll do the best I can. i'll take pictures once I get into this keep you all updated.
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I am in a very similar situation (also in LB). My tub is cast iron and have already decided to install a glass wall like Darzy with a rain shower head so I have the flexability of using the tub or shower. My other bath is only a shower.
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