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Desperate for accent advice!
January 18, 2013
I can't decide on drapery colour/pattern or how to finish off this room. I want it warm and cozy and right now it's dull and boring. Any advice would be appreciated!
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If you can find it, I think a "rust" color solid that matches the rug would tie in nicely, assuming that's the same color that's in your throws.
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I would keep the neutral/contemporary theme going with some natural colored linen drapery panels. I don't think it looks dull. Add a punch of color with some terra cotta colored throw pillows (to tie in your planter).
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Carol Miller
If this was my room I think I would (for the curtains) go a shade or two darker of the green walls , or a warm beige so the fire place wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb maybe add different color pillows to your couch like the color of your fireplace. carpet or new curtains. they have so many pretty things now days, maybe a different pattern or texture. im not a pro so I could be wrong.
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Carol Miller
oh I agree on the rust color also.
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I love it. You clearly have eclectic tastes at heart. I think a burst or tangerine or kumquat and gold....go bold on drapes for visual interest, Steph.
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Oohh... I like the tangerine idea. That sounds like it would work beautifully to brighten up the room
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I agree with rust- that would look great! Beautiful room!!
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Thanks everyone for taking the time to give me your suggestions. Super helpful. I was initially thinking a patterned fabric for the curtains as I really like pattern on pattern looks but couldn't find a colour scheme to go with this carpet which is cream, brown, and blue/grey. The walls are blue and the couch is grey. I agree the white fireplace definitely stands out like a sore thumb so I hope to incorporate some white in the throw pillows. Eventually I would like to redo and enclose the top of the fireplace in wood and then wallpaper (cream on cream patterned) behind the deer head (an idea I got from a houzz picture). Would you add art to either side of the fireplace (single or grouped) or leave it bare?
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I would add furniture to the side of the fireplace. A bookshelf or etagere with curated books and objects. And consider this idea: Paint your trim the same color as your walls in a satin gloss. It'll help to warm up the room and it's a sophisticated look that will go with your more contemporary tastes. And thank you for not hanging a TV above your fireplace. I love the deerhead.
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I was thinking a graphic rust color also, or a color similar to the flooring. But, if you don't want to be boring, go tangerine print..or I love this one...Peacock feathers..then pops of this color on the sofa. Nope, I'm not joking. : )

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Tres McKinney Design
I agree with Jenpa8 that an etagere with curated objects and books would look great next to the fireplace instead of the plant. I also agree with her recommendation of painting out the trim and base boards. Full length curtains over woven wood blinds would warm up the look of the room. Extend the curtain rod several inches on each side of the window and install the rod high. A large lacquered tray on the coffee table possibly in cinnabar, rust or orange would be a nice accent. Avoid a lot of small objects.
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This room is very small. The walls are dark which makes it look even smaller. The huge fireplace is too close to the couch making you feel small. Besides you can't look at a deer head all day long without getting bored :) I'd place the couch opposite the nice large window, paint the walls a lighter colour and try to keep everything low: the lights, furniture etc.
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Gosh..I think the room looks nice and you do not need to change/add much. Curtains and a pop of color in accessories. I like your deer head. I like the cozy feeling. I like your wall color. I don't think you need an etagere to add contrived accessories. I like the open space and the plant there. lipitis..keep in mind that we'll give you 12 different views in 10 different replies. : )
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I really appreciate all these different views :) and I can't wait to implement some of them. I do agree that the couch across from the large fireplace makes you look small but it is my only option as the wall across from the window houses the TV and a couch there would block the room entrance. I like colour so I'll probably stick with the wall colour and lighten the room with other accents.
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Barb Wyckoff for JCP In Home Decorating
I think a beautiful deep rust color with a wonderful texture would be very pretty against the wall. Stay away from green drapes and o or a little contrast.
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Classic Designs by Brook
This is a great new pattern. it comes in 3 colors. Make some drapes or pillows and add a colby cow rug from ikea. would go great with couches, walls, floor and fireplace.
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Barb Wyckoff for JCP In Home Decorating
I was just thinking. If you add the rust drapes, also look for some very cool rust and maybe sage green pillows for the couch. Definitely leave the deer head. It is very cool. Try using matching rust colored threads of different textures and get them to hang from the horns.
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I love your room and the arrangement of your furniture. I like the idea of woven blinds and curtains in a natural linen color. I would add color with pillows, playing up the gray and cinnamon. In my opinion, you have a beautiful room!
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I took my "crazy" off so forget the peacock feather suggestion. :) I like the rust color curtains idea. It won't be pop of color either tho...but a brown velvet panels would be yummy too.
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Here are brown velvet curtains. Notice the accessories are shiney. "chrome" lamps, silver accents on the pillows...silver candlesticks. That would another way to brighten the space. Repeat the silver of the deer head.

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LOL...thanks Darzy. Yes the peacock feather curtains were a little too crazy for me although I prefer eclectic styles so I appreciated the gutsy suggestion. Also, your attachment to the brown velvet curtains didnt work. I think the colours in my picture are not displaying great. The walls are BM silken blue, the couch is grey and the carpet is brown, cream and a blue/grey. I appreciate all the suggestions on rust but I can't do it....it's a colour I really dislike. I'm still having a hard time trying to decide on a bright accent colour so maybe just sticking with silver accents will do. Only colour I think may tie in is a mustard yellow but I may be way off. I think the colour of these pillows work well but again not really adding much pop of colour

Does anyone like any of these curtains I've posted below? Thanks again in advance for taking the time to help!!!
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I think a luxurious plain heavy curtain, would suit your room. I love your flooring, and this you should think of working with a similar colour for your accent, although I do like the first link to the cushion on Etsy. What have you gone for as your light fitting? I think you may achieve the drama you are seeking with some clever lighting. A low-level wall wash or two could look excellent, particularly with you architectural plant.
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I love the serenity of your room and my concern with the mustard is that mustard is not serene. You mentioned silver. how about some of the accents at zgallerie? (I don't work there. I just happened to shop there recently.) Like their mercury candles in silver or their organic and lovely candleholders called flora in pearl. They had some sleek looking silver lanterns in the candleholder section too.
Sorry, I am new to Houzz and haven't figured out how to imbed photos in my comments yet. Love your room especially the color on the walls. Thanks for sharing that!
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How about a drape that is darker than wall color for drama. If you want it light and bright, so with a valance or light creme white drapes.
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Also, there is a beautiful glass-painted tray on Novica called "bird in winter"
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I think I'm liking the brown velvet. Then add sparkle in the accessories. I agree with artistea that mustard color is not serene. I do like your etsy choices a lot but do not think they complement the rug and wall color at the same time. Here is a "shiney"pillow to add to yours (which look great)
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How would these look? Linen panels from etsy..gray of the sofa and the band looks like the color of the FP Custom for $145.

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I have been eyeing these drapes to go in our family room that is very similar to yours, new to site but these were available online http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-c21900/united-curtain-co-plaid-window-treatments.jsp
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In a small room, too much pattern and too much color makes it look smaller yet. Go textured linen drapes, doubling up to 2 panels on either side for luxury...go the 95" high panels to give the room height..use a 2" dark brown wooden rod with matching rings. A dark bamboo roman shade from Lowes beneath it Add 2 pictures, 1 on top of the other (or set of 3) to one side of fireplace and tree for softness on the other. Add pillows and throw to give more texture...love the pillow attached above. Layer accessories using texture such as 3 darker books on table with cream statuette.
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would actually stay away from drapery I think it will close the room in and make it look alot smaller. However I would suggest going with a Roman Shade mounted inside the window. It will still give you that drapery feel and there are also many fabric selections to choose from. I would also suggest getting a few pillows made for your couch to tie everything together.
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Thanks so much everyone for your help. I will stay away from mustard yellow, and accent with silver. Darzy, I'm loving both the curtains and the pillow you recommended. I'm thinking those lighter shades in the curtain will go better than a chocolate brown just because the room is small and the walls are already on the darker side. And now I have some great ideas on how to accessorize that table. I finally feel like I've got a plan to finish this room.....this is the greatest website!!! Thanks again!
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KR Home Staging & Design, LLC
Hi there! I liked the suggestion someone just shared of the beautiful long panels of drapery with the two tone banding of grey and cream/white. These would look elegant and go well with the white fireplace and the white wood trim and baseboards in the room. Hang them as high as you can to add height and drama to your room. To help that beautiful sofa look FAB not DRAB you should stay away from neutral and beige when you buy pillows and a throw blanket. Add high contract color here using the dark tone in the carpet, or even find fabric the same exact color as your beautiful walls. A few dark pillows and then two silver pillows to add some Glam. I do like the idea of bringing in even more silver and chrome elements in your accent pieces. Add a larger planter for that plant in the corner - hammered metals would look perfect and add texture and shine. Add large coffee table books, a large metal bowl, and find a huge magnifying glass to place on the books - one with a horn and metal handle would look great!
Gook luck adding your finishing touches - you have done a great job so far!
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Gavin Blackwell
I agree with the suggestions of rusty oranges/ golds and mustards.
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