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Design Dilemma
Design Dilemma

Help! Need to get rid of these colors and don't know what to do!

spatricksonJanuary 16, 2013
I want to do an inexpensive update on my kitchen. I'm having a hard time picking a paint color that will look ok with these green countertops. I will eventually be changing these too to a more neutral color...thinking browns or greys. I think I will keep these cabinets for now. Any suggestions on what to do with this space with be greatly appreciated!!
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Different green granites have different color nuances in them. I would suggest looking closely at the granite to pick out the different colors inherent in your pieces. Pick up some color chips to match those nuances and compare them to the granite. Are there some subtle grays or beiges? Pull it out and use that color on the walls. Maybe a pewter gray? Change the knobs to pewter if so. Maybe there are some muted olives.
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Completely agree with the above comment.... depending on the hues within the countertop a soft grey with pewter knobs is perfect or a spiced nutmeg colour with burnished bronze knobs.
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Peg Silverwood
For a clean open look check out some paints in white tones with a complimentary undertone in the white. Keeping the color warmer than the cabinets. I can't tell but if the knobs on the cabinets are not polished nickel change them to handles on the cupboards and leave the drawers with knobs in polished nickel.. Two rattan bar stools with backs would look very nice at the island. Clean off your countertops adding accent pieces in wicker and glass. You could even cut the centers of the cabinets on each side of the sink and inset glass in the cabinets. remove your track lighting and hang a pendant over the sink and the other rewire so can you put lighting on top of the cabinets for up lights. Clean the top off and simplify the look with no more than 3 larger size decorative pieces.
clean up the recipe books so it is neat and organized. You could even cover the books in different colored paper and label them . Larger plants in the window or a group of small herbs in the same pots or even wicker basket with 4 inside the basket would look nice.
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Thank you all for your suggestions! The knobs are are a brushed nickel and the countertops are just a faux marble / granite veneer. I can't wait to change them to a different color! The paint on the wall is the thing I hate the most and I do like the idea of gray on the wall. Now I will just have to try to not get overwhelmed at the paint store!
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Choose your two favourite greys at the paint shop (anything other than a true grey will have a blue or a green base to it - make sure you don't go blue or you'll clash and not too green or it will highlight the bench - the perfect shade is definitely out there though!) Once you have your sample pots paint them on a board of some sort so you can move it around your kitchen and see how each shade looks in different spots with different lighting......this will help lead you to the right shade! Will look amazing when done!
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I can certainly understand your wanting to change wall colors. That isn't really a bad color - there's just a lot of it.

An additional thought is have you considered painting your countertops? I've seen a few posts here about the Rustoleum countertop transformations paint kit. I have no personal information on it but it sounds interesting.
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Here's a couple of thoughts if you were wanting to go grey: BM Mount Saint Anne 1565 (this is a more intense colour with a hint more green to it) or Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware. This last one is a bit more subtle and if you want really subtle you could half strength it.
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I agree that a neutral sort of putty gray will be nice. Definitely replace the stools. I love the rattan stools suggested above and I think a simple woven roman shade at the window would bring some more of that natural element across the room and bring more texture since there are all hard surfaces. I wouldn't mind seeing a runner on the floor in neutral shades with a little pattern. Maybe an indoor/outdoor? I think I'd try to ignore the green countertops until you're ready to replace them. Without the green paint, they won't stand out as being quite so green any more.
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I hadn't even though of window treatments! That would look a lot better...would you suggest a dark color or light color? And I haven't seen rattan bar stools where I live do you think dark leather high back stools would work too?
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Brooke Olson
I have white cabinets with black granite and used sherwin Williams wedgewood blue as my wall color. Always get compliments.
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Look at Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. It's a gray, but can pick up a greenish undertone. Attached is a photo using it.
Converted Carriage House · More Info
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I went to my local fabricator and had them cut me a veneer counter top. It cost me around $90 for a 10ft piece.I was lucky enough to have a brother who knew how to install it. You could also try Home Depot or Lowes. They sometimes have return special orders in the back that are dirt cheap.
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Peg Silverwood
Pottery barn has the rattan bar stools. Leather may be a little heavy for the area. Check out online other places as well.
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Remove all the clutter from book shelf, on top of the cabinets, countertops..paint walls Sherwin Williams Latte or Nomadic Dessert to warm things up and coordinate with counter color. Change out barstools to something with a back..leather, or wrought iron...add a bamboo roman shade from Lowes in a chocolate color ..place cookbooks artfully on shelf..add only necessary items on counter and a rug by sink
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I don't mind the paint color so much -- it's the counter top that is really dated. You could pick up a pretty inexpensive ready-made laminate counter top at Lowe's or Home Depot that would improve the look instantly. They even have the matching laminate sheets that you could use on the island since that looks deeper than the standard counter depth. I think they come in 4' x 8' sheets. You could also check some kitchen showrooms to see when they change their displays. Or I'd try the paint technique someone mentioned above. Here's a video I found that shows the process:
What's to lose? Almost anything you do would be better than that green marble! :)
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At first we were going to change out the counters to another laminate but the are the type with rounded edges and built in backsplash so we can't just get a piece of laminate we have to order the whole new countertop and island piece. The cooktop and walloven are prob about 20 years old and I hate to spend all that money on new countertops and put those old appliances back in. My husbands idea is to eventually replace the island with a solid top and change the cabinets so we can put in a slide in oven and hoodfan and get rid of the cooktop and walloven.But...this will be very expensive and were not quite ready to do that! I brought home a paint sample of the BM revere pewter yesterday and I think it might actually make the counters pop more so maybe a darker color??
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