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Need Help With My Kitchen!

alicoyne14January 17, 2013
I do not like my kitchen. We have very little natural light & I feel like the cupboards and counter tops make it so yellowish. When we moved in I thought we would redo the whole thing, but unfortunately it's not in our budget anymore. I typically like whites or greys in kitchens - just fresher looking spaces. I’ve changed the cupboard handles, faucets, fridge & dishwasher (those appliances didn't work, but the microwave & oven still work fine) to try to give it a fresher look, but I still don’t like it.
Any more budget friendly ideas to freshen it up?? Or is it hopeless. If I could make one major (more expensive) change what would anyone suggest?
Thanks for you help!
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Aggie Purvinska
Painting the cabinets some kind of White, like Dove White from Benjamin Moore would work, and painting the stools black. The Wall Color is fine, maybe new clear glass sphere shades for pendants.
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Heather Stevens
She's right, paint the cabinets...not knowing what the rest or your adjoining rooms looks like could determine color. I think that she gave the perfect answer
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
First, you need to add a backsplash to the entire backsplash, and not just a return with paint.
Get rid of the wood bar stools, there is too much wood on wood in here.
Kitchen cabinets should have had a valance and crown rather than going to the ceiling with the doors.
Island lighting would have been better to have one larger fixture, than three smaller ones, they aren't adding any value to the design.
Change out your door hardware to chrome for some sparkle, or dedicate yourself to a matte black cabinetry hardware. This will add weight to the wood tones.
IF the countertops are laminate, invest in a gorgeous white quartz, and update backsplash to compliment that white quartz.
Painting your kitchen cabinets (and only if done properly), will only give you maximum 5 years use before the paint starts wearing off. It is not the solution if this is going to be your home for 5-10 years. Countertop and backsplash with detailing IS the answer.

Decide on your countertops and what you want to do there, then let me know - I'll help you from there.
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Hi AggieDesigns-
Thank you for your suggestion. I would love white cupboards, my only concern has been would they go with our counter tops since they don’t really have any white in them. The counters are Granite - Giallo Veneziano is color. Just wanted to confirm you still think the White Dove goes??
Thank you again!
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Hi Marie!
Thank you so much for your suggestions. Our counter tops are actually granite - Giallo Veneziano is the color. I would love to get rid of them, because I don’t like the color and there is no ledge to push stools under, but my husband doesn’t want me to rip out perfectly good counter tops just because I don’t know how they look Also, we won’t be in this place more than 5 years - we live in a condo and once we expand our family we are going to grow out of this place really fast. Base on that information would you go with the suggestion to just paint cupboards? Also, if we go with 1 large sconce above the island so you have any color suggestions and would you have that hang pretty high then so it’s not at eye level?
Thank you again!
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Aggie Purvinska
Yes, I think it absolutely goes with that Granite!
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
I would use a warm white paint for the cabinets with the Giallo Veneziano. Something like SW Moderate White.
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I agree with some other comments, Paint all the cabinets in a nice white or beige color. You will be amazed with the brightness and lightness of the space. And yes, it will look lovely with the granite.
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Here's another vote for painted light cabinets. To change things up. If there's black or charcoal veins in your otherwise brownish granite, you could paint the island a deep charcoal gray even if al the other cabinets are dome in an off white/creamy shade.

I can't tell what finish you have on you pulls. They should probably match the fridge, sink, etc.

As for the expensive splurge, it would be the microwave and stove to match the fridge and dishwasher, particularly since you'll sell in a few years. The buyers will want matching appliances.

I don't mind the 3 pendants, but would like to see some shades that soften the light and look more substantial.
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I would not paint all the cabinets. I would paint the island only or have it professionally done. I would not paint it white either. I think that would be a bit too white for what you have going on. When you sell like you said in five years some people will hate white painted cabinets and this way you get the people that like wood and some that will like paint. Then I would paint the chairs in the eating area to brighten everything up and add shades to the island lights.
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What color would you paint bar stools and the chairs in the dining area?
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What color are your walls? They look green. I hate to advise people about paint because it is hard to tell from a computer screen. If you saw my kitchen color on the screen, it looks deep green but it is actually called Kentucky Haze by benjamin moore in the blue/gray family. Is is so deceiving when I look at picture of it. What other colors can you pick up in the kitchen?
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The whole floor is Benjamin Moore - Edgecombe grey -however the backsplash and the side wall that look darker are chalkboard paint - I just don't have anything written on them right now so you can't tell.
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I like the ideas of a new back splash, painting the island only and doing something with the stools (painted or new). I personally would not paint your chairs around you dinner table, they look really nice. I don't mind your light pendants at all and I agree about changing out the microwave (as the splurge) if you can as it sits at eye level and is more visible. I'm not a great person to suggest white cabinets in the kitchen, just not a fan of white kitchens and I think it will stand out too much if you just paint the island white.
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Try to take a picture of the granite up close so we can see the colors in it. Also a picture of the table and chairs on that side of the kitchen too. I would suggest that you pick up a color in the granite. to paint the island, either darker or lighter. Sometimes you can't make a kitchen what its not so instead of fighting it, just work with it. I painted two desk chairs with similar lines in gloss finish for two different rooms, one in white and the other in black and they came out so nice and modern looking. I also had my kitchen island professionally stripped and then painted darker then my cabinets but it picks up the granite tone. so it looks like it has been there all along. One day when I tire of my cabinets, I will have them professionally done too.
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I vote for the backsplash 1st. Maybe something reflective and with some color. Then the microwave replaced with stainless steel to alleviate all the black on that side of the kitchen. After that then if you still dislike it paint or stain the island. Then the barstools can be painted. Though to be honest my ideas are based more on resale value and the fear of painting over perfectly new looking cabinets and messing it up.
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When I looked at your kitchen the first thing that "stuck" out was the blk microwave. Change to stainless. Stove fine for now. on to the hanging lights either they need to be removed, raised or given shades. I do not like the green wall, paint orange not bright orange warm orange. on to stools Paint same color as green wall color. The walls, floor, table, chairs and cabinets all seem to melt together. You have no contrast in room. Really, you have an amazing kitchen just needs a little bit more
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Thanks for everyone's suggestions - very helpful! Now I have to get to work!!
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Good luck -- either way you have a very nice kitchen to work with. Would love to see after pictures. Have fun.
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Hi alicoyne14, Marie here.
OK - so you use the inspiration of the Giallo Veneziano to make that sing - rather than change out the cabinetry and paint it white. TRUST me, you won't regret it.
Changing out the light fixture to one over three, will also be a pain if your ceiling is stucco or california knock-down. So I'd find a fixture that has a wide cover plate.

Look into the Giallo Veneziano Granite - inside the more translucent areas is a warm gray tone. That's your high light colour for paint. It also compliments the stainless steel fridge colour.

Find a mosaic backsplash that has more gray, with hits of that soft butter cream yellow - like the calacatta gold marble mosaic shown on my mood board here for you.

See the light fixture - it has simplicity, but also has one long cover plate. This is a bit more modern and a bit industrial, but I like the tension its causing with the traditional wood.

Paint in the background is a warm gray tone pulled directly from the countertop colour.
Cabinetry hardware matches the light fixture - and blends in the stainless steel fridge and new S/S microwave.

Most expensive thing I'd do in your kitchen? - 1). Remove the granite returns, so you can get a full flood of this gorgeous calacutta mosaic for your backsplash. 2). Invest in the best possible island light fixture to reflect your style - keep the metal colour consistent in the cabinetry hardware for continuity and flow.
Then add hits of cream, chrome in your accessories to brighten and modernize the feeling in the space. Enjoy the mood board and good luck to you!
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