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big improvement updating the 90's room.. need advice to finish
January 18, 2013
I made the original changes suggested while keeping my husbands favorite sofa.. Jute rug, changed drapes, added bamboo shades and rearranged the furniture....... amazingly better with your advise...I included before and after pics.........Now I need to tweak it a little and add accessories and art. My inspiration is British Colonial. Any help you could offer would be very much appreciated....
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Manon Floreat
KK55, what a wonderful change! You should be proud. I love your choices so far and think Deco's idea for a map is excellent. You could also add a couple of shell prints - or combination. The ones below are quite nice and are by Matthew Moore.

And absolutely a fern!
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you can get painted at a craft store for the tables grey then added some green to give it a distressed antique look, doesn't have to be perfect. also a faux fur throw would be nice
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I love the map idea... will it work with the print sofa? My guess is that it should be neutral? Also wondering if old black and white photos matted in white with black frames might work somewhere? Thanks so much for the ideas....
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Oh yes! Looks updated and more inviting. Like the animal print touch. : )
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Jayme H.
It looks a lot better! Good job!
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Great Job - utilize these photos to help inspire you for your accessories - way to go!
Remember: Bigger is better, less is more. Always love what you are displaying, and display in groups of 3,5,7 etc.
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Why is it that there are so many throw cushions on sofa's in I.D. Photos? It is uninviting. Who wants to sit on a sofa full of throw cushions. A living room should be entertaining, not for show. A family room or great room should be for family time, or don't have a living room. Why invest in furnishings you're not going to utilize?
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wow...what a difference...you must be thrilled!
Yes the map idea would definitely work with the print sofa, provided it's large enough; or maybe 2 of them. That's a large wall--I'd want to have something at least 5' wide, and 4' high.
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What a beautiful room! I can see why your husband wanted to keep the couch...it looks very comfie! Can you do away with the large stereo speakers? There are so many options now with wireless speakers or smaller Ipod speakers that sound large. I had those for many years and was so glad to get rid of them. I think it would open the room up more.
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Thanks for posting the before and after photos- looks great! I battled with my husband for years over speakers as shown- finally got him to "listen" with much smaller and less obtrusive speakers- and surprise-the sound quality was much better on the bookshelf speakers and they were not expensive.
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The problem with your room is not lack of art - it si the patterned covering on the two sofas - too much pattern and the pattern is dreary. Recover the two sofas in a matching solid color or stripe and you will be fine. If you want a flower pattern, that can be your little chair.
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Interiors International, Inc.
Considering you worked with what you had it looks good. You followed the advise you received very well. You should be proud it is a great change. There doesn't seem to be any room for more art or accessories. You will need to edit out some of the things you have that you do not LOVE. That will make room for new things that you do.
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Re updates :- on the coffee table how about arrangements of flowers in a silver casket? Very striking and elegant?
I'll try and find a photo!
Looking at either side of your curtains:- I'd be tempted to add some colour here. Here is a photo I came across. It's probably not your taste but it gives the suggestion of what I mean re adding some colour..
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I would add a large rectangular mirror over your loveseat. It will reflect the light from your window, and add interest without more pattern. Try to find one with a wood frame that matches the color/style of your coffee table.
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I agree with nevadan above, the sofas are the problem - they are a bit bulky and the pattern is dreary and old fashioned - time for new sofas. I think that they wouldn't work even if you covered them because of their shape and size!
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You have some good suggestions about accessory themes: old British maps and nautical, sea shell images, tropical botanicals like ferns, palms, ficus trees---those are all good for emphasizing British Colonial. Also seabird "Audobon-type" prints; stylized animals such as monkeys, tigers, elephants; pith helmets; hurricane lamps...see attached images for some accessorizing ideas. The suggestion for a mirror is good. Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, and Bombay are all stores that typically have items that look British Colonial.
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Also additional attached:
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I am working on the suggested accessories now...thanks so much!! ... and I will get rid of the speakers; however, the sofa must stay.... but the room still looks amazingly better and feels more updated...happy and will post when I get accessories worked out....
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Hi kk55..for above the loveseat, how about a starburst mirror? These little numbers look great almost anywhere. Also, a pretty pink or green vase on the coffee table with fresh flowers will immediately perk up the room. This is going to sound weird..but go to Michael's or JoAnne's and get some beads sewn on 1/4" fabric sold by the foot. Get enough bead string to do BOTH lamps and hot glue the underside of your lampshade with the beads. Get a two (or three tone) beads that has the colors of your sofa. I promise it will look great! A little "surprise" and sparkle fun in the room and ties the lamps together.

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Darzy, I love the bead idea... I will do it... I know the coffee table needs redoing with the wall .thanks for the great advice....
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The sofas look comfortable and the style will work if you capture a British Colonial style by slipcovering them in an ivory/off-white or even white cotton. Since you have a basic style without t-cushions (the bane of my slipcover existance), you might be able to find them without going custom. Try Ikea, SureFit, Pottery Barn catalogues and see if any fit your sofas measurements. If you do, that's a huge step towards a true British Colonial look. Then look at the Ethan Allen images on line/in old catalogues at their stores or their Style book from 2002 (available on ebay). What you'll see is there is a mix of dark mahogany and rattan furniture, a large ivory suface (sofas or chairs or coverlet in bedrooms) and a design scheme that predominantly uses one other bright color (blues, yellows, coral or greens are common) in a print (like an an island toile) for a coverlet, curtains or pillows. Other pillows will pick up a raffia texture, either in a neutral or the predominant color The ideas above for naturalist prints (shells, birds, or plants). Also go to Houzz Idea books and search for British Colonial. You'll get both featured idea books and a number put together by users that compile a lot of British Colonial photos. Another great source is Barclay Butera's new book Living on the Coast. One you've settled got the sofa's slipcovered and a favorite color to work with, study the pictures for the accents that are used like others suggested. You can find inexpensive replicas at HomeGoods, Target, Ikea and other stores to add in the British Colonial feel. Good luck.
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