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Need help with my kitchen!
Cynthia CelenzaJanuary 17, 2013
Trying to decide on a backsplash. I have an odd counter top that came with the house. Blues, gray, and raspberry hues. Should just go with white subway or can I get away with something more creative?
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Granite Transformations
You could go with a subway that's simple, like white. Have you considered replacing your countertop? Our counters go right over your existing surface, avoiding demolition and saving homeowners time and money replacing their counters.

Feel free to check out our tile selection here- http://www.granitetransformations.com/southjersey/products/mosaic-tiles/colors/subway/

And our selection of granite countertops here- http://www.granitetransformations.com/southjersey/products/granite-countertops/

Let me know if I can help with anything else. Good luck with your project!
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Cynthia Celenza
Thanks for the tips. Will be selling the property so I not sure if I should put up the tile, change the counters or leave well enough alone?
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If it were me, I'd leave it alone. You are not going to be able to guess the new homeowner's style. This way it's a blank slate.
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I think I would just change the hardware on the cabinets, remove some of the counter top items and call it a day.
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Cynthia Celenza
Thanks! I did remove the clutter. It was on to do list before posted but funny how it creeps back again. I also wanted to change the knobs but convincing my husband is another story. He is more of a function rather than form kind of guy but small battles can bring big bucks so I think I will win out.
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Sandy G. ltd.
-- If you are selling, you know about removing the clutter. The other things you could do to stage this room is to change out the knobs for a clean look - saving them in case the new owners want to reinstall them instead. Change to something like an antique brass which would be more the color of your cabinets and calm down the cabinet wall. Also, change out the swag over the window. This is style-specific also. Replace with a simple, cream valance, blinds, or leave with no treatment. Make sure that the window is sparkling clean.

The backsplash is fine as is - gives the new owners a chance to make the kitchen "theirs" by choosing what they would like. They will probably have ideas of their own about other things in the kitchen - replacing appliances, painting walls, etc. that would conflict with things you have recently spent money on for staging - reducing your profit.

Instead, you could find a new set of canisters you like or a big bowl for fruit, to set out, or a beautiful, full plant - - that you can take with you for your new home. This would bring color to the countertop and accomplish just about the same thing.

For showings, have a freshly baked pie or some cookies on the counter!
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Change the handles, remove the valance, empty the countertop and window ledge (and fridge "bulletin board" you may have!) Be sure it is so clean they can eat off the floor! They'll open your cabinets too, so clean, organize and simplify them (same goes for closets.) Best thing you can do is to pack up 50% of your stuff in anticipation of moving and take it to a storage facility while you are in transition.
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For selling purposes, the above suggestions are correct. NO clutter, a few larger decorative pieces, valance gone, paint job touched up if needed, new solid color rug by sink, everything sparkling clean. Knobs..you can remove them and spray them with a bronze metallic spray. They do catch your eye too much and label the room "country". Do not tile, as the new home owner will want to change out the countertops. That would mean damaging the backsplash. Make sure your kitchen lighting is updated...preferably no flush mounts....
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Amy Stanley
I would change the hardware to match your faucet don't add brass I think it would date the kitchen more then it is. I would paint the kitchen in a gray that compliments the counter. Take everything off counter except the appliances you use daily. Change or remove the valance- if you wanted to change anything I would update the appliances if it was in your budget- sell the old ones and use the money towards new these combined with paint and hardware could give the kitchen a more updated look.
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Cynthia Celenza
Can you any examples of knobs that would look right that aren't style specific?
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I agree, no antique brass knobs, no spray painting, get brushed nickel to match faucet. Just use basic round shaped knobs for the cabinets and maybe some pulss for the drawers. Would really change the look without doing much else. I wouldn't do the tile for the simple reason that the next owner may want to repalce the counter top and then any backsplash you put in might get messed up or need to be redone. Also agree to change the valance to a straight valance or leave off completely.
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Sandy G. ltd.
-- Here is what I would recommend and I apologize to Amy and handymam for disagreeing with both of you on some points.

Knobs and pulls - - something dark like these. The dark, shinier ones would bring a little light to the doors but not as much as something like you have now or a lighter colored metal. The dark, matte knobs and pulls would disappear more and make the room less 'spotty'. Replacing with brushed nickel would not change the look enough to make the investment worth it since it would be another light colored knob - even though this change would eliminate the country feel.

You can bring a few different styles/finishes home and see what you like, but remember, the goal is to market your home to a variety of buyers. It is not so much what you like as much as what will make your kitchen appeal to as many tastes as possible. You want to neutralize any reference to a particular style.

As far as what to put on the counter tops, they should be cleared off but not empty. Please, no small appliances, unless you provide hot coffee to the prospective buyers. You want the impression that this is a pleasant place to be so plants, goodies are not out of line. Toasters, containers of cooking spoons, napkin/paper towel holders, etc. are not all that attractive, fit into the "clutter" category and should be stored in a cabinet during showings.
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Amy Stanley
Since you have all knobs now I would replace with a basic round knob in a brushed nickel like the faucet. If you are handy and can change the holes so you can use a pull on the drawers then go for it- but I wouldn't bother hiring someone to make that change.
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Good point Amy! Just use all knobs!
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Unravel Design
I agree with others, update with brushed nickel knobs and simplify the window treatment here with roman shade. If you're really itching for something new as a back splash I'd just paint it a different color, maybe blue/grey tones.
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I agree w/brushed nickel for knobs, also change out the window treatment and accessorize!! No clutter, have fun, good luck!
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