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Need idea for living room

ofefern81January 16, 2013
Home style is an English Cottage. I need some wall color ideas for my living room using this furniture. Also any advice on decoration. There is a lot of natural light.
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Aja Mazin
Ie's lovely, but consider new floor to ceiling curtains in a lighter, neutral colour.

Position the sofa with the front deet on the rug with the chairs on each side.
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Lijepa je ali ja sam za stil svijetlijih nijansi
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Let some light in....lighter color and weight drapes would help. Get the furniture away from the walls...some of it. I agree, the sofa facing the fireplace with side chairs would cozy up the space. How about a nice coffee table in front of the sofa? Lighter colors, I'd try cream colored pillows on the sofa, picking up the color in the rug, and maybe match the curtains with a shade of the cream pillows. Put some texture in the pillows they all don't have to be the same.What about a lovely antique mirror over the fireplace, good for reflecting some light. Good luck and have fun...it's your home, enjoy!
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I love the feedback, thank you. I am totally clueless when it comes to decorating. I have uploaded additional photos of the rest of the living room. I want to make it formal, to rarely be used. My entry way and the dinning room entrance are both arched. I appreciate all ideas and recommendations. Working on one room at a time :)
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I would pull the two sofas onto the rug facing each other and perpendicular to the FP. Then I would tuck the two chairs in to the alcoves of the FP as you already have one of them. Lighter drapes definitely. I love your lamp bases but you could update the shades with a shorter drum.
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What a lovely room! What a charming house! You have so much potential.

I think you already have the perfect paint color. It looks gorgeous in the photos. You want to show off that lovely plaster work. They don't make it like that anymore.

You say you're totally clueless when it comes to decorating.

Here are some things to think about. In a living room we usually want:

(I apologize. I'm about to write a dissertation here.)

1) A focal point, in your case a handsome fireplace.

(I'm afraid I disagree about the mirror. You usually want to place a mirror
where it's going to reflect something that is interesting to look at. In your
case, because of the slope of the chimney breast, a mirror over the fireplace
is going to reflect the ceiling. Not so interesting.)

What's wrong with what was there before? A clock, was it?
All you need is a few ornaments on the mantel shelf to tie the look together.

Or, to stay within the English cottage vernacular--an oil painting,
a landscape with cows, or a portrait of your grandmother as a young woman,
should you be lucky enough to have one.

Keep an eye on the proportions. It's a large space.
Something small would look dwarfed here.

And please, please, please, use that fireplace, if you only throw a Presto log in it.
The hearth makes the home.

Okay, and now for point number two--

2) A conversation circle, ie

Chairs and couches brought close enough together so that
a group of people can have a conversation without shouting at each other.

So, move that rug so that it doesn't stick out into the traffic flow from the entry,
(you may want to rotate it) and arrange the chairs and couches on it in a U
with the fireplace as the focal point.

And then you need--

3) Tables.

Where are you going to put your tea cup, your newspaper, your reading glasses,
your pen for doing the crossword puzzle?

You have enough room for a round coffee table in the center of your seating
circle. Look for a beautiful polished wood to match your floors.

And finally--

4) Lighting.

You'll need ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is low-level, evenly-distributed
illumination that gives you enough light to walk around safely and see the
faces of the other people in the room.

I might start (since you have to work with what you have) by turning the end
tables sideways and placing them (with the lamps on them) in front of the
windows next to the fireplace.

Then, to balance the lighting, perhaps you could place that table we can see
in the next room against the back wall with a lamp on it.

And you'll need task lighting. Task lighting is bright illumination for
performing tasks like reading or knitting or painting your nails.

Probably a floor lamp next to the place you like to sit. You can run the cord
under the rug.I know you're not supposed to, but it's better than tripping on it.

To be continued....
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I'd angle the two chairs in front of the window, the larger sofa on the wall and the smaller one facing the FP. Since you don't use the room, this would be an attractive arrangement for people to see your pretty pieces as they pass through the room.
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Appliances Connection
This is a great room indeed. I love the style and colors. I get what you mean about the room that never gets used. My french family had a room that we never used except maybe on very special occasions to have an aperative. I agree that the paint that you have works well with the other colors of the room. If you really want to paint something, I think it'd be interesting to see just the fireplace and mantle a different color and continue that color to the inside border of your ceiling (which could also have crown molding) or you could just do the painted crown molding and leave the fireplace. Also, is it just me or does the pendant chandelier look a little small for the room?
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Thank you everyone for your input. It's much appreciated. @Appliances Connections, in regards to the ceiling piece, what color would you suggest?
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Thank you Like me and you see my idea
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Appliances Connection
For ceiling piece, are referring to your chandelier? I think a brass/gold or a gold/copper would look great. It compliments the tone of red you have really well and plays off of what looks like a gold pattern on your curtains.

Another idea would be to possibly do a traditional french ceiling (with wooden beams across like stripes) or some other pattern.
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I have a lot bigger problem.I have in the attic apartment 60 sguare meters,but nothing I did not have on idea for a loft in the two rooms of the slanted roofand the rest is how to handle and adjust
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Appliances Connection
Here are some examples of the ceilings. The chandelier is an example of another style that I think is more consistent with the room.
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Love the ceiling with the beams!! Would look great. Yes, more lighting! And chandelier not my favorite, but in your room, wonderful!!!
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