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Need kitchen help

herberbJanuary 16, 2013
Long-term we want to completely redo the kitchen but not in budget for now so looking for a low-budge fix for a few years...paint cabinets, maybe do backsplash. No high expenses such as counters. Planning to refinish hardwood floors within next few months as they are in bad shape. Wall color is new and is staying for now. Wall color: Portico by Sherrwin Williams, in my kitchen ideabook (beige/taupe). We were thinking of black cabinets to offset the wall color and the unfortunate solid cream laminate counters, but don't know. Doesn't look it in pics (rainy day, crappy phone camera) but room gets a lot of light, southern facing. Considering temporary island for storage but don't know if there's room. Any suggestions? We painted cabinets and put up new backsplash in old house ourselves...would do same here.
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Decor Staging -home design and renovation
You could paint cabinets black. If so, I would recommend removing a couple of the interior panels of the upper doors to a glass to lighten the look. You can put up a backsplash of glass squares to reflect and bounce light. I recently saw a product on TV that had a sticky back on a tile which you would install yourself. An island could work. Do you want to constantly be walking around it to get from the refridgerator to stove to sink? A colorful rug would brighten up space. Good luck.
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Thank you! About the island...I know. We need the counter space but I think it will be a little cramped. This is why I want a whole redo but, you know, money doesn't grown on trees, so I have to wait on that one!!! Good idea about a glass backsplash. We have under cabinet lighting but it's bad so we were thinking of replacing that, which we'd definitely need to do if we paint them black.
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Doreen Schweitzer Interiors, Ltd.
The black cabinets are a great idea. Prep makes all the difference so get advice at a full service paint store. There is room for a small island 24"-30" deep. I have had a 30" square butcher block in this type of set up and I found it helpful for setting things down when loading the fridge for instance as well as a work suface. It looks like you can go wider 24"x 48" based on the photos. The island should be a different color if the cabinets are black. Perhaps a wood tone or red.
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Well the other side to the island issue is it doesn't necessarily have to be perfectly centered in the kitchen, nor does it have to be square shaped. Perhaps an island offset a few feet towards the dining room would give you your extra storage and countertop space without interfering with high traffic areas. Another possibility would be to build a peninsula off your already existing cabinets. As far as the countertops, if you don't hate the look of tile countertops, a good sale on tile will allow a new countertop look for just a few hundred dollars. Or a resurfacing kit like Rustoleum's countertop transformations.
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I'd start with a rug and see if that doesn't finish the whole job.
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Barbara Griffith Designs
I love the light over the table..of course, minus the snowflakes. Your table and chairs look a little on the country side with the Windsor chairs..is it? Are you certain about painting all the cabinets black? Will you be replacing the stove with a stainless one? Black cabinets AND black appliances really don't work. If keeping the stove, think about only painting the upper cabinets black and leaving the lower in wood tone. Change out door knobs for stainless, sleek handles with matching knobs on the drawers. Did you ever think of a creamy white with a black glaze. Rustoleum has kits for all of these. Check it out online. Regarding the island idea (needing more counter space) consider removing the cabinet with the plant on it, and from the wall notch next to the fridge maybe a butcher block, good size, rolling island could be stored and then rolled out with locking wheels when needed. It looks like there is space, but pic's are deceiving. Decorate the wall space above it with several stacked shelves....just a few thoughts. Also..look at Lowes ready made laminate countertops in granite patterns..I've used them and they look great. Finished 10' length only $135.
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search out photos of charcoal grey cabinets and see how beautiful they are with black appliances.
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Thanks...never heard of the Rustoleum countertop transformation products but I am intrigued. As far as the black stove...all of our other appliances are stainless, it was the only one that didn't need replacing when we moved in so we didn't spend money on it just yet...house was a foreclosure and had no appliances, no light fixtures, missing toilets, doors, smoke detectors and needed ALL carpet replaced so we spent a lot on just necessities, just now getting around to some aesthetics. We will replace the stove but not sure when (sort of hoping it just dies). With the plan to completely redo the kitchen as soon as we can afford it, don't want to put too much into it now...slippery slope. There actually are cabinets to the right of the fridge already. And, we know the little cabinet with the plant on it is too small for the space and we could use something larger...again, just want to make sure if we purchase something, it will work somewhere else when we redo. The knobs actually are brushed nickel, but they're cheap Home Depot knobs...if cabinets painted black, they may pop more and if not, no problem replacing them. Never thought of a rug in the kitchen (guess I think germy) but that may do the trick. Also, we took down a hideous valance above the sink but putting something more updated with color to tie things in is something I'd like to do once I pick some accent color. Grey cabinets was a thought, just wasn't sure with a mostly brown tone throughout the rest of our house and the wood floors if it would go. Windsor chairs are a little country, rustic but I am not a country fan at all. Like the idea of an island in an accent color. Any good resources for where to buy kitchen islands? Chandelier (minus snowflakes for holiday) was a great find at Marshall's for $170!
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Susan Chrysler
So I second the rug suggestion. Can you add a peninsula between the table and the kitchen? I don't get the issue with the cabinets.
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BTW, any opinion on solid vs. distressed if I go with black cabinets?
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i like the peninsula idea - i was thinking tat also - just a small extension where he trash can is right now - with seating? Do you need a dining table for 6 all the time - why not two sleek barstool at your new peninsula [which could be something moveable like this Source: bhg.com via Kendra on Pinterest
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ok - picture didnt show
try that link - and then change the big dining tbale for something smaller to seat 4 or 2
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What about Sherwin Williams Tiki Hut 7509 for the cabinets. That would look great with brushed nickel knobs.
And a table island (without the stuff on top) in Sherwin Williams Raisin 7630.
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Unfortunately, we do need seating...we have 3 young children. We are looking to put a slimmer table and chairs in this space and move this table (which has 2 leaves we can add) into a casual dining room. We need lots of seating space as we both have large families and we never have enough places for people to sit when they eat here! The peninsula might be a good idea but the space there is very cramped and the number of times I walk back and forth to that table in a day is probably 50+. I would get very frustrated having to walk around it (I grew up with a kitchen like that). But, also, too much investment in more cabinets and countertop for a temporary fix. The more money I put into this kitchen now, the less likely my husband will want to undo it once we can afford the whole redo! We actually looked at Tiki Hut for the walls. I do like those color combinations. My only concern is having too many versions of brown (our family room is all brown with darker brown furniture, tan carpet) and then the wood floors which have more of an orangish hue...?
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What is the measurement from the range to the table right now? And what is the measurement from the refrigerator to the sink wall? Can you take a picture of the cabinets to the right of the refrigerator? What is the color brown in the livingroom?
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Cream-ish white (a SW that complements the base colors already picked) with a darker glaze (Espresso / Chocolate / Brown or another color you feel is compatible with the other base colors you are using.)

I wouldn’t try to pick up on the black in the stove since the other appliances are newer and probably when the stove goes, I’m guessing you will replace it with stainless steel. Instead pick up on the colors that are already permanent. In my opinion, your kitchen is too small and doesn’t have enough variation in cabinet design for black. If you faux paint the backsplash you might be able to add a small amount of black speckle or streak if you wanted to as you see in the pictures.
Here is a beautiful white glazed kitchen: http://www.solidwoodcabinets.com/arlington-cream-white-discount-rta-kitchen-cabinets/cat_5.html

Paint Cream-ish White – same as cabinets

Aqua Sphere SW7613Use this or similar color for:
Roman shade hung from the bottom of the soffit over the sink (not from the top of the trim), rug on the floor, tea towels. You cold paint the chandelier this color instead of the cabinet color.

Island table:
Could be painted SOLID cabinet color OR SOLID color of glaze (Espresso / Chocolate / Brown or another color you feel is compatible with the other base colors you are using.) Add a piece of glass on the top for a ‘countertop’ if desired.

If you have use www.craigslist.com you can find some good buys there on wood tables that could be used as an island OR reasonably priced stainless kitchen work table/islands can be purchased at used restaurant equipment stores.

Paint it:
Faux marble backsplash bringing in colors used (do electrical plates also) use a darker color for the base color to contrast with the cream countertops
Here is a nice marble that could be copied by a faux paint: https://www.123rf.com/photo_7630974_wavy-orange-gray-brown-marble-slate.html
There’s a “Brown Marble” on this site: http://www.dbrfaux.com/countertops.html
There are some brown marbles on this page as well: http://www.louismian.com/marble/mc_brown.htm
You might find some inspiration in the grays as well: http://www.louismian.com/marble/mc_grey.htm

If you could afford it put a piece of crown molding around the top of the ceiling. Paint it the same color as the walls.

You could also take out the interior panel of the upper wall cabinet (or wall cabinets beside the fridge if there are some there) and replace it with solid glass. Display some blue plates.
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The rails and styles would have to come apart and they are glued. How about painting the white parts of the trolley black and use a blackish rug?
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You can take them out and no you don't take the "stiles" and rails apart. You need a router with a straight bit and a roller on the end such as in used to cut laminate, and then a rabbeting bit to make a grove for the glass to sit in. A cabinet maker could do this if you don't think you can.
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Thank you for that information. Can you tell me how the glass goes it. is it just glued since it can't fit into the grooves where the middle panel was?
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Think about painting the lower cabinets black or charcoal and doing the upper cabinets a cream color that goes with the wall color. Don't paint the chandelier. It is a great find! When you stain the floor do it much darker than it is now. I would forget the rug with such young kids. Do roman shades on the windows with a textural fabric.
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Hi, I actually like your kitchen, I think it is bright and friendly and welcomes one, but I have been told you want to change - so let's do that.

IT is a great question width, .length and height?
Storage for what?
What is the room behind the kitchen and does it have another entrance?
Can the fridge fit in that door area there?
What is the space behind the wall with the fridge,
can the wall where the fridge is come down? Can you build a shorter 42" high x 24" deep with doors for storage? Or perhaps, just cut it down in the kitchen area I do not know what is on the back and you could have storage on both sides? Or perhaps you do already?

Cabinets, Table and possibilities.....endless in kitchens these days anything goes, which I love. A recent article in NY Times cited that the up swing in DIY'ers is expanding as people settle into their home for the long run. And, the interesting part to this, is they are building what they like and not what will, sell their home.

Personally, I think this is refreshing and the days of absolute black stone, Isabella a brown or river ice, may be leaving and other items may enter. Zinc, butcher block, glass recycled etc. Not everyone wants granite, nor can they afford it. So celebrate. And you can have butcher block on the counter and stone in some areas with it. Mix it up.

Where you chop you might put butcher with a hole to drop cuttings directly into garbage. And next to it a cement finish or a man made stone or a granite. And since you will need less it may work out. But, do not be fooled they are all expensive.

Auctions that sell furniture with marble tops are a great way to salvage a piece of stone. We did that this weekend at Bull Street Auctions in Savannah, Ga. And they had a 120"
Bernhardt Buffet, great for an island, .right color wood for us and top. A friend picked up a magical bombe chest that is now being sprayed silver'for'a dramatic powder room and this had'beautiful pulls and slim sexy legs.'
So, go with what you want and not the realtors.

Back to cabinets by your windows I would suggest the doors be turned from wood fronts to glass. This is not expensive and will change your kitchen immediately.
I would keep the inserts and try your colors on that. Black, dark granite and maybe a beige good crisp clear beige or granite same as your other room on the bottom.

For the garbage can is you go to home depot you can get one with a lid and screw it into the new tall cabinet you can fit on the end. And maybe try it in black? An inexpensive one to start with.
There are many toys to organize the interiors with, and a long bench in the kitchen might work also with storage inside in black with a colorful seat.

Dining Table
I would turn the table 90 degrees you have the room and see how you like it, and maybe one that opens larger in glass would work better with a slimmer chair.

I would not put a carpet in the kitchen, but I would with the table.'Less'chance of dropping stuff and cleaning g it a d tripping etc.
The light could use an update,'vut you might wait till you have'a'new plan.


I started this with a back splash, but the longer I am in your kitchen I would only spend money now on the glass doors, maybe a cabinet on the end,and then make a plan a d investigate what you want

I think Home Depot will come and measure and do up a plan for you, and you will have an idea.

The eating area seems lonely, I would add some curtains to the area,'slim, trim and long from ceiling to floor, or paint the area granite li,e the other room and get a great table.
Art work or a couple of family photos or just a big mural of asparagus, getting tired, but it needs to join the rest of the home.
A sideboard or bar area for both rooms.

Black is a great color,however, it demands contrast and it is a more country when mixed with a distressed look which you could do quite nicely in your kitchen with just a small island from a piece of furniture.
Or, perhaps turn the table'90 degrees and do a longer black country table, bench one side, chairs on the other side. A step up table for'6 feet'30" high, stepping up to 30" 42" high for you with bookcase underneath? Can be built, I have had one built for a long kitchen and the owner chef sat on stools 2 were at the head of the table and they love i
If you like go on line to
Green Demolitions Fairfield, Jersey Google them, they sell completely new 20.000 ,kitchens for'7,000 and many parts and pieces.

And the end you must be pleases to stop reading!

Universal Kitchens
Builders Direct
Contemporary from Italy and made in Miami Cabimax Info wonderful product.
Elkay who makes Kitchen Aid, Inner last great new product a d 2 ore
Top Knobs''I love the new one sanctuary Note all one piece, not joined together and no place for food to trap.
Baldwin Hardware
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The rabbeting bit attached to a router would take out the part of the wood on the inside that forms the groove. I've also done this on the tablesaw. The corners need to be chiseled square. You can use clear caulk to set it in or hold it in or a piece of 1/4" flat molding. You can also buy hardware just for that purpose--a glass retainer. They screw into the back of the door and have a hold down screw with a rubber end to hold the glass in. here are a couple from Google. Just google 'glass retainer hardware'.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
DON'T PAINT - Add a new mosaic backsplash - and, if you can splurge - a new quartz countertop.
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Ditto Marie Hebson.. Don't paint the cabinets. They are fine. The other finishes will give you a kitchen you love.
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BTW..I think you have room for a small island. You could get a rolling one and move to the console area...or a stationary one for the center all the time.
Assadi · More Info

Contemporary Kitchen · More Info
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I know what you mean about not putting so much into the kitchen now that you or your husband won't want to move forward with the big renovation.

Therefore, I'd suggest adding a roman shade at the window in an Ikat print that would blend with your wall color and has some black or charcoal in it. Use the same fabric for some full length panels mounted high on either side of your slider.

Perhaps an indoor outdoor rug with some black that can be easily cleaned if you're worried about germs. I'd also paint the white areas of that small cabinet black. I did some shaker pieces like that and used a Behr color called Beluga with very little sheen. Eggshell finish I believe. Looked great against the wood tones.

If you could see your way clear to new black laminate countertops, that would go a long way to change up the look. They have some great new finishes in laminate these days. Maybe even matte black hardware to go with?

I'd have different suggestions if you wanted to invest a lot more money for permanent fixes, but a few changes can make it feel like an entirely different room.

If you don't have room for the island without a big Reno, consider having your husband putting up some basement, attic or closet shelves, then store some of your less frequently used items there whether that's the crockpot, stand mixer, big stock pot, blender, ice bucket, etc. I long for a nice big pantry closet for storage, but without space for that, shelving outside the kitchen for those sorts of items keeps my kitchen more functional day to day.

BTW, I love your table and chairs.
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I would be cautious about painting Black. It would darken the room a lot and hard to maintain if you have a family. Why don't you try changing out the hardware first and see if that updates the cupboards enough for you. If it doesn't then there are some nice greys that would be easier to maintain and would not darken room so much. Add a small butcher block for more counter space and add just a small punch of colour by rug and accents.
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I cringe at the thought of black cabinets because of the dark wall of your adjoining room. I am afraid it would feel like a cave. I agree with others that knobs, a rug and an inexpensive countertop make more sense. Why are you painting those cabinets?
if you have kids, outdoor rugs and outdoor furniture look great in a kitchen. I bought beautiful outdoor furniture (no one really knows it is outdoor) and it can literally be hosed down outside when bad spills happen. When I get tired of it, it will have a second life outside. I think a rattan/wicker and black iron outdoor set (on rollers) would give you a little black and be beautiful.
I don't have kids but adults can be just as bad. I have found it is nearly impossible to stain outdoor cushion fabric. I have literally hosed down cushions after pizza parties.
It is also easy to convince husbands because outdoor items can have a second life later outside so...no wasted money on temporary fixes. I guess you have probably seen the quote "shopping with a husband is like hunting with the game warden" :-) ha!
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Eagledzines. Thanks for the instructions on putting in glass. I'm sure not only herberb but anyone else reading will be happy to know it's something a homeowner can do.
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@sealedesign--Your welcome!
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